World Dai Star Episode 6: Don’t Lose Your Way

It’s time to check out the Aladdin play starring Yae and Kokona.

Chisa as Jasmine

First up we got to see the girls in their outfits. For obvious reasons the first highlight was Chisa as Jasmine. No need to explain why. Sultan Kathrina and Jafar Panda were cool. Genie Yae was unsurprisingly cute and Aladdin Kokona had a nice belly.

Photo setThis one screengrab laid the foundation for the plot of the episode.

Suspicious NoaKokona asked Miss Noa her thoughts on the show, specifically her performance as Aladdin she gave a long pause and pretty much said “needs work”. Her silence spoke volumes as we’d soon see.

Panda's concern about the Aladdin playPanda reminded me once and for all this episode that she’s not sus, just serious about acting. Ever since Kokona was announced to play Aladdin she couldn’t stop thinking about it. Not because it’s wrong but it being strange for a newcomer to be selected so soon. It didn’t make sense. Then she deduced Kokona’s chosen to be Yae’s foil, meaning her sole purpose was to make Yae look good. Despite the play getting rave reviews Panda’s suspicions about Kokona’s role were confirmed in every performance. It felt like Kokona’s Aladdin only served to shine the spotlight brighter on Yae every time they’re on screen together. Despite getting better it’s still The Yae Show.

Kokona dodging the subjectShizuka tried to warn her about this many times but Kokona kept getting distracted by Yae. Finally when Kokona asked Shizuka her opinion she outright said “It sucked”. Like the other girls she saw her performances as a Yae booster. She tried getting her to focus on what’s important but Kokona pretended everything was daijobou and ran off.

Kokona notices the harsh truthThe play after this was when Kokona got hit with the harsh truth. Before she didn’t mind playing the foil to Yae because she’s happy being in the spotlight as the protagonist. The show was doing very well so it’s all good. During the scene of Aladdin’s first meeting with the Genie in the Cave of Wonders she looked at the audience and no one looked back. All eyes were on Yae. It hit her like a ton of bricks.

Disappointed ShizukaShizuka looked on with a sad “I didn’t want you to find out the hard way” expression she’s then disappointed her beloved had lost her way and left.

Noa feeling kinda bad for KokonaIt’s clear Noa used Kokona as a pawn but even she felt a little bad for her which was partially why she reminded her there’s no show the next day and take a breather. Later Panda called out Noa on the BS saying that the shows may get good reviews but they didn’t benefit the SIRIUS brand. Strapping a rocket to Yae would only help HER in the long run, not the revue. Again Noa knew she’s doing a bad thing but wouldn’t admit it. Granny Shamo would later tell Kokona it’s just who she was. She tended to do things on her own not asking others for help.

Eventually Kokona noticed Shizuka’s disappearance and went looking for her. During the search she heard a fan hyping up the show to a friend. Of course she hyped up Genie Yae but when asked about Aladdin she pretty much said “Who cares? They could have a dog play the role and Yae would still be wonderful”. Our heroine took it well.

Kathrina blessed with a Kokona hugKathrina was on a jog when she spotted her saw sweetie. Hearing the “review” she gave her a pep talk to get her head back in the game. She’s the main character. The cast could only do so much to support her. Plus being chosen as the lead meant she’s one step closer to becoming a World Dai Star. That’s when she remembered her promise to Shizuka.

I mentioned her conversation with Granny Shamo. One more thing she mentioned about Noa’s decision for Kokona to play Aladdin was because she believed THEY could handle it. Not Kokona and Yae, but Kokona and Shizuka. She also hinted to find her on stage.

Shizuka waiting for KokonaShizuka gave her a “What took you so long?” and was ready to shine on stage together. I guess as her Sense Kokona becoming a World Dai Star meant she’d become one too. It explains why she went from “Your dream” to “Our dream” and “Your performance” to “Our performance”. Still not sure that’s all she is. I still think there is more to Shizuka than Kokona’s description of a  “Perfect Me on stage”.

Good stuff as always. Next time our main duo surely will go all out.

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8 Responses to World Dai Star Episode 6: Don’t Lose Your Way

  1. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    It’s Aladdin time!
    We see some brilliant performances there.
    Yae is very playful as the genie.
    I’d love to see more of Panda’s Jafar, she sounded delightfully evil.
    Fortunately Panda is kind in real life, immediately recognizing what Yae and Kokona’s casting really was, a way to boost Yae.
    Meanwhile Kokona is happy enough to be on stage with Yae until she realizes on her own what’s happening and it hits her like an Isekai truck.
    Shizuka tried to tell her to no avail, but fortunately in the end Kathrina was able to get through her, alongside the pep talk from the grandma. Now Kokona and Shizuka are gonna get up there and kick some ass.
    Meanwhile Yae is strangely silent throughout all this. She’s surely picked up on this issue, but seems content to just let it be. Well she has next episode to explain, hmm! (Also damn she helps out in Charity in her free time? Really cultivating that angel image?)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. cirno9fan says:

    I don’t think Noa inteded for her to be a “foil” at all. I think that’s just how everything seems, but I think Noa wants her to really be her own Aladdin. That’s why she only doles out the basics, so she’s not influencing KokonaShizuka in any way.

    I really want to see the new Aladdin! And I bet KokoShiz’s new Aladdin will help Yae to find an ever more interesting way of playing the Genie.

    Either way, really fun episode, and Kathryn continues being ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. chikorita157 says:

    It took a while for Kokona to realize that performing on stage with her #1 oshi isn’t going to get her to become closer to the Dai Star dream. I guess Kokona is too blinded by the idea of having a leading role instead of giving a performance that would bring her over the top.

    Kokona obviously needs to find out the hard way, but thankfully she seek for Shizuka after realizing this. After all, this is more of a test of her Senses rather than just being a foil of Yae.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. yurimylove says:

    I hope Kokona found a way to benefit herself, SIRIUS, and Yae.

    Liked by 1 person

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