The Magical Revolution Episode 8: Honi Assault

He waited in the shadows long enough.

Lainie listens to Prince Al's goal

We began with a flashback of Lainie with Prince Honi in a carriage as they watched a poor girl mocked and bullied by upper class kids because she nearly got run over by it. They lamented the girl’s emotional torture as the prince lamented the unfairness of it all. He recalled during his grandfather’s reign how he tried to bring balance between classes but lacked the power to bring true change. The prince thought in order to bring true change more extreme measures may need to be taken as Lainie showed her full support for his noble goal. Back in the present we got a red herring of Miss Bazooka possibly being a manipulated spy for the horny prince but as we would later see that wasn’t the case.

By the way we learned Miss Bazooka’s adopted because of course we had to have a deceased parent. It is inescapable in Japanese media.

Ilia and Lainie's brief joy As Ilia offered her tea the well endowed cutie worried about the change in her life as a vampire along with the knowledge of her ability. She worried how people would react if they knew while also wondering why Anis and the babes were so nice to her. Ilia’s advice was simply to not overthink it and instead try the tea she made with love and care for her.

Ilia X Lainie are my NikaChu of this show. Hot maid X hot vampire cutie. Need I say more?

Ilia's Fire ArrowUnfortunately their bonding was short lived as Anis’ alarm sounded. HE finally made his move. Ilia tried to fight but was no match for his royal magic. After incapacitating her he went after his bodacious pawn and…

Prince Al pierces LainieFuck you Prince Asshole.

Anis watched Mou IpponMeanwhile we joined our heroines after Euphie’s magnificent speech. Anis just wanted to leave as Chancellor Douchebag talked nonsensical conservative gibberish to the poor sods who had a “WTF is this guy talking about?” expressions. She was approached by his son who made no effort to hide his suspiciousness. Anis tried to walk away but the dork was clearly trying to prevent that. Though his plan was to enrage Anis into using her dragon power and cause a scene she was too pissed to care wanting only to crush the fool. She’s a fan of “Mou Ippon!” as we can see. Yes she’s influenced by the dragon’s curse but we knew she wanted to cripple the guy regardless.

Euphie deflects attack against AnisAs he threatened her she scowled at him when Euphie, who earlier mingled with guests, leapt into action and was all “You did not just shoot at my woman, did you?”

Tilty playing with the chancellorOur lovebirds tried to make a grand escape but didn’t want to hurt the guards and make matters worse. Fortunately the second sexiest lady in all the land reveled in the chaos of revolt as she showed everyone who Amity Blight took notes from. The LN came out before Owl House. This series influenced many young lesbians, see. After stating the obvious to Anis our heroines went to answer the alarm at her villa while Tilty played with the Chancellor. I don’t care what his actual title is. I call him Chancellor because Palpatine.

Ilia and Lainie critically injuredAgain. Fuck you. Prince Asshole. I have hope the show wouldn’t be shitty enough to take away IliAinie from me. It won’t topple it from my #1 Winter 2023 anime spot or Top 5 anime of 2023 but it’ll have a huge asterisk if they do something that stupid.

Anis prepares to fight Prince Al

Might as well put my vintage OG spin to the siblings’ war of words:

Al-Hole: Are you done tending to the fallen?

Anis: How nice of you to wait for your ass whoopin’.

Al-Hole: I am accustomed to waiting “behind the shadows”. Quite a long time have I waited for this moment.

Anis: That meeting was you and the chancellor’s idea, wasn’t it?

Al-Hole: What of it? I have been taught since the right to succession was LITERALLY SHOVED ONTO ME that I must be clouded by my emotions when making tough decisions. I cared for Lainie’s well being but ripping the magicite from her body to boost my power had to be done for the greater good (the greater good).

Anis: You think becoming a vampire makes you stronger?

Al-Hole: How drole coming from someone who injected dragon DNA into their body.

Anis: You really think this is for the greater good (the greater good)? This is not the right path to become a king who brings unity to the people!

Al-Hole: UNITY!? “Dear sister”. Our grandfather and father tried to bring balance to the people but as I saw the great divide between classes it became clear to get anything done around here someone with an iron fist must take the throne.

Anis: That’s not right and you know it!

Al-Hole: I refuse to hear this from the sister who threw away the throne and had it pushed onto me! Someone who was not all that interested in the first place but here we are…

Anis: Why go through these extremes when the throne was all but guaranteed to be yours?

Al-Hole: Surely you heard the whispers! “Oh if only the princess could use magic”. You are mocked, ridiculed and feared as a monster BUT PEOPLE NOTICE YOU! Quite frankly living in your shadow is a real pain in the posterior. Then it became crystal clear. To beat a monster I had to become one myself. My own power was not enough to lead the people into a just world. Compared to you I was no better than a commoner whose accomplishments were minuscule.

Anis: And that’s why you sought ultimate power even if it meant covering your hands with tainted blood?

Al-Hole: With this power I will restore order to this chaotic land. You with the monstrous potential threw it all away so why not pick up the scraps as the rising commoner prince?

Anis: Tell me something. What is magic to you?

Al-Hole: It is a curse. My entire existence up till now has been a curse. A curse that will soon turn me to ash.

Anis: Fine. If you’re going to pick up the future I threw away then I will pick up the present you just cast aside. Your inhumane rule will not bring true peace. You have been a bad brother and as your big sister I must give you a hard spanking.

Al-Hole: A TRUE king must be powerful to rule!

Anis: Power huh? Alright Mr Big Shot. You wanna prove your “power” is the right one to take the throne? Then come at me bro!

  • The Guel excuse won’t work because there’s a difference between a bully who needs a reality check and an antagonist willing to commit horrific sins for the greater good (the greater good).
  • The Vegeta excuse won’t work because he mainly axed background characters. If memory serves correctly he didn’t really personally kill or bludgeon any of the Z-Fighters’ loved ones before or after his kinda Face turn.

One last time. Fuck you Prince Asshole. No sympathy for you.

Anyway great stuff as always.

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29 Responses to The Magical Revolution Episode 8: Honi Assault

  1. Obviously we knew he was scheming in the background, but surely never expected he had this in the works. I actually thought he genuinely cared for Lainie (maybe he kind of did), but not nearly enough if he’s willing to do that! Definitely have no remorse or sympathy for him either.

    I’m optimistic the show wouldn’t actually go so low as to steal our hot maid x vamp ship, but I’m still sad for Lainie who has to go through such a traumatic experience, even if she’s a vampire, it surely still hurts. Especially since I do believe she had genuine feelings for Prince Ass, though I wouldn’t call it love. I’m sure once she gets healed up, she’ll get plenty of personal care from her Ilia though.

    Looking forward to the sibling showdown that’s been brewing for a bit. I think Anis didn’t want it to come to this, but now that he’s crossed the line and threatened her loved ones, she can’t turn a blind eye. She will surely make him pay for his sins. Excited to see what the battle will be like next week.

    Finally, seeing Euphie protect her future wife like that was very sweet, and she was so cool. I won’t be surprised if she comes in for the support next week too, especially if Prince Ass starts playing dirty. Good stuff as always!

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    • OG-Man says:

      He threw away all sympathy points this episode.

      Hope for nothing but the best for the (fingers crossed) side-couple. I NEED HOT MAID X HOT VAMPIRE CUTIE ACTION!

      He must pay. Spank him Anis!

      Bless Euphie as always.

      Same here. She for sure will play a role in the si long fight.

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  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    In this episode Algard punched a hole into someone then partook into something that turned him into a vampire.

    …okay, now I got that off my chest!

    While wanting to break down the class divide isn’t a bad idea in and of itself, brainwashing the populace doesn’t seem like a good idea either!
    It’s gonna be a real clash between the dragon-powered Anis and the vampire Algard in the next episode! I hope its a cool fight.

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  3. cirno9fan says:

    Things are rubber banding a bit too fast for me. I just hope she rips the magicite right back out of him and back into Lanie at the end of this. Don’t give us a cute vampire only to have it ruined by an idiot prince >_<

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  4. ArcaJ says:

    Well, that escalated quickly. While Al seemed up to no good, I didn’t think straight up murder was on the menu. He can talk about all the high-minded ideals, he wants, but to hurt Ilia and Lainie (a girl who probably never had a violent thought in her life) like that, makes him dead to me. Family he may be, but sometimes there is a time to cut toxic people out of your life.

    I still get the feeling, that Al is being used by others in the conservative government. He’s a useful idiot for their designs.

    I’ll just hit the highlights. Tilty proves just how powerful her curses are. Even with several magicians in the room, they couldn’t counter her.

    Gloomy girls are THE BEST!

    Euphie jumping out front, to protect Anis will always be awesome.

    Ilia, proving that all anime maids are secret ninja. It’s the law. I can’t wait to see Anis spank Al, next week. Usually, i’m not this bloodthirsty, but he interrupted the Maid x Vampire Yuri. We don’t do that here.

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    • OG-Man says:

      No sympathy for the prince. He had the NERVE to ruin hot maid X hot vampire cutie bonding time. Unforgivable.

      Oh yes. My dear sister Luzeri lso mentioned the asshole prince being a pawn of the old coots like the Chancellor.

      Tilty is the second sexiest babe on the show.

      Bless Euphie as always.

      Quite right. It’s part of the reason anime maids are mega popular. Plus she’s gorgeous.

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  5. Alexis says:


    Ese discurso del principito me recordó a otro débil mental que dijo que iba a traer orden a la galaxia y todo terminó muy mal, lo importante es que Anis despertó su cosmos del dragón y espero que corra la sangre del principito.

    Pero de todo este desastre hay cosas que rescatar: Illia x Lainie, aún al borde de la muerte, ambas no dejaron de sujetarse las manos, lo mismo pasó con Euphie y Anis, para hacer su escape épico ambas iban bien sujetadas, ahí está el sentimiento y es lo que más me gusta, será una larga espera para ver el desenlace.

    Lo más rescatable es que en las encuestas allá en Japón esta serie va a la cabeza, incluso por arriba de Nagatoro y Spy Classroom, si esto sigue así los animes yuri pueden ganar todavía mayor popularidad y que hagan series de calidad y con probabilidad de segundas temporadas.



  6. Tayumayu says:

    totally agree on “i am bad but its ok bcs i got great excuses” point. also same i can’t stop cursing this honi prince son of a gun the moment that happen, i can’t explain how downbad i am for some vampire hotties oh my goodness and i need that neck biting scene pls. anis x euphie relationship going all wholesome now that euphie knew her resolution very well. tq tilty!!

    how to wait faster?!!! i really wanna she that honi prince ass whooping so baddd. anis get himmmmmm

    Liked by 2 people

  7. noname says:

    me after the opening of this episode: oh the prince wants to help the common people, maybe he’s a bit sympathetic?
    me at the end of this episode: kill him anis!!!

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  8. LuzeP says:

    I was so mad for many reasons.
    1. He ruined Ilia and Lainie alone time.
    2. His reasons are stupid.
    3. He waited until Anis and Euphie left the house and tried to kill Ilia and the still-weak Lainie in the dark. He’s a fucking coward.

    I want him dead but I don’t think Anis will kill her own brother. At least make him hurt. Bad. Considering its still episode 8 I think there will be more to this. Also don’t ever think of making me feel bad for him.

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  9. Jeanettelith says:

    Hmm, i don’t understand his motives… This is on the one hand, on the other hand, he is too young to think sensibly. Apparently, it turns out that older men used his youthful maximalism to their advantage.

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  10. chikorita157 says:

    It’s only a matter of time until Al jumped the deep end and cross the event horizon of becoming an irredeemable person. It’s obvious that teenagers are immature and do stupid decision. Still, it’s obvious he used Laine so he can use her powers to take control of everyone. His thirst for power is evident with all that slander on Anis (including his henchmen), wanting to defeat the dragon to get the magitie, but Anis/Euphie defeats it. He tries to get his henchmen to confiscate it by requiring them to make a case and that failed.

    With Anis taking Lainie in, it’s obvious he needs to take drastic action. I hope he will get put away. When his father finds out, he is definitely not getting the throne, even if Anis defeats or kills him, even if he lives, he probably get thrown out of the family or get thrown in jail. Either way, I think it won’t end well for him.

    Still, if Vampires are as they are in other series, Lainie stands a better chance of surviving since Vampires are immortal and Ilia’s injuries probably not that critical and they will get healed up. Hopefully Al will receive the punishment he deserves. As they say, silly rabbit, tyranny is for losers.

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  12. K says:

    I spoke too soon, that remarkable presentation Anis experienced was just one big distraction to get her away from the villa so that Algard could enact that plan of his. This is the least of it but he and his co-conspirators ruined her moment.

    Tilty showing off her magical prowess and reveling in the chaos was a lovely treat.

    Me giving Al the benefit of the doubt: He sees the dark underbelly of the kingdom but he is too powerless to do anything about it, just like his grandpa and father before him. He wants to make the lives of people mistreated by nobles better so he needs power. What happened to Lainie was very regrettable but she had what he was looking for so she’ll understand that her sacrifice was for the greater good(the greater good).

    How I actually feel: I get that Al wants to change the kingdom for the better but he hurt Ilia and he gutted Lainie with hardly any remorse. After all that, the little sympathy I had for him went right out the window. Additionally, his actions and his words are completely opposite to each other, one example being how he treated Lainie like trash and another being how he aligned himself with a dude who does not feel the same way he does about the kingdom. If he didn’t allow his inferiority complex to consume him, he could’ve turned to his sister for help, even. In any case, I hope Anis gives him the thrashing he deserves! He worked very hard for it, after all.

    The upcoming sibling showdown had my brother comparing them to Dante and Virgil’s duels, especially their second battle in DMC 3. What Dante said right before their fight fits very well with this situation, I think.

    That battle’s theme:

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  13. philipbaxton says:

    How old is Lainie? Isn’t she around 15 or so? I’d say she’s a little too young for the maid if you ask me. The maid is in her late 20s is I recall.


  14. yurimylove says:

    i’ve been wondering about it for a while, but you often repeat the greater good (the greater good) in parentheses. What’s the reason of this?

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  15. Nick says:

    Ah to have a gorgeous redhead maid bring you tea made with love, Lainie is living the dream I tell you.

    Things escalated pretty fast all of a sudden. I was expecting Al to pull some stunt, but not rip Lainie’s heart out. That was brutal! Hope she can make it but seeing that gaping hole in her chest isn’t a good sign. Hate to see Ilia beaten up too, worried about those two!

    When that guy grabbed onto Anis as she was trying to leave and then got thrown down, the first thing that came to mind was that he fucked around and found out.

    Anis vs Al will surely be quite the battle! Looking forward to watching that ep soon!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Knew you’d envy Lainie.

      Suffice to say many of us weren’t happy with the prince’s actions.

      Always nice seeing jerks get beaten down.

      I look forward to your reactions as always.

      Liked by 2 people

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