Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 1: Palmtree Panic

Been a while since I last covered a Pretty Cure anime. The latest entry in the franchise premiered it’s tropical themed. Being from the Caribbean I know a thing or two about tropical climate. Let’s see what we the first episode of the Tropic Rangers had to show.

Manatsu leap

We joined our resident energetic main heroine, Manatsu, getting ready to leave her home island to live with her mom in the mainland. Dad stayed home.

Laura and the Mermaid QueenAfter the sweet OP we went under the sea to “Not Atlantica” where we joined our “Seeker” (the one/s who seek(s) out the Power Rangers) of the season Laura and the Mermaid Queen. Not Atlantica was suffering and Laura offered to help. Her task was to search for humans worthy of becoming Power Rangers to help her people but her ultimate goal was to become the future queen herself. She seems egotistical but hopefully has some good intentions. Most likely will see the light thanks to the soon to be main Tropic Ranger.

Manatsu loses her lipstick at seaUpon swimming to the surface she notices the carrier ship Manatsu’s on. Manatsu wanted to be prepared for her new life so she put on her mom’s special lipstick but a small tide caused her to lose it at sea. Fortunately Laura caught it. They’d of course meet later on.

Manatsu and her momLike mother, like daughter.

Manatsu’s mom worked at an aquarium. She met the director and saw some cool sea critters but mom was busy so Manatsu toured the town.

Blue Tropical CureManatsu will meet this purple girl again in the near future.

Manatsu and LauraAs she continued with her tour Laura just so happened to find a spot to pop up and the two finally met. Manatsu, who loved mermaids, was super excited to meet her. Laura, egotistical as she was, didn’t share her enthusiasm. Manatsu thought her rambling meant she felt homesick. She was about to cheer her up with the special lipstick but remembered losing it. Of course Laura had it and was rewarded for her “kind” deed. Looks like this season of PreCure uses makeup as a sign of asserting confidence. It helps ladies look good and feel proud or something like that. As she proudly explained her catchphrase/mantra, assigning Tropica/Tropical to stuff (That or it’s Tropica-Shine), Laura thought her boundless motivation meant she may be a Chosen One. Unfortunately Manatsu couldn’t activate her morpher, yet. Disappointed she left.

Enemy General and MonsterNo sooner did Manatsu arrive at her new home when the first enemy general appeared to cause trouble with the first monster of the week called a “Yarane-da”. They seemed to be after positive energy (motivation, excitement, confidence, etc) and left their victims feeling negative (lazy, demotivated or lazy). Manatsu sensed trouble and went back to where she last saw Laura. The baddies noticed Laura and captured her. Manatsu refused to back away and fought the big palm tree but of course couldn’t do anything.

Manatsu about to transformThe morpher sensed her courage and went to her.


Cure SummerAgain empowering makeup was the theme during Cure Summer’s excellent henshin.

Cure Summer vs Yarane-DaOne of the rare times a first Ranger didn’t use a Super Jump as the first show of her powers. Instead she went all Sonic the Hedgehog on the monster with the classic superhuman strength most Cures possess.

PreCure! Sunny Summer Strike!Some more cool Ranger stuff and it’s time to see Cure Summer’s Finisher, Sunny Summer Strike! It’s a sun shaped Spirit Bomb. Awesome.

Witch of DelaysThe “Not Ursula” of the show, the Witch of Delays. True to her title she’s pissed but then was like “Eh. Let’s attack again next episode”.

Very cool premiere. This summary doesn’t do it justice but as always the animation is top notch. Visually stunning I tell you but at this point it’s par for the course for the franchise. Excited for more. Longtime fans of mine know which Ranger I’m the most hyped to see. That along with who is one of the writers on the show has me hopeful that this will be another memorable season for the “right” reasons if you know what I mean.

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12 Responses to Tropical-Rouge! PreCure Episode 1: Palmtree Panic

  1. Kuudere-Kun says:

    Is this the first time we’ve a Mermaid in Pretty Cure? Reminds me a but of Mermaid Melody Pitch Pitch Pure.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cirno9fan says:

    The tension was at max, and the fun was nonstop! really like Laura and Manatsu so far, and see lots of good signs for the full cast~

    It’s hard to use words to explain it, but the one word besides “maximum tension” that works, has gotta be the simple but effective “fun”. Which I know I’ve said multiple times now, but that’s just what the episode was full of! Every scene was just ❤

    Very very excited for more!


  3. Christian Appel says:

    Love at first sight between Laura x Manatsu – like Prince Eric x Arielle. I don´t (really) mind a hyperactive Manatsu as main Precure and the humor is good, too. The tropical theme seems to give us more beach episodes than just one and the villains and monsters they create are theme-based – at least, it looks like that. Draw motivation out of people to weaken them is a good heel tactic, so they can´t defend themselves anymore.

    Precure logic strikes again: Manatsu already knows what to say and do as Precure.

    I hope that Laura gets legs like Arielle – but does not to have to give her voice for that like her – and stays with Manatsu at home.

    How many episodes can we expect? H(ealin´)G(ood)P(recure) had 45.


  4. Rory says:

    An excellent start to the new season of PreCure. Manatsu and Laura are already great, and Cure Summer’s first fight was an impressive one.
    Looking forward to more.


  5. Giack31 says:

    Due to all the circumstances Healing Good ended up decent but nothing more. This one is already looking much better.

    I like the general vibe.
    Not a huge fan of super genki mcs but it’s something that come with this kind of show.
    I really like the design of the characters. As soon as I saw the red haired one lifting weights in the OP I knew someone would appreciate that.
    Also if I guess is right the mermaid won’t actually become a precure (I don’t think they showed her transformed form in the OP?) which would be very surprising.

    Not sure about the makeup part. The cynical in me says that they added it because it’s an easy way to make merchandise for the show but I hope I’m wrong and it has an actual meaning.

    This looks like it has a lot of potential and I’m looking forward to the next episodes.


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