Koisuru Asteroid Episode 10: #Stargayzing V2

When we last left our heroines big changes were hinted. Let’s see what new stuff came our way.

Suzu V2

The first big change.

At first glance I was concerned about Suzu V2. She got a “maturity” haircut. My knowledge on Japanese traditions is vague but the haircut is a sign of overcoming past demons or in Suzu’s case growing stronger. My concern was although in terms of her character this was a good change it could mean we would get less “Suzu-isms”/Suzu flirts.

Suzu still Suzu

Suzu’s still Suzu.

As the episode progressed I was proven right. Suzu’s still Suzu but her “Suzu-isms” were greatly toned down. Thanks to my dear sister however, it all made sense. Suzu said Misa-Nee told her to think more about herself and focus less on admiring her. Suzu feels more comfortable with shorter hair. The haircut was a sign she fully embraced her gayness. From now on she would only use her great power when it mattered and not be as reckless with her flirting. So while we won’t get as many glorious Suzu moments in the last quarter of the show her character development is excellent. Hopefully the Valentine’s promise (we hope) they made off-screen did happen.

Suzu and Megu School

Suzu V2 and Megu.

Plus we got this lovely side-by-side of Suzu and Megu looking so nice.

Chikage and Nanami

Nanami (left) and Chikage (right).

Alright. That’s all we got from Suzu V2 for now. Let’s continue the story. At long last the time had come for the remaining two girls in the OP to be formally introduced. We already know Chikage is Sakura’s soft-spoken imouto who deeply admires her onee-chan. Unfortunately Sakura’s in college so we won’t get to see her fawning over her in secret anymore, though she missed her dearly. Nanami I predicted would be a challenge for Mira to befriend. While she came off as a stick in the mud at first it wasn’t for the reasons I thought.

Nanami's goal

Nanami’s goal.

See, Nanami joined the club with hopes of pushing it in a more serious direction, specifically one geared towards the study and research of meteorology. Put simply meteorology is studying the weather to better predict downpours, storms, natural disasters and the like. Our three club cuties were taken aback by her seriousness but they persevered by organizing a “Welcome to the club!” barbecue. However, it rained on BBQ Day. Fortunately they managed just fine.

Nanami's aunt, flood victim

Nanami’s aunt, flood victim.

It wasn’t long before Nanami told everyone why she was so serious about meteorology. Three years ago her relatives were victims of a flood. Thankfully no one died but property damage was severe. Many of their treasured belongings were damaged beyond repair. Seeing her auntie’s sadness was the trigger. Nanami vowed to learn as much as she could to help ensure everyone became more prepared in the future.

Chikage giving Nanami a special rock

Special rock for Nanami.

Long story short the gang, especially Chikage, helped calm her down. It felt like she’s forcing herself to become a meteorologist. They helped ease her stress and learn to enjoy her studies from now on. Less pressure and stuff like that.

Chikage and Nanami Photo

I ship them already.

That’s it for these cuties. On to Ao and Mira.

Sad Ao and Mira

Oh dear.

Remember the contest hot Sensei had a pamphlet for? Well it was coming up and our main heroines each had to write a qualifying essay to enter. The BBQ was partially organized to help Ao and Mira find inspiration to write them. The good news was Mira’s was accepted. The bad news? Ao’s wasn’t. Ao’s sadness was Mira’s sadness. Chikage took up fortunetelling and predicted something like that could happen. They’re sad but promised to do their best separately till Mira’s return.

Ao's surprise

Ao’s surprise.

Funny thing about love. It always finds a way to work miracles. Tune in next time to find out how Ao made it against all odds. Good stuff as always.

PS: Forgot to include this little diddly.

Monroe and Sakura College Dorm

Hopefully they’re sharing a dorm room.

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23 Responses to Koisuru Asteroid Episode 10: #Stargayzing V2

  1. Red says:

    Maturity haircuts are one of my most disliked anime tropes. Ugh. In Aikatsu when Akari realized she needed to change she restyled her hair, no cutting. Why can’t more be like that?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Makoto Itoshi says:

    Not only Suzu looks cooler but every time we look at her we’re reminded of the confession.

    I wonder if Ino will go for Chika now that Sakura went with Monroe (which of course must be sharing a room, it’s impossible for them not to).

    Ao uses the power of love to follow Mira, I’m really curious what she did here, either way I’m glad she took the initiative and didn’t give up, she really has grown a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      One step closer to achieving her goal. Not inheriting the family bakery. That’s her side-quest.

      We’ll find out next time how Ao got to go with Mira. Very intrigued how the power of love guided her.


  3. Little Viktoria says:

    Chikage is so nice to look at, such a gorgeous girl. I love her dress style and the combination of soft-spokenness and assertiveness. The way she teases and cuddles makes you want to hug her all the time.

    Let’s hope Suzu finds a new herself and goes after what she wants. I never liked the “gay” haircut on girls though, hopefully she will grow her pretty hair back…

    Ino needs to go after what she wants too, she could use being more gay and more assertive, and catch a cute girl for herself. We know that she can flirt ^^

    Monroe and Sakura definitely should date each other. And I hope that the remaining episodes will bring the original AoMira romance back!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jack Cactus says:

    Yeet, Chikage is absolutely adorable and instantly she got Nanami’s heart, way to go Mikage’s imouto. Huh, come to think of it, Mikage got herself a wife figure (Monroe) and Chikage got herself a husband figure (Nanami).

    Wait, does that mean Inose is now in limbo? Poor girl.

    Damn Ao, what a superb power move to sneak along your girlfriend (fiancee now?) like that, damn girl you scary.

    And Suzu Ver 2.0 > Old Suzu for sure, great to see her embrace Misa-nee’s teaching. (still Best Girl)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. tbiscut74 says:

    Another Fantastic episode!

    Yeah I already ship Nanami and Chikage too! They’d make a cute couple!

    I Really like Suzu-chan with short hair! Then again I really like girls with short hair.

    Looking forward to next episode.


  6. I’m gonna miss long hair Suzu, I admit!

    The two new members seem fun!
    This show keeps teaching me new things like the term for that rainbow thing. It’s not just gay, it’s educational!

    Sakurai’s prediction came true, maybe there really IS something to this fortune telling business….

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Gabriel El Gordo says:

    Suzu se cortó el pelo porque fue rechazada? Digo, eso pasa mucho en mi regio pero no sé si este sea el caso. Igual sigue siendo linda


    • OG-Man says:

      No. Dejo crecer su cabello para impresionar a Misa. Misa dijo que en vez de admirarla que se concentre en ser si misma, asi que corto su pelo porque se siente mas comoda asi.
      Solo hay que esperar que las dos reuniran despues que Suzu gradua.


  8. cirno9fan says:

    While I’m thinking on all the different ways Ao could help Mira….she shows up in person. I wonder if it’s related to her father, and maybe that he works in that area?

    Lots of really cute momments! And Chikage already is in the process of nabbing herself a cute girlfriend. She’s very assertive, unlike her oneechan XD But Sakura got Monroe, so I guess both of them had their own strategies that worked.

    Ino does seem kinda left alone right now. might not have a good clue where she’ll go until season 2/reading the manga sadly. The rest of this season will likely be much more focused on Ao and Mira.

    Love this show ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Nick says:

    I still love Suzu, but I’m not sure how I feel about her new look. Yes she’s still cute and all, but I just really loved her long hair. Personal preference I guess, I just feel she looks way better with long hair. Also wondered about how her confession with Misa turned out. Not a whole lot of conclusion to it, I guess we’re supposed to fill in the blanks and come to our own conclusion of how that scene went? I don’t know, might just be another personal issue I have with conclusions and such.

    Chikage is sooooo cute!!! I might almost like her more than Sakura, but we’ll see how the final few eps go. For one though I love how much more vibrate her red hair is. Plus it’s long too.

    Mira and Ao are turning into great roommates, they look so at home together, eating breakfast together like a couple. I kinda wish we saw more of their daily home life together, them doing stuff and such.

    Nanami is cute too. She’s a little rough around the edges, but she’s got a good heart and wants what’s best for those around her. Can’t fault her on that. Her and Chikage make a nice couple too.

    Great ep all around. Although I do wish we could have another season with this new look club. Would be nice to explore many more adventures with the girls but sadly with only a couple eps left, we’ll just have to enjoy their short time together.

    As always, looking forward to next week.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      For now all we can do is hope for the best. Didn’t sound like she’s rejected.
      Suzu of course looked better with long hair but if she’s more comfortable with short hair then so be it.

      Hopefully we’ll be treated to more scenes of Mira and Ao at home together in the last two episodes.

      Chikage lived up to the hype and Nanami is a cute girlfriend for her.

      Fingers crossed we get another season.


  10. Mauron says:

    I took Suzu’s haircut as taking a good landing after a rejection. I was with Misa-nee in not taking Suzu’s affection for her seriously, until last episode.

    Our college cuties are looking good together. I hope we can see more of them.

    The new first year couple is looking great together.

    Mira and Ao are all about asteroids, but Nanami prefers meteors. I’ll be here all week, whether you like it or not.


  11. yurimylove says:

    Ao pulls off a nice surprise at the end, I like that!


  12. chikorita157 says:

    Misa rejecting Moe is bound to happen, but it’s nice that Moe matured a bit from this. Still have mixed feelings, but hopefully she will find someone special.

    Also, it’s nice to see the new girls. As expected, Nanami and Chikake might be a good pairing. Not only that, it’s not too surprising to see Ao tag along she would be lonely without Mira.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. K says:

    To be honest, I wasn’t feeling Suzu 2.0 all that much. Even though she was her usual cherry self, I could tell that there was something different and frankly, I liked her better with long hair. However, her reasons for her change and LuzeriP’s assessment above were enough for me to accept the new her. Futhermore, if she still has eyes for Misa, things would be better this way since she would be her own person instead of chasing Misa’s shadow forever.

    Chikage won me over quite quickly. Her tone and personality were just right. That aside, she may have just been relaying what Sakura told her about the ES Club to Mira and friends but I think she would make a good data gatherer.

    Nanami’s very serious about getting into meteorology due to what happened to her relatives and the hate she has towards such disasters is understandable but I hope that her time with the ES Club will dull her rage a bit and help her see the bright and fun side of her chosen field.

    Mira passed the first stage of the Shining Star Contest but Ao unfortunately didn’t. As sad as that is, Ao can still give some aid to Mira even if she can’t be there…but that wouldn’t be satisfactory at all, which is why she pulled out a miracle from somewhere to get to Okinawa.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Giack31 says:

    At first Suzu’s new hairstyle looked weird but it’s actually pretty cool.
    I love Nanami and I ship her with Chikage.
    It was nice to see Sakura and Monroe again now living together.
    I wonder how Ao got there and that’s going to happen next.
    They are going pretty fast through the plot. It kind of feels like we might actually get a conclusion by the final episode?


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