Yuri Quickie: DanMachi Gaiden: Sword Oratoria

At first I planned on reviewing the show as a whole but after seeing it I figured it would be best to briefly give my thoughts on the show and briefly discuss the important part and move on to the next review.

Another Lefiya fantasy

Lefiya’s dream of getting Ais-san (might as well be senpai) to notice her.

The show itself is a solid action-adventure JRPG inspired romp with a main plot that is not stellar but decent enough to get the interested to follow along till the end. The female members of the Loki Familia, including Loki herself, are all amusing in their own right but honestly do not require me to go into great detail on really. I liked the fraternal twins though it took a few episodes before remembering which one is Tione and Tiona. Loki herself was a cute “hunter” and clever leader. Master Riveria was a cool senpai.

As far as where in the DanMachi timeline this takes place in it is around the same time as the main series. Expect to see Ais’ group run into members of Bell’s group several times throughout the show. Viewers who saw the first one will be able to point out what happened before the two groups run into each other each time their meetings occur.

The reason I do not feel like going too deeply into the show is because of all the “female-centered spinoffs/prequels” of other shows like Hidan no Aria AA, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun or Hina Logi to name a few Sword Oratoria was the one I enjoyed the least despite my fondness for Lefiya and her noble quest to become a super mage and especially to get Ais to notice her as a potential romantic partner. That or go with “Option B” introduced later on. Her quest is the best part of the show to be honest but that is just me. I am not going to lie. My summary for this show is “If the viewer liked the first DanMachi but preferred Ais’ group as the leads instead of Bell’s and also featuring a lesbian dueteragonist in Lefiya then give Sword Oratoria a go“. Sorry to disappoint the peeps who really wanted me to go into detail on whether I liked this show or not. I thought it was average at best and that is all I have to say.

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24 Responses to Yuri Quickie: DanMachi Gaiden: Sword Oratoria

  1. chikorita157 says:

    The spinoff was ok, but yes, Sword Oratoria is basically focuses on a different group in the same time line. Bell of course is going to give some people mixed feelings, not because he is overpowered.

    But aside from Aiz and Lefiya, there is also Lefiya and Filvis… but yes, this series can’t really be compared to the all-female spinoff since it is not really an alternate telling of the story with a different timeline.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Pretty much.

      Yes. It is not as good as many others that came before or alongside it. Heck, Hina Logi surpassed it with little effort.

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    • Okami おかみ Yamino やみの says:

      I don’t see that as a problem since it was made pretty clear in this anime that Bell isn’t really much of a treat as Ais is only interested in him for his secret of how is he able to improve so quickly. And even in original Anime Bell X Ais was a least likely pairing to happen.

      Out of all “spinoffs” this was by far my favorite one.

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  2. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    Totally agree. Having watched the original, I can honestly say it was better. I appreciate aspects of this spin-off, but I definitely didn’t enjoy it as much. I don’t regret watching it, but it could have been better. I appreciate you doing this quickie though and honestly think it’s all that was needed.

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    • OG-Man says:

      I got Hestia in a bikini and that was all I needed from the main series. Not interested in watching more.
      I’ve also seen better fantasy-adventure shows than this one in the same year.

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  3. Mauron says:

    I plan to get to this sooner or later. I’ve read the novels it covers, so I suspect it will have poor pacing like the original did.

    Lefiya and Filvis are looking cute together. I agree with Hermes (I think) on that subject.

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  4. philipbaxton says:

    When it comes to spinoffs besides Hina Logi I thought this did a good job of showing two characters starting to naturally have feelings for each other with Lefiya and Filvis. Personally I thought this was way better than the all girls spinoff anime you mentioned because it had better writing and character growth.


  5. Personally, I never watched the original, and still dislike it heavily enough that I’ll probably never watch it (mainly due to Hestia), but I really liked this one, sort of even love it a little. A lot of that probably comes from me liking Lefiya as a character though (also identifying with her somewhat), so if you don’t like her a lot, I can see how this one might not be all that interesting for many.

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  6. cirno9fan says:

    Yeah, it was pretty weak. Way too much focus on the original. Even discounting the poor presence of yuri, it still was very much a poor way to handle a side story. Especially with all of that reused footage from the original

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    • OG-Man says:

      Precisely. It may be the second most action oriented of the “female-centered” spinoffs next to Railgun but that is not enough to make it more than average. I have a feeling the ones who really liked it is because they have not/will not watch the original. As you said though, too much sharing the spotlight with the A-Team, aka “recycled footage”.


      • cirno9fan says:

        it was much worse for me than most who watched it, as I finished the original just a week or so before this. So I had finished a show…only to watch stuff over again -_-

        they really saved budget on some of those episodes. I am saying that they had actual reused footage. You were watching episodes screen for screen in some of this. One of the episodes (I think 2 of them actually) were composed of the footage for more than 70% of the ep, and only offered a few very miniscule differences that barely added much to the scene that was in the original.

        It was quite a waste of time for someone who just saw this stuff…

        I will admit it had good parts for sure. But the studio really didn’t handle the thing well overall. And if the LN was like this too…then the writer is to blame for wasting so much of his/her’s readers’ time, and the studio should have fought to omit those scenes (assuming they weren’t deciding to keep them in themselves)


      • OG-Man says:

        Can’t say for sure about what went on behind the scenes when working on this one but reading your reactions on how much recycled footage there was is interesting. Gives me even less reason to consider picking up the former, even if fans say it’s better. I’m not interested. I found screen granbs of Hestia in a bikini and was content with that.


  7. yurimylove says:

    sadly, both ships are not very optimistic. For Lefiya x Ais, it’s like a canon but one-sided yuri story as Ais seems pretty obsessed with Bell. And for Lefiya x Filvis… well unfortunately Lefiya is still after Ais so how likely will this yuri pairing blossom?

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  11. Mauron says:

    I finally watched the anime of this. The pacing was terrible, and it seems like they skimmed over a whole book in the end credits of the last episode… which is particularly a shame because there were some great Lefiya x Filvis moments in that book.

    I can see why some anime viewers still have hope for Lefiya x Ais, with all the trimming they had to do.

    Good job on the anime dialing Lefiya’s gayness up to 11, and here’s hoping for a season 2.


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