The Magical Revolution Episode 11: Protect the Protector

We are in the home stretch.

Anis shivers

We began with an in-depth look at the meeting Anis had with the old farts. It went as well as one would expect. However, for people who do not get it let me put it simpler terms.

“An outsider can talk crap about someone when they are are not in as deep of a crap hole as the person in question. If the outsider is/has been in deep crap themselves remember there are different kinds of crap in this world”.

Euphie's serious stareThe day after Euphie’s meeting with the enigmatic beauty Lumi the Spirit Contractor she had Anis, the maid(s) and the grown ups gather for a big announcement. Anis tried poorly to squirm away but Euphie stared daggers into her beloved’s soul. We learned Lumi was actually Anis’ ancestor (Remember to stay out of Twitter kids). The most beautiful in all the land then asked her daughter if she knew how old Lumi was. Pretty old basically.

Happy Lumi“Insert Shadows House reference here”.

Lumi told her tale of when she signed the contract and became queen alongside her beloved consort. Unfortunately time was cruel to her. She never aged, her husband died and she’d eventually forget him. She wrote records of her happy times with him but it only brought her pain of what she lost until she couldn’t even remember that. She might as well have been married to “Suspect” from Def Jam 2. Oh and she’d pretty much become a spirit herself.

Anis devastated by Euphie's announcementAfter hearing that along with the double gut punch of Euphie still wanting to sign the contract to earn the right to the crown Anis couldn’t believe. Every time she asked her why the answer was the same, “It’s so you won’t become queen”. Euphie elaborated that she would shoulder all responsibility so that Anis could make her own dream come true. This only made things worse. In jokey terms Anis’ like “I know eagle eyed viewers see me as the ‘bottom’ but that doesn’t mean I’m worthless!” while in serious terms she’s upset Euphie would take away her role as the princess. Without it she felt worthless.

Tilty comforts AnisAfter running off to wallow in despair again it’s time for the second fairest in all the land to save the gay once more. Perhaps in another timeline Anis’ heart would have been smitten with the Goth beauty. She would have accepted her offer to run away together and become gay magic Robin Hoods. However, in this timeline Anis explained it’s the principle of being the princess. When Al-Hole was there she needn’t worry about the throne and could find other ways to bring joy to the world but after what was basically his coup it’s right back to queendom for her, like it or not. As we’ve seen she obviously doesn’t but you know, the greater good (the greater good). It’s the Superman principle basically. “A true hero helps people in need and seeks little reward”. It doesn’t matter if they’re grateful or not so long as they’re happy and safe. Caring more about others than yourself.

None of this has been out of character for Anis. It’s been foreshadowed since the funny “Look at how badly she’s hurting herself just to learn how to fly and use science-magic”. Why do you think a lot of genki characters are “annoyingly” cheerful? It’s because they fear loneliness or being cast aside. It’s not always a simple “Notice me! “. Sometimes it’s a “Please don’t make me feel like I have no reason to exist!”.

Anis fears Euphie's angerBack to the story. Anis was scared to face Euphie thinking she’s angry at her for the slap. She didn’t even think she’d come looking for her. Best wing babe had a “You can’t hide from her forever.” reaction.

Euphie tries to comfort AnisEuphie again tried to approach her but got her hand slapped a second time by the scared gay puppy. I’m not 100% sure how accurate I am but her relieved reaction was because it meant Anis saw her as a regular person and not a beautiful goddess to be worshiped. Naturally Euphie IS a goddess but you get the idea. Their sad argument goes back to Anis envying Euphie’s beautiful spell casting. “Why couldn’t I be a cool mage like you? Why can’t I use awesome magic to help everyone?” Other parts of her argument I already addressed in the above paragraph. Euphie’s counterargument was a simple “Superman deserves happiness too damn it! Why do you have to sacrifice your joy? It’s this stupid world that’s become a slave to magic that’s to blame”. Anis again brought up her royal duty and Euphie said “You’ve done more than enough to spark change in this world with your own brand of magic. I acknowledge you Miss Anis”. Like most humans Anis needed “IT” spelled out for her because her acknowledgement didn’t get the reaction Euphie wanted. Soon it became clear words weren’t enough to get the point across. This was a kind of action anime starring two badass lesbians. By the glory of Nanoha there was only one way left to get the convey the truth.

One day Erunaembarassed-fukaKaren AijoHibiki taken aback by Vanessa's offerYuna shows Wakaba her strong resolveOnce again a lovable gay dork must engage their soulmate in (usually not mortal) combat to let it all out.

So that’s my two cents. Great stuff as always. G-View next time.

Lailie and Ilia maid coupleDid you seriously think I’d end it without going bananas over one of the greatest side-couples in yuri history? Gay maids, teacher X Student, vampire x concubine, teen x young adult age-gap and already had a taste of one another’s love juices? Oh and lighthearted flirting too.

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20 Responses to The Magical Revolution Episode 11: Protect the Protector

  1. Well, I expected Euphie to settle on her decision to still go through with the spirit contract despite the risks. However, I didn’t know the consequences would be so hefty. Not only will she become immortal, but she’ll also be robbed of her precious memories with her beloved, not to mention have to watch her die before her. You’d think Euphie would never want to subject herself to such a thing, yet she still chooses to. Ultimately, she shows her feelings for Anis not with an “I Love You” just yet, but with her actions that show she’d give her very life and humanity to protect her and allow her to follow her dream. That’s such a sweet, amazing kind of love that I’ve always envied. Love that is so strong, one would destroy the world or even themselves for the sake of their beloved. It truly is so beautiful and I love to see it.

    However, as strong as Euphie’s conviction may be, she didn’t realize just how much the title of Princess meant to Anis, and that her selfless act, would actually hurt her beloved, because she now felt she would be worthless if she couldn’t even manage that role. It’s a case of Anis didn’t want to be Queen, but never said she didn’t want to be Princess and keep the value of that title. It’s sad that despite the Genki, charismatic nature she showed the world, deep down she actually was suffering. All because she was born without the ability to use magic. It’s like a curse.

    It doesn’t help that she faces such ridicule and judgment from the bigwigs and nobles. They don’t even see her as a person, but rather a tool to control. That ‘meeting’ we had the misfortune of starting off with was so sick and disturbing. Like, I audibly cursed them during that scene. I was so appalled. Treating her as though she was just a vessel to birth the future heir, and that’s all. I actually wish they all die horribly.

    Anyway, needless to say with all of this going on in Anis’ world, she couldn’t receive Euphie’s actions in the grateful way she may have expected. She took it as though no one believed she could do even the one thing she was ‘born’ to do, and that understandably hurt. Even though she did understand Euphie wanted to help her, she also couldn’t stand to see that she was sacrificing her own life for her sake. All of that was overwhelming of course, so she fled and naturally Tilty came to her rescue.

    Their friendship really is one of the best things in the show outside Anis and Euphie’s relationship and our best side pair. It was so sweet the way Tilty supported Anis and gave her the freedom to stay as long as she wanted. She even offered her an out. A chance to leave it all behind and run away together. I would absolutely be all for them becoming a canon couple in another universe, because they clearly care deeply about each other. We all need a friend like Tilty.

    Always being ahead of everyone, she knew Euphie would come after her and even gave them the privacy they needed to talk things out. I’m glad they were both able to speak candidly about their feelings and make up. Seeing Anis actually angry enough to swat Euphie’s hand was strange, but also important, because it showed how much closer they’ve become. They are now at the level where they don’t have to keep up appearances and maintain a certain level of respect and reservation befitting their positions. Just a few more steps, and they’ll be ready to be wives.

    No surprise they want to settle things in a magic duel. I’m sure it’ll be quite the spectacle and decisive event. We are in the home stretch and while we don’t know how it ends, I’m hoping for a full confession and maybe even a bit more. Either way, this has been a wonderful experience week after week and there’s no doubt MagiRevo will be a strong contender for my AotY, definitely taking it for the season. Looking forward to see what epic conclusion this fantastic adaptation has in store.

    Also, Ilia x Lainie is indeed one of the best. It quite literally checks all our boxes. We need more of them! So while it may be too early to ask, I’m hoping for a S2 already. Also, if Euphie does end up taking the spirit contract, I’m hoping that perhaps Anis’ dragon magic might give her immortality as well, or at the least a long extended life. Because I don’t want to imagine such a sad future for Euphie otherwise. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Yeah. Making the ultimate sacrifice in the name of love is grand but for Anis it meant not only losing whatever she felt she had left of a purpose but Euphie’s happiness too. Both hurt equally.

      Tilty is a Goth Harumin. You know what that means coming from me. Imagining her as Anis’ true love in another universe makes me very happy. I even found an excellent art of the two and Euphie having a “great time”. So good.

      Well said my friend. That’s what I gathered from Euphie’s reaction to Anis’ swat. Yet more positive development for the two.

      Go the extra mile show. End with a bang! We know you can do it!

      LaiLia is love. LaiLia is life.

      Of course a 2nd season would be excellent. Need more of these five fantastic ladies and the ultimate queen too of course.

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  2. ArcaJ says:

    This episode left me with a lot of feelings. But, mainly, I felt anger. Like Fawful once eloquently said: “I HAVE FURY!!!!”

    The point of a society (IMHO) is the health and well being of its people. Any society that traps people in a never-ending cycle of subjugation and hardship does NOT deserve to keep existing. THat “conversation,” Anis had with the nobles made me physically ill. To think they were talking about making her into some kind of broodmare, TO HER FACE! Discounting her field of study, and then admitting that they hated Magicology because it would diminish their power over the commoners. This is what guillotines were made for, people.

    I was actually angry at Euphie, for even thinking about taking the Spirit Contract. In what universe did she think Anis would be OK with her ENDING her existence as A HUMAN to save her? Her heart was in the right place, but her attempt would have removed Anis’s agency even more. On top of that, Anis would have only blamed herself for being to weak to protect Euphie. (both of them were being kind of idiots)

    So, I know they won’t do this in the show but, here’s MY solution. Anis becomes queen. Stay with me now. Then she goes FULL EDELGARD on the kingdom. She distributes magical weapons to the commoners (through her pal the Blacksmith), dissolves the Aristocracy arrests any nobles who try to rise up and seize their lands and reorganizes the Kingdom into a constitutional republic, with a Parliament and courts. That’s right, I want Anis to commit a Reverse Palpatine!

    Then Anis and Eupie get married (if that’s what they want) and Lainie and Ilia get married and open a homemade Jam business in New England and Tilty is elected Prime Minister, because she deserves everything and we celebrate National Tilty Month, because Gloomy Girls Are The Best!

    I’m suddenly very tired.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Absolutely abhorrent old farts. May they share the same fate as the Chancellor and his bratty boy.

      Euphie accepting the offer despite the scary conditions is of course unsurprising but like Anis they both mean well yet both are very wrong for thinking that sacrificing their well being for the greater good (the greater good) is the answer. Hopefully we get a lovers’ quarrel for the ages and it ends in spectacular fashion.

      Tilty is Goth Harumin. If you’ve followed me long enough you know that means coming from me.

      Your idea sounds rad, especially because you’re inspired by Edie.

      Is New England a haven for sexy gay maids?

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    • Jeanettelith says:

      Hm, i don’t really understand why did it evoke such strong emotions in you. This is an analogue of the Middle Ages, other times, other customs. About 100,000 years ago, our ancestors ate each other, and this was normal for that time. “Brood mare” in fact, a very accurate description of a person in that position at the time. But this also applies to these “old farts”, if you think that they married for love, then you are deeply mistaken. They are exactly the same “brood mares”, but with different functions. The boundaries of morality do not move at the snap of a finger. 🙂


      • ArcaJ says:

        Uh, no. Comparative morality isn’t an excuse.

        This is a fantasy series. No matter the setting, it still take place in a modern age. For Anis, this isekai world may be different than her own, but she is still a modern woman.
        Heinous is still heinous, no matter what the time period. Just because something happened at the time doe NOT make it OK. They don’t get an excuse for being trash just because they wear tights and wigs.
        Anis is F@CKING GAY! She was physically ill at the thought of being with a man.
        Revolutions are not soft. They don’t wait for others to “catch up.” These people have been in control of this country for centuries. THey have put mechanisms in place to maintain that power, and they will NEVER give that power up.
        Being angry about the “past injustice” all but guarantees that we won’t make the same mistakes again. Sorry if I come off aggressive, but things like this get my dander up.

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      • Jeanettelith says:

        Curious, but i can’t see the “reply” button for AracJ. Unfortunately, this is the only answer type. Well, the fact of the matter is that today it seems to us “bad” at another time it was “normal” and i think we have no moral right to judge a person of another era and world according to our laws. Anis is a girl from another world – yes. She is lesbian – yes. But these people live in their own world according to their own laws. They are physically unable to take and change their thoughts to please Anis. Just because the whole world doesn’t revolve around her desires. And their own life is subject to the same conditions. The author exactly understands this, and gave Anis even soft conditions when the father is the king and while she is incapacitated, she gets away with a lot. Just for example, author could take and set the conditions that she was reborn as the healthy daughter of a peasant widow woman, with three sick another kids. Now imagine what choice she would have at the age of 14 with her sexual orientation in this world. So, just be glad that the author is not so cruel as my fantasy 🙂 I specifically do not touch on the topic of their political power and the fear of losing it, because this is a problem of any history age and i don’t see much point in discussing this. Simply because such a problem cannot be solved even by replacing “bad guys/girls” with “good guys/girls”.


  3. chikorita157 says:

    I kind of expected Anis would react this way after hearing what the spirt contract does. Still, I’m not all that surprised by Anis not taking off the offer since it’s obvious that she doesn’t want the job, but knowing full well that people will never respect her in a system that look down people who doesn’t have magic.

    Still seeing Anis and Euphie fight over not wanting each other take the throne really pull on the heart strings, but hopefully there will be a nice resolution. After all, both paths have drawbacks, but Anis becoming queen and being robbed of her happiness and dreams, which can change the system is far worse than the alternative. It’s obvious where the outcome will head.

    Also, nice to see Laine in the maid outfit and be one with Ilia.

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  4. Jeanettelith says:

    @OG-Man Hey, can you tell me please, what the anime in the 2nd and 5th pictures with girls?

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  5. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    As expected the old nobles are assholes that only see Anis as yet another pawn. Very good opening scene, it was uncomfortable to watch.

    Immortality sucks as Lumi the spirit contractor says, you outlive your loved ones and it becomes different for you.
    But the fact that Euphie is wlling to go with it shows just how much she loves Anis.

    Love the heart to heart between Anis and Euphie.
    And in the end – its time for my favorite trope ever, “beat the crap out of each other to communicate our feelings”. The dragon and Al were formidable opponents and I really liked those fights but I’m sure this will even be cooler!

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    • OG-Man says:

      It served its purpose well. For some too well. Old farts deserve grave pain.

      Both deeply care for each other but because this is a somewhat action anime there’s only one way to let it all out. Should be exciting.

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  6. Tayumayu says:

    since lot of people already point out the points i wanna say. ill try my best to make mine as brief as possible. this whole episode to put it in a funny way, its like that spiderman meme where both of em point at each other. in anis euphie case it goes like anis : “babe pls i care bout u” euphie : “no, i care about u” at the end of their lover quarrel they finally reached their only solution, “when words failed, let our fist /magic do the speaking”. also fellow yuusha and symphogay series i see :3.

    deep2 inside my heart and mind, all i want is you know..simple happy ending, but ofc they gonna spray some spicy sauce first, bit of lemonade and onions here and there, while i understand if it ended that way, then shall it end that way. but my poor poor heart…going kapoof… ToT

    tilty once again, best wingwoman ever omgosh…also yes ilia lainie side by side is *chef kiss

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  7. ineedyuri says:

    Am I the only one thinking this is just over melodramatic?
    Anis didn’t care for others opinions, why is she acting like she does now?


    • OG-Man says:

      Never say “Am I the only one?” because you know you aren’t.

      Second you just had to pay attention from Episode 1.

      Third lovers’ quarrels are usually like this. Both sides are right and wrong.


  8. K says:

    Becoming a spirit contractor makes one immortal, among other tragic drawbacks. Euphie was willing to enter one despite those consequences because she wanted to protect Anis’ smile. Very well-intentioned and all but doing that probably won’t achieve the result she wants because I can’t see Anis smiling knowing that Euphie sacrificed her humanity for her sake. That’s the worst-case scenario.

    It was quite rough watching Anis force herself to live up to expectations but I think I get it. Part of it is that she is her parents’ daughter even if she’s incapable of using magic the way the spirits intended and Euphie being adopted and becoming princess would be a huge denial of her existence. Anis has to do this to defend her parents honor and her own, in a sense.

    Indeed, Tilty and Anis would’ve been the OTP in another world but here, Tilty will just have to settle with being the best big sis and wingman. I can’t sing her praises any more than I already have. It was also nice that Lainie and Ilia were not left out of this discussion.

    So, the two of them are gonna duel for the right to the throne, basically. It’s gonna be a tense one but I hope some third option presents itself as win or lose…it’ll feel like a bad end either way.

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  9. yurimylove says:

    Raising Heart Set Up!
    sorry… wrong show ^_^;


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