471st G-View: Machikado Mazoku S2

No long introduction necessary. It is the second season of Machikado Mazoku. Let us see how it is compared to the last one.

Review of the first season HERE.

Machikado Mazoku S2

Alternate Titles:

  • The Demon Girl Next Door Season 2 (English)
  • Machikado Mazoku 2Chome/2-Choume

Genres: Comedy, Magic, Romance, Supernatural, Yuri

Themes: Demon Girl, Magical Girl

Number of episodes: 12

G-Rating: 9/10

Plot Summary: The story resumes immediately after the end of the first season with Shamiko and Momo planning a get-together but the two having a different understating of what exactly said get-together was about. Because of story related circumstances Momo and Mikan move into the same dormitory Shamiko’s family live in. Shenanigans ensue as more secrets are revealed, new characters are introduced and bonds deepen.

Smug ShamikoShort version: Season 2 is more of the same with some very nice plot and relationship progression.

Long version: A lot of what fans liked about the first season is present and accounted for in the second.

  • Lovable and quirky characters, including Shamiko’s tail.
  • Talking sound effects.
  • Well timed jokes, including occasional fourth wall breaking and reference humor.
  • Shamiko family appreciating the simple thingsShamiko helps Mikan cleanShamiko’s hundreds of reactions, Momo’s mostly monotone shyness, Mikan’s tsundere kindness and Lilith’s lonely conqueror sadness. The other side characters, new and old, are great too. Returning characters get more to do than others while the new ones play important roles in the story.
  • The presentation is similarly wonderful. Slightly better than last season but mostly unchanged. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” basically. The soundtrack is very similar to last season. Good thing for me because some of my favorite background tunes return. Not a fan of the OP because when I think Shadow Mistress Yuko I do not think jazz. I know there are viewers who liked it.
  • Shamiko running from her fearsPlot progression. New revelations about the world, history of the city, heroes and demons, powers and more family secrets. No big unexpected twists and turns but plenty of interesting reveals and surprises.
  • Shamiko smells Momo's sheetShamiMomo’s relationship progress in a nutshell. Their love becomes more obvious than ever. So much so the only thing in their way is the plot, aka the manga not being finished yet. They are a baka couple after all.

Overall this G-View could be considered a Quickie but that is because at the end of the day not much needs elaborated on. Season 2 has everything that made Season 1 beloved by fans with some pretty cool plot and ShamiMomo relationship progression. Old and new cast members are all fun though how much some of the veterans get to do differs per character. The presentation is as good as last time. Fans of the first season will love the second. People who like comedy and yuri may enjoy this series. As always with comes to comedies it depends on viewers’ sense of humor. The door is wide open for a third season.

PS: Show would have got a 10/10 were there a swimsuit episode. I mean come on. Most of the story was set during Summer vacation… yet nothing.

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15 Responses to 471st G-View: Machikado Mazoku S2

  1. chikorita157 says:

    Agreed with the points made as the second season is more of the same, but better. Lico of course is a nice addition. Also, seeing Momo’s Darkness Peach form is awesome of course.

    Wouldn’t mind a third season, but of course only Gochuumon and Hidamari Sketch are the only Kirara titles that received one. We’ll see what they announce for their special event that will happen sometime next winter, which I heard a few months ago,

    Liked by 2 people

  2. ntnb says:

    i watched the whole last ep with a big dumb smile on my face, i love this show so damn much. i mean, the manga is already one of my faves but they did such a great job with the animation, the timing, the voice acting, everything! the manager and lico-kun had me cracking up every time they appeared, and as you said there was some very nice progression for our main couple. the arrival of ugallu reminds me how lovely the weird, charming little world the series keeps on building is. we all know it’s probably a long shot…but please…s3…?

    also, i know i’m always fangirling over the seiyuus but i have to highlight akari kito’s amazing work. just this season she’s been momo, eve from birdie wing and of course kanata in LL!, her ability and range is kind of wild. absolutely one of the best in the business rn

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  3. tbiscut74 says:

    Another Amazing Season from my 5th All Time Favorite Anime/Manga!

    The longer this series goes the more I love these wonderful characters!

    I was so happy to see Lico, Mr. Tapir, and Ugallu animated! Love Lico’s cute southern accent and mischievous nature! Poor Mr. Tapir and all the things that happen to him always had me laughing! “An assload of fur from your rump.” So Good!🤣

    And of course Ugallu! God, she’s soooo Cute! Poor baby, she’s not a bad demon. She’s been trying her best. But now she lives and has her Mama Mikan!

    Also so Happy to see Darkness Peach Momo animated! It did not disappoint!

    The growing love of Shamiko and Momo ultimately stole the show once again! My heart melted every time! These two soulmates still have a bit to go, but I’m more then happy to keep watching these 2 till the end! I Love them so much! Bliss.

    Would be sad, but I’m watching the dub so I still have half the season to go! Then I’ll buy the blu ray when it comes out!

    Fingers crossed for a season 3!

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  4. Nick says:

    Second season continued on the story in an fun and exciting way, introducing new characters and expanding on the existing cast already.

    The lack of a swimsuit ep definitely brought down the final score, I agree. Felt like they kept teasing it but never followed through, which is pretty sad.

    While this season was another fun watch, by the end it still felt like the story was unfinished and that there is plenty more to tell. We never really go back to dealing with Sakura and her story as I thought she’d be the main focus for the last few eps, but apparently not. And the ending was pretty open, which either means they want us to go read and manga or they will actually make another season.

    Whatever the case S2 was still a fun watch but it feels like there is more left to everyone’s story. Hopefully this isn’t the end for Shamiko and her friends, also because I really want a swimsuit ep as well!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It can be forgiven in Nijigasaki because we already got one last season but Shamiko isn’t getting off that easily, especially after teasing us.

      Yup. Needs a 3rd season.

      It’s less about continuing the story and more “Give us that swimsuit episode!” now.

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  5. Nothing much to add. It was a great follow up and I enjoyed it. It really deserves a 3rd season. Let’s hope it gets one.

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  6. K says:

    Yeah, it was more of the same goodness from the first season plus extra character- and world-building. I’ll definitely watch a third season should it ever happen since to me the world just started unraveling its secrets so there’s more to see. Additionally, Seeing how Ugallu’s meshing with the community would be fun. Also, more Lico shenanigans.

    It is funny that there was no beach episode during this season since it took place over the course of Shamiko and pals’ summer vacation. The closest they got to water was Sakura’s secret spring and Momo wasn’t gonna be showing any skin 😉 .

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  7. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    Machikado Mazoku is more of the same, and that is certainly a good thing!
    I liked the new characters introduced this time around., and seeing the old cast was like meeting old friends.
    And of course seeing Shamiko and Momo in all their gay glory. I’m a sucker for evil costume switches so Darkness Peach was really cool to me.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. yurimylove says:

    excellent follow-on to the story about Shamiko’s quest to bring smile to her girlfriend.

    Amazing how everything came together, even a random pile of dirt Shamiko collected, to reach the happing ending in this season finale. Well played.

    Liked by 2 people

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