Yuri Quickie: Vapor Trail

Another instance where I was “unaware of its existence” comes an original animation project by an animation student, username AsH about yuri mecha starring two girls bound together by a bond far stronger than friendship. This is Vapor Trail.

Note: Special thanks to VTuber Arypie for bringing this to my attention. Check out her channel on Twitch.

Vapor Trail Banner

Vapor Trail main robotIt is very important going into this basically ONA with the knowledge that it was made by an animation student around 2020 if I am not mistaken. The movie was originally voiced by AsH themselves using a voice modifier but later got the funds to afford seiyu and slightly improved animation quality. It was then re-released in November 30th, 2021 on Youtube with English subs.

Misora and ResuMisora (black) and Resu (white).

It is a mecha story with elements of the Soukyuu no Fafner, Yukikaze and Muv-Luv. The story revolves around two girls at an orphanage, Misora and Resu, who were very close and promised to be together forever. Unfortunately they’re separated by war as Resu got drafted. Misora swore to eventually join the army too. 20 years later she achieved this goal. She was joined by her loyal “#2” Norn.

Misora and NornMisora and Norn.

The action is cool for an low budget indie movie and the yuri quite nice. That is all I can say without spoiling much just expect a simple love story in a setting that features elements viewers may have to figure out themselves. It is definitely a sci-fi story.

Vapor Trail is worth checking out at least once as it is a 30+ minute ONA. It can be seen HERE. Remember to turn on the Closed Captions for English subs.

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7 Responses to Yuri Quickie: Vapor Trail

  1. yoorie19 says:

    Love the story and how AsH managed to do everything by themself.
    Since it’s a one man project with limited budget, it’s wonderful to see how it could deliver such a story. Love how the mecha worked too even though I’m not really a fan of the genre.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Kotori_Sonoda says:

    I remember seeing a trailer for this on Facebook, I was amazed since it was a one man job.
    Didn’t realize it was already out. Yuri and mecha-its like a match made in heaven for me!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. yurimylove says:

    Didn’t know about this until your post. Just watched it today, impressive for a one-person production. wish i had such talent, oh i’d make wonderful yuri ONA too!

    Liked by 1 person

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