Non Non Biyori Nonstop 7+8: Quest for Knowledge and AkaNomi

Lazy bug hit me last time so to simplify things let’s sum up all the episode 7 and 8 segments then go into more detail when needed.

Natsumi doomed

7A: Natsumi died.

Renge and Shiori's deep discussion7B: Renge and Shiori had a deep philosophical discussion mere mortals couldn’t possibly understand. I’m not kidding.

Natsumi helps Renge set up a fishtank for Salt the 2nd7C: Natsumi showed she WAS capable with the right motivation and under the right circumstance.

Akane and Konomi's date8A: Akane and Konomi go on a date at the culture festival. One of Akane’s seniors had to leave the music club to focus on her college entrance exams. Akane got worried that Konomi would leave the club too as she also had exams coming up. She found her at the culture festival about to buy gifts for everyone. She waited till after they’re done to ask if she too would leave the club. Fortunately for her Konomi would stick around till graduation. More on this later.

Natsumi doomed again8B: Natsumi died, again. Unlike Natsumi’s antics with Hikage I find Natsumi fighting in vain to escape the inescapable doom comedy gold. Longtime fans know me when it comes to older women and sexy mothers.

Akane struggles to play flute8C: Akane worried over Konomi’s graduation day because it meant Konomi would leave to study far away and she wouldn’t see her again. Later when the rest of the gang came over to hang out Konomi surprised her by having her play for everyone. The time had come for Akane to put her training to the test. She couldn’t do it at first as the gang’s excitement made her nervous.

Akane plays for everyoneKonomi suggested they head outside. After much mental preparation and help from Konomi we were treated to a wonderful performance.

Akane's dream came trueAkane’s worry was still there but later that evening she got another surprise from Konomi. Out of the blue she asked her if they could continue playing together. See, Konomi planned on entering a local college so she would still be around. Readers can guess Akane’s reaction in the above pic. AkaNomi progress!

Good stuff as always.

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10 Responses to Non Non Biyori Nonstop 7+8: Quest for Knowledge and AkaNomi

  1. Non Non Biyori is certainly one of my favorites. But EP 7 had to be the funniest EP of all the series. From Natsumi’s blank face at losing all knowledge, to the deep discussion of Renge and Shiori about what it means to be round, and then Natsumi building an aquarium for Renge’s crab, to finishing off with Crab for dinner; I was on the floor crying uncle! How the artists of Anime can make something out of nothing is simply amazing! Slice of Life is almost unknown in Western Story telling.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Episode 7 was full of comedy gold.

      SoL is something Japanese animation perfected. The West, for the most part, hasn’t grasped the chill factor like Japan.

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      • Just saw EP 8 tonight and it was totally different, much more lyrical, the date at the festival was just so nice and warm hearted, and then to end it with a beautiful flute piece as the camera pans the village reminded me of Aria. Very lovely. They seem to have really upped the quality of the art this season.

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  2. Nick says:

    Was wondering why there was no review for ep 7. Oh well, it happens at times.

    Good stuff last week. Renge and Shiroi having their deep discussion was a hilarious moment. Lots of laughs in that part.

    Natsumi helping out with the fish tank was a nice moment too. So much work that goes into properly setting up a fish tank, great to see she knows all about that.

    Liked the date Akane and Konomi went on at the festival, that was very cute and sweet.

    More bad times for Natsumi this week. Oh she almost thought she was home free, but not just yet. One of these days she’ll luck out.

    Playing in front of people is hard. Did it back in my school years and it’s so nerve racking. Even now getting in front of a crowd to do anything is tough.

    Lovely progression with Akane and Konomi as well, they’re so cute together.

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    • OG-Man says:

      You know I love long pauses. The Renge and Shiori discussion had several and they’re all excellent.

      Natsumi trying to escape the inescapable is always comedy gold. Love the trio’s mom, especially her silent rage.

      Akane X Shiori grew stronger this episode and it was wonderful.

      Oh yeah. It’s not easy standing in front of an audience. It takes great courage and confidence.

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  3. Little Viktoria says:

    The luckiest day for Akane! Aww, I love her so much and she makes such a perfect girlfriend for Konomi. Also Konomi looks adorable with her hair open.

    The Natsumi and Hikage sections so far have been quite boring. Hikage is at her best when she’s embarrassed or girly (my favourite Hikage moment was when Renge made her talk in a baby voice and Hotaru saw her). And while Natsumi getting in trouble is entertaining, I like it much more when she’s being a hero, or falling in love with Aoi. I’m still waiting for Aoi to show up again, and for Hikage to get a girlfriend.

    Hopefully next time will be more of the main delight, which is Komari X Hotaru ^^

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  4. I’ve seen enough, I’m satisfied, Akane is now Konomi’s girlfriend.

    Why is Shiori so precious? Everything she does is cute beyond human.

    And Nacchan is the queen of tragic comedy, I feel bad for her but at the same time, her suffering is way too entertaining to watch.

    Non Non showed that a bit of awkward silence can make for comedy gold without the need to senselessly abuse characters to achieve it (looking at you Vlad Love, the show becomes borderline unwatchable when certain characters appear)

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    • OG-Man says:

      AkaNomi are stronger than ever.

      Because she’s like Renge, curious about the world and all its wonders, except younger than Renge, thus cuter.

      I owe it more to her mom than Natsumi herself. If the person she feared wasn’t as wonderful as her mom it wouldn’t work.

      Japan are masters of the art of the long pause joke.

      If you mean the karate guy and his stooges then yes they are the least funny part of VL.

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  5. yurimylove says:

    who needs Socrates when you can learn all about the meaning of life from Japanese lolis 😀

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