Love Live! Nijigasaki 2.10: Kasumin The Great

With all 13 members together at last it’s time to see what everyone’s like without emotional tolls.

Kasumi, the coolest and cutest

We began with the three new girls receiving a proper welcome to NijiGaku. Shioriko presented her club entry form to Setsuna believing her to be the club president but she wasn’t. Naturally the 2nd likeliest option was Queen Yu but no. In stepped the coolest, most loved and cutest. Lanzhu? Depends who one asks. Nope it’s Kasukasu. She’s teased by Miss Ai and Mia before announcing plans for a big slumber party at Shizuku’s house in the weekend along with a shopping trip. However, she had her own goal.

Kasumi proud of her brillianceTo prove she’s the legit club prez and greatest of all time.

The best parts of the episode were these zoom-ins of Kasumin proud of her brilliant plans to show off her greatness.

Kasumi knocked outThey all failed of course but Kasukasu’s devotion to proving herself was delightful.

Rina gives Karin a kitty trinketLet’s talk about Plan A for a bit. Rina gifted Karin a kitty trinket. During the shopping trip Mia asked her to join her somewhere. It was to check out the local baseball stadium, because Mia’s half-American. They were a little late to meet up with the others so Kasumin cleverly thought to check out possible places Mia would go. As we all know Karin had a poor sense of direction. Mia didn’t at the time. Rina came prepared with a tracker in the trinket from earlier, which of course was Emma’s idea. Kasumin failed.

Shizuku's momThe newest member of Mama Live, Shizuku’s mom.

Yu outsideYu tells Ayumu about her new songAs always Yu with her hair down is beautiful plus her girlfriend joined her to enjoy the night sky. She found her working on a new song for her 12 ladies.

Niji High GoThe next day Kasumin and Rina unveiled the pink cutie’s new app, Niji High Go, basically Nekomon Go. The gang would split up and find 13 kitties. Kasukasu didn’t think up a prize so everyone the winner would have her wish granted.

Shioriko and Lanzhu take a photoThe side-story of the episode revolved around Lanzhu wanting something and Shioriko noticing but whenever she asked Lanzhu backed away. Eventually she cornered her and the lilac one admitted she was looking for a good spot to take a group photo with everyone. Remember Lanzhu’s deal was putting up a strong front because she’s really a meek girl who didn’t know how to make friends. Shioriko, her first real buddy and future wife, helped her take the first step. By the way, Shioriko found her opening after the two and Kasumin found the least number of nekos and Kasukasu spit out her goal of being acknowledged as the legit club prez and GOAT.

Kasumi and Shizuku resting on the trainSpeaking of couples it’s sad that out of all the established ones ShizuKasu are the ones with the least number of intimate moments together. Them sleeping on the train was the closest we got this season, 10 episodes in.

Kasumi victoriousAt the end of the game Yu and the others thanked Kasumin for organizing this get together and praised her as a great club president. Not as the GOAT but take what you can get. Lanzhu got her group photo too with help from Shioriko. Lastly Yu won the game and we got a sample of their 12 member song, “Love U My Friends”. Sweet song.

Great stuff as always. After the ED Kasukasu dashed to the club room with a big announcement. We’ll find out what it is next time.

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13 Responses to Love Live! Nijigasaki 2.10: Kasumin The Great

  1. ntnb says:

    those sneaky writers, they give me a whole super cute episode with my fave niji girl kasumin, and just when i’m floating they smack me with a haunting reminder of the impermanence of all things courtesy of karin’s sparkler…LL season 2s always end on a down note 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tbiscut74 says:

    Another Great Episode.

    Kasumin is great as always!

    Emma knowing her future wife Karin so well, having Rina make a tracker specifically for Karin. So Good.

    I absolutely love how all the Kitties were all just NijiGaku as Cats. So Good.

    Can’t wait for more.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. K says:

    Kasumin wanted everyone to acknowledge her as the most awesome club president that ever existed. The plans she crafted may have ended in failure but her efforts to make this excursion an unforgettable one did not go unnoticed. If that’s not presidential quality, I don’t know what is. Even Ophelia was cheering her on 😉 . Her expressions were also top-tier.

    I don’t Karin and Mia intentionally sought out that baseball stadium, they just ended up there by chance due to Karin’s bad sense of direction. Regardless, Mia envisioning the atmosphere during a match was nice and that neko trinket came in handy right away. Nice job, Emma/Rina.

    I loved how Kanata used Lanzhu’s lap as a pillow. Ever the seeker of lap pillows, Kanata is.

    Lanzhu wanting to get a picture with everyone was cute and with some encouragement from Shioriko she got her wish. Of course, Shioriko wouldn’t have found the perfect opportunity to ask her what was up if Kasumin wasn’t there to lighten the mood. As expected of the prez.

    Yu winning this contest was not surprising. We even got a nice song out of it, with a montage to boot. Didn’t realize the cats in that game were them, though.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Her “scheming” along with her victory were great to see. Good for her.

      Maybe. Best part was the tracker trinket put to use.

      The sleepy beauty strikes again.

      Thank you Kasumi for helping the two grow closer. Sasuga prez.

      It’s a nice touch.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Nick says:

    Solid Kasumi ep this week! Nice to see her get some love as it kinda feels like she hasn’t had much screen time as of late.

    Lanzhu was super cute this week too. I actually really liked her side story of trying to fit in with the group as she’s never really been part of something like this before. Plus seeing her blushing was just the icing on the cake. We already know just how sexy she is, but seeing this really cute side to her felt so new and refreshing. I love this side of Lanzhu just as much and I hope we seeing it again.

    Mama Live continues to grow! Welcome Shizuku’s mom!

    Always funny to see how embarrassed Karin gets when it comes to her bad sense of directions. Nice to see Rina thought up a plan to track her down though.

    Yu coming up with another excellent song and the girls helping her out with the lyrics was a nice way to end the ep. Such a nice song.

    We’re sadly reaching the final stretch for this show, so the story is about to ramp back up again. Excited to see how this will end!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Kasumi got the spotlight back abd it was fun.

      Lanzhu’s soft side is precious. Shioriko must protecc

      Very clever idea by Rina and Emma.

      Mama Live has so many incredible members. More are always welcome.

      So happy Yu’s part of the team as more than a manager and harem queen.

      Hopefully it and Liella both get movies as is tradition.

      Liked by 2 people

  5. Ioni says:

    Emma now have something better than a Air-tag, she gained the wifey-finder

    Liked by 3 people

  6. yurimylove says:

    she who knows how to motivate members with tasty buns deserves to be leader

    Liked by 1 person

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