Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu Episode 10: Birthentine’s Flu

This episode nearly caused me to break my 65 inch 4K TV (Not really but I enjoyed it that much).

Maid Maina

A welcome sight for Maina fans but for Eripiyo it was yet another awkward moment.

It was Maina’s birthday and Eripiyo gleefully celebrated this most important of days. Sadly she quickly turned gloomy. She was like “It’s so unfair I don’t get to celebrate Maina’s birthday with her. Also why am I here at the maid cafe with you Kumasu?”. Remember Cham Jam concerts and events were postponed till late January or early February. As Eripiyo sulked some more the two were surprised to see Maina working part time at the same cafe as A-Ya.

Eripiyo thanking Aya

Eripiyo used to paying for a ticket to talk to Maina felt so weird she’s too ashamed to order something. Not even pay for a special photo. Maina being Maina couldn’t properly reassure her. Fortunately A-Ya took control, Maina envying her directness. A-Ya nearly made things worse with a slip of the tongue about Eripiyo and Kumasu being frequent customers instead of “first timers”. Good thing Maina wasn’t paying close attention.

Eripiyo sick

Eripiyo bedridden, again.


Eripiyo’s joy didn’t last as she somehow caught a could. This episode airing during the peak of the COVID-19 epidemic is completely coincidental. Pretty sure there’s a chapter in the manga about some of the cast catching a cold or the flu. To make matters worse a surprise Cham Jam event was announced for that weekend.

Cham Jam January Show

Cham Jam January Show.

At the event not all members could perform due to some catching a cold like Eripiyo. On the bright side it gave the girls in the back a chance to shine in front, including Maina!

Aya replying to Yuka's text

A-Ya replying to Yuka’s texts.

Reo X Sorane shared a brief moment. Wasn’t much but it gave us a wee bit to work with. A-Ya X Yuka had had a cute text convo.

Maina overhearing Kumasu's call

Granny Eripiyo

Still looking fine for an elderly idol stan.

After the show Kumasu called Eripiyo to tell her about it. Knowing Eripiyo he tried keeping Maina getting to shine out of the conversation. OF COURSE Cham Jam went down an elevator at the exact moment Kumasu denied Maina’s shining moment. Luckily she had a feeling he said that to not send Eripiyo into a frenzy.

Eripiyo tearing up her throat

Oh dear.

To change the subject Kumasu talked about Reo getting a role on a drama. Eripiyo was like “Why is it always Reo!? Why can’t Maina get a huge opportunity like that!?”. As she shouted she tore up her throat…because of course she did.

Eripiyo Sore Throat

Again, coincidental.

The team met again for a Valentine’s Day event. Eripiyo was not only good at typing and talking fast but writing too hence her whiteboard replies being lightning quick.

(Note: I wonder if a fansubber is brave enough to try and translate Eripiyo’s “advice” for Rena?)

Too much chocolate

Too much chocolate.

Back to the event. Each fan got a chance to receive V-Day chocos from their faves. To the girls’ surprise the staff were sent too many chocos. To remedy this they gave fans the opportunity to take photos with not only their faves but 2nd faves too. This being an anime that reflects hardcore idol fandom our heroes felt awkward revealing their 2nd faves. “Fan loyalty” or something like that.

Maina's plan failing

Reo can read Maina like an open book.

Maina planned on writing her contact info in her chocolate box for Eripiyo but Reo sensed this and was like “Remember girls. No sharing anything else with fans other than the chocos”. Poor Maina.

Rena's glare of doom

Adorably intimidating.

Another excellent moment featured Kumasu and Other Guy discussing their 2nd favs. Other Guy agreed to pick Reo and Sorane like Kumasu but Rena’s glare of doom “guided” him toward Maina.

Kumasu averting disaster

Kumasu averting disaster.

Another highlight. Kumasu doing his best to avert disaster while Rena and Other Guy tried asking Eripiyo her thoughts on Maina getting to perform in the front row at the last concert. The same show she missed.

Eripiyo's 1st and 2nd faves

Eripiyo’s 1st and 2nd faves.

This next highlight is self-explanatory.

Kumasu and Reo having a moment

Kumasu and Reo having a moment.

This is blog celebrating yuri and female leads but as we have seen numerous times throughout the show Kumasu is awesome. His moments with Reo are genuinely touching. The same cannot be said for Other Guy with Sorane though. Sorane rules naturally.

Maina stepping up again

Maina stepping up again.

It seems Maina only steps up her game when Eripiyo doesn’t or can’t talk. Anyhoo the rest of the episode was glorious as always. The same can be said for the episode as a whole. Excellent.











Yup. Dots are back. You know what that means.

Maki is sick

Maki was sick.

We go back to the January Cham Jam concert. As the screen grab showed Yuka and Maki were the ones out with colds. Yumeri tended to her but didn’t feel she was ready to take the stage without her girlfriend, specifically shining in front again without Maki. Maki’s suggestion? “Shall I…give you my cold?”

Yumeri ready for Maki's cold

Yumeri ready for Maki’s cold.

Maki X Yumeri cold

These two will be the end of me.

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17 Responses to Oshi ga Budoukan Ittekuretara Shinu Episode 10: Birthentine’s Flu

  1. Jack Cactus says:

    Maido Maina deserves to be protected, she’s too pure and I bet Eri’s heart almost popped from the sight. Well, I guess Eri getting bedridden was karma for her trying to cough on Kumasu after all.

    And a word of advise to Maina, just because someone tells you not to do something it doesn’t mean you can’t do it……………you just have to do it secretly. Well, I think we still need another train ride after all.

    I almost blew a gasket when the Hot Couple teased that kiss, made me want to scream like Venom Snake (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQ9Bc5L6T4I) out sheer pain. But on the other side, I think I could have suffered a temporary “total system shutdown” had they went through with it.

    Kumasu is such a bro, he really is a bear, you just want to hug him sometimes.

    Also, Rena is a lot more beautiful and cuter than Sorane, Fite me.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Makoto Itoshi says:

    Yeah, that thing about Maina only winning when Eripiyo can’t talk is something that hopefully will be fixed in the last episodes. Aya might be able to help them considering how she rescued them at the start of the episode, maybe she can give Maina’s contact info to Eripiyo.

    Maki and Yume were amazing during this small scene, but next episode preview shows some focus on Maki, a whole episode dedicated to them would be a dream.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Red says:

    Shout out to Kumasa. It’s rare for a show like this to make a character like him likable. What a bro. The noises he made when trying to stop Motoi had me literally lol’ing. He also seems relatively well-adjusted despite being an idol wota, and in a believable way. And most importantly, he’s not in any way intrusive to the yuri in the show. That’s how you write a male character.

    Of course, none of the above would matter if the rest of the show weren’t strong. This is definitely my favorite show of the current season. I need a Maki/Yumeri spin-off series.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Little Viktoria says:

    Yume is sooo ready for that kiss. Don’t keep her waiting too long, Maki. We know she’s very young and shy, but it’s all right, let her have it ^^

    It was somehow sweet that Eripiyo chose Aya for the second girl in the photo. Not to mention that nervous Rena is super cute! It’s a shame that we couldn’t see her photo.

    I believe in Aya x Yuka. And I would love to see an entire song and watch the girls dance. It looks beautiful, but the segments are so short…

    Aww, I can’t wait for Maina to either give her contact information to Eripiyo or to run into her somewhere. It only takes a little now for them to share their feelings and finally understand each other.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It’s obvi she’s ready.

      Sorane and Mini-Sorane standing side by side was a missed opportunity. It needs to happen in one of the two episodes.

      Aya X Yuka, like Reo X Sorane’s relationship development seems to be in small chunks. It kinda works.

      We technically got a few full performances already.

      The day Maina lets everything out will be glorious.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. tbiscut74 says:

    Another Fantastic Episode!

    The Aya x Yuka texts were adorable.

    The Rena Death Glare was also adorable!

    Kumasu still being best bro!

    Eripiyo was so cute in her mask and her “talking” with her whiteboard.

    Best Couple still being so lethally good! Don’t know how I survived this episode.

    So hyped for next episode if the preview is anything to go by!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Aya being all tsundere for Yuka. So nice.

      Adorable but not to be underestimated.

      Kumasu is a good man.

      Very talented woman, she is.

      Their love can cure any disease.

      Oh yes. The hype is real.

      Liked by 2 people

  6. Kumasa is a real bro, despite looking like a stereotypical creepy fan he’s actually a really great friend!

    The funniest part of this episode is that some of the other cham jam fans want to pic Maina as their second choice but apparently Eripyo was emitting some strong territoriality vibes lol

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Nick says:

    Corona jokes aside, this was a great ep.

    Rough times for Eripyo though, she’s gotta take better care of her health.

    Maid Maina was the cutest thing ever!

    Rena is great, I wish she was around in more eps.

    The Valentine’s Day chocolate scene was great, nice to see all the fans getting their moment with their favorite idol.

    It’s funny that now Eripyo can’t speak, Maina has a lot to say but Eripyo can’t respond. Still cheering them on, they’ll finally get their moment at some point.

    The main event with the Maki and Yumeri scene was pure bliss. Teasing that kiss so much, I really thought this would be it and why you nearly destroyed your TV in the process. Now I’m starting to think if they did kiss, what would happen to your TV and the rest of your room in the process?

    Fantastic ep, can’t wait for more next week.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      No wonder Eripiyo had difficulty talking to Maid Maina. She’s OP as heck.

      Yup. More Rena, less Other Guy.

      Lucky fans were lucky.

      Waiting patiently for their big moment.

      I’ll let everyone know if my house was destroyed.

      Can’t wait for more!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Mauron says:

    Me, briefly forgetting the details during Reo’s chocolate delivery: GAAAAAAAAY… no wait, STRAAAAAAIIIIIIGHT.

    Maki continues to bring home Maki-level sexiness.

    My brain has ceased to function. I blame Maki.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Giack31 says:

    Great episode
    Maki is way tooo good at teasing Yumeri.
    It was good seeing Maina being more proactive this episode.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. yurimylove says:

    maid Maina is wonderful, as is the Maki x Yumeri near-kiss.


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