342nd G-View: Two Car

Two words, wasted potential. What could have been another enjoyable show about a group of girls coming together to go on cycling or motorcycling adventures. What we got instead was…find out as we take a look at Two-Car. Been a while since I did one of these kind of reviews.

Two Car.jpg

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Tournament

Themes: Motorcycles, Racing

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 5/10

Plot Summary: Yuri Miyata and Megumi Meguro are two girls who enter the world of competitive motorcycle sidecar racing on Miyake Island. While they are the complete opposites of each other, and often butt heads, they complement each other well during races. The team will fight other motorcycle sidecar teams from all over Japan, each with their own opposing traits, such as honor student and working student, sadist and masochist, and a funny man and straight man.

Yuri and Megumi rushing to school

Our “lovable” leads Yuri and Megumi.

I am not going to mince words. This show sucked. It can be best described as a show about “yuri couples counseling with a bit of motorcycle racing on the side”. On paper this sounds intriguing for the Yuri Nation…unfortunately it ends up being a mixed bag. Some of the couples and their marital issues are neat to see the lovers working things out while others like the twins are a complete waste of time and annoying twin cliches.

Booty shot 1

The cast is full of hot chicks. I give the show credit for that.

When not focused on the couples counseling viewers will get some short and sweet racing segments complete with delicious booty shots. I will give the show credit, most of the cast consist of gorgeous women who are pleasing to the eyes. Before or during races we get lessons on motorcycle maintenance and tips on how to be a great driver and passenger along with all the dangers any “motoracer” will face on the track regardless of whether they are properly trained or have the guts to go for it. The show does both the racing and education parts fine enough but there are two major flaws that keep the show from being good. Oh and the animation is solid and the soundtrack is generic. Moving on.

Yuri and Megumi's usual banter

One half of the show has the side-couples being decent to watch interact with one another. The other half…unfortunately revolves around these two knuckleheads.

Besides some of the side-couples not being entertaining the main reason the show sucks are the leads themselves. Like most of the cast all they have going for them is they are both hot. Oh and they do admittedly help the other couples with their problems…somewhat. Other than that prepare for episode after episode of the two nagging, bickering and whining for the dumbest of reasons. In fact, the main reason for their bickering is the dumbest of all…though some of the side-couples contracted their stupidity. Now bickering duos is nothing new. Usually this means that EVENTUALLY they will acknowledge the fact they are stronger working together instant of begrudgingly admitting it to themselves and not to each other. This dynamic was done much better in other media. HECK, WWE did it better…TWICE…IN THE SAME YEAR (Sheamus and Cesaro + Ambrose and Rollins)! So a patient viewer used to seeing this kind of dynamic may be willing to put up with the nonsense so long as the duo eventually start seeing the light for the better near the climax of the show. Does that happen here? NOPE! What we got was no better than when the two started their dumb bickering. They may as well have spent the rest of their lives bickering for all I care.

Shocked Hitomi

Another thing I will admit. The show did give us this couple and this particular moment and for that I am grateful. Pretty much the “Buffoon Sisters” of this anime though they are not related. Show still sucks though.

Overall…viewers/readers who are looking for some decent telenovela like antics are better off looking elsewhere such as Kuzu no Honkai or Just Because! Even Koi to Uso is a better choice than Two Car. Not the worst show I have ever seen but of all the shows I picked to watch in 2017 this is easily the lamest. I doubt even viewers who are not yuri fans will get much enjoyment from this one. What could have been…

PS: Two Car was made by the same studio that brought us Ange Vierge. Say what you want about AV but that show was anime award worthy compared to this schlock.

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31 Responses to 342nd G-View: Two Car

  1. Mauron says:

    “You know how most shows develop their main characters and have them grow? What if we DIDN’T do that?” And then Two Car was made.

    It’s a bad sign when the episode where you have two characters badly dubbing over the main plot is far better than the main plot.

    The show had some good points: The rich and poor team were my favorite racers, and I was hoping they’d win. Ai’s hyper announcer mode before falling asleep on Nene was always fun, and they had a cute backstory. The little moments between some of the side characters were nice.

    I felt like the sadist and masochist didn’t completely resolve their problems, and the fight -> kiss and make up (minus the actual kiss) formula got a little stale.

    I’m also now a big fan of Sora Tokui’s voice acting, and would like to see more with her in it.

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    • OG-Man says:

      It had its moments but was ultimately a disappointment.

      Yes. I know how much you enjoyed the commentators. They, like MOST of the other side-couples were more entertaining than the leads.

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  2. Have to agree with the rating here…there’s so many things the show could’ve done better, even if it just focused on one things instead of trying to do too many of them at once…

    …Want an interesting racing series? Then maybe actually focus on that.

    …Want to flesh out all the side couples and make us root for whoever we want to in the final race, not knowing who will win? Then just cut the main two out and give the pairs (in some/most cases couples) some attention/an arc too, to flesh them out too. Also, actually make them all likeable.

    …Want some silly romantic bickering duo something-I-don’t-even-know? Then why do you even need any of the rest of it? Eh. Also, make the main duo again, actually likeable, and not, well…them.

    The only episodes I actually enjoyed were Misaki/Chiaki’s arc and the backstory episode on the announcer pair…(though the recap episode (WHY?! In a 12 episode series where NOTHING happens, why need it?) was sorta amusing, with the redub over the bickering duo’s actual words)

    Anyways, yeah. I really wanted to see Southern Accents duo’s, or the goth racer duo’s episodes, but alas, only the pairs with “problems” (except for Misaki/Chiaki, they did actually have actual issues to work out/love for each to realize) got an arc/pair of episodes, with the announcer pair being the one exception due to not being racers…

    Ugh. What a waste of potential.

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    • OG-Man says:

      The leads we got were TERRIBLE picks to be the stars of the show. Almost everyone else was more fun to watch than them.

      Yup. Would have enjoyed following the left out pairs for an episode or two each.

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  3. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    100% agreed. The best thing about this show was Mao and Hitomi and their brief “skits”. I liked some of the other side couples too, but the mains could legit crash and die in a race and the show wouldn’t suffer for it. It might actually get better. Such a sad waste of potential and time.

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  4. elkat4 says:

    I found this anime enjoyable ONLY if you skip the first episode, the last three or so episodes, the episode covering the twins, so in other words….about less than half this anime. Now if interpreted the post credits scene of the final episode right, I’d love a sequel WITHOUT the idiot duo! I’m also disappointed that not all the teams were given their spotlight (like the goth lolitas duo). This anime is very definition of wasted potential.

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  5. yurimylove says:

    Onsa and Rin from Bakuon would’ve made must more entertaining leads!

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  6. cirno9fan says:

    I’m surprised you gave it a “5”. For me it was more near the 3 range. But I could probably give it a mid 4. Mostly because there were SOME good things about it. but not much. The SM couple’s development got scrapped. Only really 2 couples had any consistency to their growth/development.
    Though the joke couple did consistently get worse and worse.

    Easily disappointment of th eseason, likley year.

    I don’t know about saying Ange Vierge was better. It had more yuri I guess? But the yuri itself was extremely inconsistent, and almost as much of a mess. Including character development that got tossed around. But I hated that show. So yeah

    either way, terrible waste of time. I wish I had dropped it after episode 1 like I planned to originally…

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    • OG-Man says:

      Because most of the side-characters apart from the twins were more entertaining than the leads. Also because it didn’t infuriate me. It was bad but not terrible. Again most of the others were fun for the most part.

      Like it or not AV was better than this show. Easily.


  7. Nick says:

    Can’t remember what ep it was but I dropped it as it just wasn’t really worth my time. I expected so much more for this series, it’s honestly pretty bad to think this is Silver Link’s 10th anniversary project. I mean come on, this is just down right embarrassing to sum up 10 years of making anime. I expected so much more out of this studio and this anime as it had so much potential to be great, it just ran out of gas. Hell, there probably wasn’t even much gas in the tank to start. Glad I got out when I did as it wasn’t going anywhere nor was it worth putting time into. As it stand Bakuon is still my favorite cute girls on motorcycles show. Now that was a fun show.

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  8. Alexis says:


    Cuando pensaba que Netsozou Trap era la oveja negra del año aparece Two Car dejando a Netzosou Trap como una serie medianamente aceptable. Two Car está en mi lista negra porque las protagonistas son tremendamente repulsivas, no hubo desarrollo y ni porque una de ellas estuvo en peligro no dejaron de pelear por estupideces, realmente unas hipócritas, lo peor es que todo giraba en torno a ellas y tampoco hubo desarrollo de los demás personajes.

    Siendo que tomaron todos los clichés del yuri y los guionistas buscaron la manera de echarlos a la basura, si la idea desde el principio era hacer que existiera un estorbo porqué no hicieron directamente un harem como los que pululan todas las temporadas y así ignorar totalmente está show. La serie se fue al carajo con los capítulos de las gemelas, tan incoherente y estupido sobre todo con el tipo al hacer su ridícula pregunta ¿cuál de las dos me gusta? Que horror, yo le hubiera dado una cachetada al tipo.

    Yo le hubiera dado un 3 solo por la ojou-sama y su pareja plebeya y tal vez por Hitomi y Mao.
    Espero que sus ventas sean muy bajas para que se vayan al olvido.

    Por cierto, tras ver el final del manga de Netzosou Trap creo que la voy a volver a revisar. Realmente no quiero contarte el final pero recomiendo que lo haga cuando salgan las versiones subtituladas y tal vez dedicarle una entrada.

    Repito lo que una vez escribí “si Love Live se convierte en Two Car me moriré de tristeza”

    Nos seguimos escribiendo en situaciones más agradables.


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    • OG-Man says:

      Las protagonistas son unas nenas tontas y nada mas lastimamente.

      Los capitulos de las gemelas dejaron un sabor amargo en mi boca.

      Si. La ojou-sama y su novia junta con Hitomi y Mao y las comentaristas fueron los personajes mas gustables del show.

      Lo leere despues de ser traducido.

      No. Sunshine!! nunca sera tan porqueria como Two Car.


  9. LuzeriP says:

    The only good thing about this show is the girls are incredibly hot. It was such a great animation and they’re wasting it.

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  10. Okami おかみ Yamino やみの says:

    I am still deciding if to give this a try and would like to get one question answered to help me make a final decision. I saw some girls are being paired with guys, for how many girls is this a case?


  11. K says:

    Savage! Rekt! No mercy at all! Yeah, this show wasn’t up to snuff especially because of the plot’s insistence of prolonging Yuri and Megumi foolish feud. Seriously, the two moments in the last few episodes where they could have put an end to their pointless bickering and plot decides to activate the Coach Tanahashi trap card to set whatever development they had back to zero. So vexing!

    Well, there were some good things about this show, as mentioned above. I think a Yuri Quickie could be done for Ai and Nene due to episode 8.

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    • afezeriamiku says:

      Fucking piece of shit really. Why bother making it all girls when the main duo is in love with their teacher, while both not being interesting at all? I’m glad that this anime crashed and burned sales wise and rating wise. This ought to teach the creators that’s responsible not to put in some hetero tease when it is not needed and to actually makes some likeable duo as the main casts for once. Truly such a waste potential.

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      • SomeName says:

        Thank you sir I was just about to watch this until I read your comment. I don’t get why they would sneak that in like that. I mean hell the hes not even a listed character on the website…I am glad it crashed and burned as well. Throwing a het romance in an all female cast show is a cardinal sin in my book.

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    • OG-Man says:

      I already reviewed the show and mentioned some of the side-couples (excluding the twins) being fun to watch so there’s not much need to write a separate Yuri Quickie for this one.

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