482nd G-View: The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady

The first big hype yuri anime of 20-Gay-Three, which had big shoes to fill as it was the first anime in what promised to be one the most yuri rich years since 20-Gay-Teen. Question is whether it kicked off the year on a high note or we would have to wait for another to get our hopes up. Let us find out as we take a look at The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady, or MagiRevo for short.

Magical Revolution Cover

Alternate Title: Tensei Ōjo to Tensai Reijō no Mahō Kakumei (Japanese)

Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Isekai, Romance, Yuri

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 10/10

Objectionable Content: Medium. Some of the action scenes can be quite brutal.

Plot Summary: Anisphia, the Princess who remembered her previous life at a young age, as well as her old self’s intense love of magic, set off to live out her fantasies in the fantasy world she finds herself in. During a magical mishap, she stumbled upon a scene where her brother Prince Algard was breaking off his engagement to his fiancée, Euphyllia. With Euphyllia stripped of her title as the kingdom’s next monarch Anisphia offers for Euphyllia to come live and research magic with her as they plan a way to restore her good name.

Anis brings in an exhausted EuphylliaLeading ladies Anis and Euphie.

To best sum up this show would be “excellent”. It has a little of everything and then some:

  • Cute and sexy ladies
  • Fun interactions
  • Cool magic
  • Kick ass action scenes
  • Dramatic drama
  • Backstage politics
  • Wonderful heroines, great side-characters and easy to dislike antagonists
  • Pretty animation

Anis invites Euphie to a great time in bedAnis’ lesbian Johnny Bravo skills. Equally as effective as the originator.

To illustrate my above statement one need not look further than its excellent premiere episode. It sets up the tone, motivations, conflicts, relationships, intensity of the action scenes, the main players throughout the show and of course the GAAAAAAYYYY. It rewards viewers who pay attention to both details in plain sight and the subtle ones that make later events and actions not feel out of place or character because they were alluded to and foreshadowed in the first quarter of the show. Some of the themes covered on the show are self worth, one’s purpose in life, conservatism, sexuality and gender norms among others. Each of the important ladies and their allies each get time to tell their stories. Depending on their role they do not get as much time as our heroines to shine but each of them has an interesting tale to tell. Some have a lot to share while others’ are hinted from their actions and reactions. One example being a character who debuts in the second half of the show. The first hint of her character was them being away for what appears to have been a very long time. Despite not getting as much clarification on the show as they do in the source material there are enough scenes to get their joys and sorrows across just from the aforementioned tidbit of them being gone for a while. Most of the cast are like that. It is something I quite like about the show. Whether it is explained or shown nothing truly felt spoon fed. There was just enough information to get the point across and whatever may need more clarification there is always the aforementioned source to fill in the gaps. There is one “big red thing” that I personally did not grasp but based on one action during a big battle I kind of got an idea of what it may have meant. To give me even that little hint I give mad props to this adaptation.

All this being said it does not mean there are no cracker jack surprises or sweet twists in store. MagiRevo is the perfect example of why I do not run off to read or consume the source material before the anime airs. All the surprises and big moments hit me way harder than fans who hoped their favorite moments got adapted. That and no panicking about how much they adapt. Nothing against how source consumers enjoy adaptations. It is just how I have always approached them myself.

The titular revolution has two meanings. The first is partially driven against what is essentially a conservative agenda working behind the scenes. One that not only keeps our heroines and allies down but others important to them too. They show just enough about the state of the kingdom to let viewers see why things could use a change, especially one particular scene…

Anis and Euphie head to battleThere are not many action scenes on the show but the ones there are always of great importance. Viewers know it is a big deal when an episode does not include the lovely OP and ED. One would expect this being an isekai our heroine Anis would be an overpowered hottie. Not quite. She is very strong for sure but not a one hit KO machine. Not against “bosses” to be exact. This being a magical anime one would hope the magic in question is colorful and extra flashy…Let us just say I cannot wait to see them go all out in the Blu-Ray. They already looked that darn good on TV. That about sums up my thoughts on the presentation. Great stuff.

Anis and MaidAnis and her loyal maid/big sister figure Ilia.

Before we get to the main duo let us briefly mention the other important ladies of the show:

Ilia, aka Crimson Frost. Sassy maid who scolds Anis but has good reason for doing so. Big sister figure to not just Anis but Euphie too.

Anis discusses Lainie's situationLainie, aka Miss Bazooka. Besides her mighty assets she does more than serve the role of “cute one”. Much more.

The Great TiltyTilty, aka Goth Harumin. That should tell viewers all they need to know but just in case she is the second most beautiful in all the land and one of the best side-characters in yuridom. From what I have been told her role was greatly expanded in the anime and I am eternally grateful.

“Hey OG. If Tilty is the second most beautiful then who is #1?” I hear no one ask. Let us just say I hinted at her presence earlier in the G-View.

As mentioned the side-characters also have interesting stories to tell. Just have to wait a bit longer to learn about them along with some extra tidbits that may mean a little more. Viewers who saw the show might know what I am referring to.

At long last time for the titular revolutionaries:

Anis hopes Euphyllia comes to love magicology -and her-Princess Anis, aka Lesbian Johnny Bravo. Part genki, part badass, part proud lesbian. Lover of all things magic, helper of those in need (especially cute and sexy ladies), the people’s princess and more importantly researcher. The last one is better explained on the show. One of the most important reasons I alluded to paying attention earlier is this character. Veteran animeniacs, specifically those who been around two-three decades worth of anime girls, can understand why I am making a big deal about that in this show. That and my many years of experience and decision to not view drama as an outsider but rather someone who tries to see themselves in the position of the troubled also helped.

Euphie's slight joyEuphie: One of my longtime followers who shows herself for specific yuri shows saw this character in one particular episode and quickly gave the anime the second title of “The Magical Revolution of Lady Rainbow Sword“. This bring us to the second meaning behind the titular revolution, Euphie’s journey of self-reflection. Anis goes on her own journey as well of course. The fates of our heroines are undoubtedly intertwined and like in many wonderful yuri love stories both heroines bring great change to one another’s lives. Going back to Euphie’s journey it is possibly the most symbolic of the title of all. Again pay attention and it will become clear.

As for the GAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY. Do I really need to explain this? No seriously, do I? Do I need to go into detail how amazing it is? Do I need to mention “THIS” or “THAT”? Do I need to say more instead of having the interested see for themselves?

Overall The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady is one of my favorite anime of 2023 and favorite yuri of all time. No hyperbole. I loved it that much. The main heroines and their allies are all great, the antagonists did a good job at being despicable, the presentation is wonderful, the plot elements (both happy and sad) were nicely done and the GAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY was GAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY! I do not know what else to add to best convey how much this anime blew me away. Not because it is original. Not really. It simply did almost everything phenomenally. While I would absolutely love more of the story animated what we got was plenty satisfying indeed.

PS: I lied. There is one last thing to add:

The bed is sacred.

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29 Responses to 482nd G-View: The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady

  1. All my expectations? Blown out the universe! I didn’t know what to expect going into this, as I had only read the first chapter of the manga, but I never would’ve expected this would become not only my favorite of the season but also one of my favorite Yuri anime of all time. I literally can’t think of any way they could’ve done it better and there’s nothing at all I can say I disliked. Literally every character (even a certain antagonist tbh) left an impact on me. Euphie was my best girl, though.

    This year, as we know, is going to be the gayest year for Yuri since 20 gay teen, and this anime has us running out the gate. I’m actually nervous for those to come, only because the bar has been set so high, I fear people won’t be able to help but compare all the ones to come after, instead of judging them on their own merits. I’m hoping that the community will not be so basic, but it’s also a reasonable possibility knowing how they can be. That’s how phenomenal this series was.

    I don’t want to gush too much about the specifics, as I want to be mindful of those who may read the comments before watching. However, I will say that the finale was a thing of dreams! Literally everything tied up so nicely and we were FED with so much Yuri goodness in several ways. We got some nice intimate moments, pleasant conclusions for everyone (even Daddy O getting to finally do his gardening made me happy), and we were blessed with more shameless flirting between our favorite side pair. Not to mention the battle scene in this episode was spectacular!

    Things came together so well, and it honestly felt like a conclusion, yet the story is still just getting started. I really hope that we’ll be blessed with an S2, but this honestly ended so perfectly, I won’t complain if we never do. This was such an amazing adaptation and I hope this will usher in a new era for Yuri anime.

    And yes, the bed is truly sacred and blessed.

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    • OG-Man says:

      That person was good at being despicable, yes.

      Same here. It’s up there for me too. So good!

      Knowing how communities are I wouldn’t be surprised. This show set the bar for 2023, yes. However, what this show did being A MUST in order for other anime this year to be gold? Not really. With a few exceptions some of them just have to be pretty good and pretty gay.

      The finale made me feel all warm and fuzzy in my tum tum. Totally worth it!

      Correct. Would love more of the story to be animated but if this all we get it’s cool with me.

      Bless the bed.

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  2. Jeanettelith says:

    To be honest, i was pleasantly surprised when Euphy defeated main heroine Anis. I like it when authors don’t follow the cliche. Buuut… why Euphy didn’t do something similar with Algard, huh? One sec and fight over, not full epsiode Anis vs Algard, ha-ha! I’m also glad that Ilia and Lainie turned out to be the second couple, i like when couples unexpected. Aaaand! They still began to produce cute dracoplanes!

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    • Somebody says:

      She gained that power from the spirit contract so she couldn’t of used it during that fight.


      • Jeanettelith says:

        How did she get power during the battle, if the agreement was that she would receive this very power after the victory?


    • Somebody says:

      If you dont believe me go back and rewatch the scene and listen to the spirit contract lady. As for the agreement it seems she lied.

      Also for some reason I cant reply to your reply so just putting here.


      • Jeanettelith says:

        You still haven’t answered my question: “how did she get power during the battle if the agreement was different?”


    • Somebody says:

      The spirit contractor didn’t care about their duel and her making a contract was never contingent on the outcome. It was terms Anis and Euphie set but obviously she wasn’t giving Anis a choice win or lose.


      • Jeanettelith says:

        Hmm, and in what minute this is explained in the anime?


      • Jeanettelith says:

        i mean exactly: “The spirit contractor didn’t care about their duel and her making a contract was never contingent on the outcome”. Which minute?


  3. Ruby says:

    Yes GAYYYYYYYYY! The gay. Such a good last episode and also – even if I don’t read the light novel, though I’m planning on it – the last episode still wrapped up things pretty well?

    I feel satisfied. Even if we never get a season 2, season 1 feels complete.

    Not a lot of shows can say that after one season.

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  4. LuzeP says:

    11/10 for me. I know it’s still early but I think this is my #1 anime of the year. If I think there’s gonna be more good yuri anime this season? Yes. Is it gonna be good as this? No. That’s how highly I rate this show.

    I enjoyed every episode. I always looking forward to it every week because I know it’s going to be a good one. It’s like the show understands what I want. They managed to deliver a show about being gay in a very interesting way.

    I love the main couple so much they’re so perfect together. The bed scenes are my favorite. All of them. Especially the last one. The side couple is not far behind. The difference is they had less screen time. I’m sure season 2 can fix this. If there is one.

    Btw, Tilty is my best girl, I found her irresistible.

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    • OG-Man says:

      It set the bar quite high for the rest of Yuridom in 2023, yes.

      Indubitably one of the best fantasy yuri shows I have ever seen.

      Blessed be their our main couple. Blessed be the side-couple and of course blessed be the bed.

      Second season would be excellent.

      Tilty is goddess tier no doubt.

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  5. ArcaJ says:

    What a ride! WHat a finish! Anis is officially a BOTTOM! (I already figured as much, but it’s nice to have confirmation) Jokes aside, I loved this show as it began to dig into the consequences of a society that doesn’t protect those considered less-than.

    Anis was born into privilege, as a princess, but she could not use magic. THe thing that was supposed to prove her special and worthy was denied her. THe people of Palletia view magic religiously and consider those who can use magic “blessed,”

    Anis, however was blessed with a different kind of magic. Her mind, ingenuity, compassion and sheer tenacity were what made her special. Feeling like a fake, like you don’t deserve to exist, I can understand the feeling. The world wasn’t built for someone like Anis,

    Euphie, was the same way. She became the paragon of a noble’s daughter. She was willing to abandon her sense of self and all her desires, because of her twisted notion of service. Service to a society that did not treasure her. While the elites valued her magical potential, they only saw it as a path to more power for themselves. The power to keep the masses under their thumb.
    Euphie was not built for this world.

    What do you do when you find a world that is completely incompatible with your very being? A world that wants you to be silent, invisible, or not exist at all? You knock everything over and start building a new world.

    That is the real revolution. I wasn’t as bloody as I was imagining, but those noble fossils didn’t look too happy. (Should keep that guillotine handy, just in case)

    While everything did wrap up a little too neatly, I don’t freakin’ care, because I had just read a seriously SSAD manga, just before watching the last episode. (We’re talking cut your heart out with a rusty knife and leave it bleeding on the ground, SAD) So I NEEDED THIS! I needed my Gay Babies to be happy! And they are SO GAY!

    I am so pleased that Anis and Euphie we allowed to Desire each other. this wasn’t puppy love. They were very clear that they wanted each other, both emotionally and physically. (you’d be surprised how many “yuri” titles leave one of those out.)

    What I truly loved about this show, is that Anis and Euphie, at first, were just asking for a tiny corner of this world, where they were tolerated, at best. And shunned at worst. When they realized the world, as it was, wouldn’t allow them to exist as their genuine selves, they kicked the sucker over and started it anew.

    I called this show The Magical Revolution of Lady Rainbow Sword; and it really began and ended with Euphie, regaining her agency and a willingness to go after what she wanted. Anis realised that there was a an entire network of (mostly cute girls) people, who loved and appreciated her. People who wanted her to not only succeed, but to thrive. Friends like Tilty (Gloomy Girls are the Best), Ilia, and even Lainie wanted Anis to have a life being the best whackadoo, inventor she could be.

    The beautiful part of this story is that for Anis and Euphie to realize their agency, and gain the freedom to be themselves, they had to drag THE ENTIRE COUNTRY forward. That’s right, fighting for that kind of justice raised the entire nation up. So now they’re on the way to equitable society through the distribution of magic tools to the masses.

    Of course, the nobles won’t sit quietly while their power is drained away. I just hope we get more adaptations form this story, because it’s been the best anime in terms of intrigue, romance and dragon fights.

    How Gay was it? They painted a Rainbow in the Sky while wearing wedding dresses. (they were bridal gowns and you can’t tell me any different!)

    Plus, we got Ninja-Maid x Moe-Vampire Age-Gap Yuri and that ain’t nothing.

    Sorry for the novel.

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    • OG-Man says:

      No need to apologize Miss AJ. I couldn’t have summed up the power of this story better myself. I bet even K-Dawg would give you mad props.

      SCREW COMPLEXITY! Gay excellence always takes priority over critical thinking material. ALWAYS!
      Perhaps once Gundam Girls is over the itch for “depth” AND gay excellence will be fulfilled. We shall see.

      Never forget the bonus gifts that were Goth Harumin and Ninja Maid X Moe Vampire side-couple.

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  6. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    This was a really great show, a highlight of the season.
    Seeing Anis and Euphie grow closer was so sweet to watch.
    The story was also interesting and the animation for the fights was also good.
    I also really liked the other characters as well.
    I haven’t looked at the source material so I’ve no idea if there’s more story ,but the cut off here feels great as an ending already.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Bless our main couple very much. Everything else was great too.

      Yes the story continues but as you said if we don’t get more because the show ended so well it wouldn’t be so bad.

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  7. chikorita157 says:

    I have to admit that this show amazed me by how good the development of the Anis and Euphie pairing. It’s perhaps a breath of fresh air to see the main protagonist, Anis not being overpowered and have to work hard to be able to use magic. Euphie is a big help as she become a big believer in what Anis wants to do and it’s nice how in the process, she develops feelings for her. But every moment between the two is always sweet, although the last few episodes almost tears up, but the moments were good.

    Agreed. Lainie and Ilia and Tilty were good. As for Al, he is a jerk. Aside from that, the show overall is a good contender for the top anime of the year. I do have the manga, but I think it only covered up to the end of the second volume of the light novel.

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  8. ineedyuri says:

    I didn’t like it as much as I wanted to.
    I think it gets boring towards the 2nd half.


  9. yurimylove says:

    Glorious! Lovely characters, intense action, and heart-felt romance. When I yelled “now kiss” — they actually listened for a change 😀

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  10. Nick says:

    Just wow, what a show. Gotta say I was on the fence with this one, I had it on my list then took it off, then once you started it and said how good it was I had to check it out. Once again, good thing I listened to you. I wasn’t watching a lot for this season but this was by far one of my favourites.

    Anis and Euphie are an amazing couple, from start to finish they were just incredible to watch each ep. They had their ups and downs along the way but their love for each other prevailed and in the end blossomed in beautiful fashion.

    Also gotta mention the sexy redhead maid Ilia, literally my dream woman, and of course Lainie as well. They had a surprise relationship start up and also fought through their ups and downs as well.

    All in all this was a fantastic show and I’m very happy I ended up watching it!

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  11. K says:

    Re ArcaJ: Mad props, indeed. Better presented, I would add.

    Just like with Onimai, this was one of the best anime I watched this season. I was hooked from the start and well invested in how Anis and Euphie’s story played out. The hype was not a lie.

    What happened during the bed scene surprised me. It was as if Anis and Euphie’s natures flipped. With all that occurred before that point, however, it makes a ton of sense. If anything, that was a showcase of Euphie’s newfound resolve and, more importantly, her self-acceptance. Furthermore, I was being a bit negative about the decisions they faced with their duel. In fact, Euphie won but just like how the old order of the kingdom was upended by her proposals, she and Anis will find a way to avoid Lumi’s tragic fate and not just accept the spirit contract as it currently is. Needless to say, it was nothing short of brilliant.

    Seeing former king Orphanse tending to his garden brought a smile to my face. He got to live the way he wanted to in the end.

    As lovely our main couple are, Tilty’s my favourite lady. Seeing as how she played a part in their ship sailing, she needs to get her dues. Ilia and Lainie are no slouches either.

    Things ended so wonderfully but if another season were to be announced, I’d watch, no question!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Lived up to the hype and then some.

      Wonderful story and handled quite well provided people paid attention. If they didn’t like the narrative it’s on them.

      Good for Daddy-O.

      I dubbed Tilty Goth Harumin. I’m sure you know my feelings on Harumin.

      Bless LaiLia forevermore.

      Would LOVE more animated.


  12. opaco1234 says:

    This had the result that we really want to see in many animes, is also become a good introduction to yuri otherwise.


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