Konohana Kitan Episode 10: Little-Big Ambitions

I have a feeling this episode satiated many who had been waiting a long time for this duo to return to the spotlight.

Tiny Satsuki

I wonder how this happened?

We kicked off the episode with Yuzu helping a tired Satsuki get some snacks. Unfortunately Satsuki mistook a round brown ball of medicine for chocolate and it shrunk her.

Cute Tiny Satsuki.jpg

Cute Tiny Satsuki.

The cuteness was undeniable. Yuzu and Ren echoed everyone watching…except Okiku…whose reaction was not safe for parents with children reading this post.

Yuzu tending to a guest.jpg

Yuzu (and Satsuki) tending to a guest.

While Satsuki wasn’t able to do her usual work she could still help guide Yuzu. A guest arrived and the two tended to her needs. Satsuki was surprised by Yuzu’s diligence, meaning her astute observation of the guest being tired after a long trek through the mountains and knowing exactly how to help her relax.

Satsuki in awe.jpg

Satsuki in awe by the beautiful view.

I imagine that due to Satsuki being so focused on work all the time she rarely took the time to see how beautiful the view around Konohanatei was. Anyway as I said she was surprised by Yuzu’s diligence and developed a newfound respect for her future wife.

Yuzu missing the regular Satsuki.jpg

Yuzu missing the regular Satsuki.

Later that night Yuzu admitted to missing the regular sized Satsuki despite enjoying her time with Tiny Satsuki and she would do ANYTHING to restore her. Remember this…

Satsuki back to normal size.jpg

Satsuki back to normal size.

After sharing a warm night together Satsuki surprisingly returned to normal the next morning. Kiri knew how it happened but her explanation to Satsuki…well…

Satsuki's shocking realization.jpg

Satsuki after being told how she may have been restored.


Hiiragi and Ayame.jpg

Ayame and Hiiragi.

The next part had Satsuki’s older sister Hiiragi along with her bespectacled partner Ayame staying at Konohanatei for a bit. Ren was VERY excited to say the least.

Hiiragi flirting with Ren.jpg

Hiiragi flirting with Ren.

Natsume. Your thoughts?

Natsume not pleased.jpg

Natsume not pleased.

Ah. Yes. I see.

So Kiri assigned Satsuki (with Yuzu) to tend to the mikos much to her dismay. She was annoyed but did it anyway.

Yuzu surprised by Satsuki's words.jpg

Yuzu surprised by Satsuki’s words.

Hiiragi had fun by telling embarrassing stuff about Satsuki in front of Ayame and Yuzu which got a different reaction from Yuzu. She then teased Yuzu but Satsuki stepped in to defend her. Yuzu’s reaction was something along the lines of “Wow…Satsuki said I’m hot”.

Naked Hiiragi.jpg


Yuzu washing Ayame's back.jpg

I know who to go to for some swell full body shots.

While Hiiragi had fun teasing Satsuki some more Ayame told Yuzu some interesting words. Actually she’d been watching the two closely.

Hiiragi rescuing a moon princess.jpg

Hiiragi rescuing the moon princess.

The next day Hiiragi was missing. Turned out she rescued a moon princess who got lost on the rooftop. As she saw Hiiragi playing with the princess (who sadly was too young for her) Satsuki admitted to being jealous and greatly admiring her sister’s mad social and miko skills. While all this happened Yuzu remembered Satsuki’s wish to become a miko one day and the thought of her dearest senpai leaving saddened the omega kawaii level kitsune. She wanted her to stay FOREVAH!

Satsuki and Hiiragi performing.jpg

Satsuki and Hiiragi performing.

Later that night the princess REALLY wanted to see the kagura dance. Ayame felt “tired” after staying in the bath too long and had Satsuki take her place alongside Hiiragi. She refused but Yuzu reminded her of the Konohanatei “code of ethics” and she did it. Awesomeness ensued.

Satsuki and Yuzu under the moonlight.jpg

Satsuki and Yuzu having a moment.

After the performance Satsuki quickly disappeared. Yuzu caught up to her. She told her how she felt like she could never catch up to her amazing sister: That she could only copy her moves. It reminded her of the elders saying that compared to the talented Hiiragi Satsuki was a “jack-of-all trades”; good at many things, great at none. Those words stung Satsuki. Yuzu then felt responsible because she forced her to dance but Satsuki, in her own way, thanked Yuzu for pushing her and reminding her of the code of ethics.

The next day Ayame and Hiiragi said “see you next time” and on their way Hiiragi revealed that she was jealous of Satsuki’s ability to adapt on the spot and her intelligence. Apparently their parents had Satsuki go to Konohanatei because she was the “smart one” while Hiiragi was the “hot one”…or to be more specific Hiiragi was livelier than Satsuki. And of course Ayame pretended to be tired that night.

Another great episode, especially for peeps who had been craving more YuzuSatsu goodness for a while.

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27 Responses to Konohana Kitan Episode 10: Little-Big Ambitions

  1. ArcaJ says:

    The cuteness level was off the charts, this episode! Tiny Satsuki is LOVE! I only wish she had interacted more with Okiku. (the two of them together could bring world peace!)

    This was the SatsuYuzu episode I’ve been waiting for. Satsuki got to see the “scenery” she had missed all this time. The fact that she admitted (to herself) it was Yuzu she wanted to see most just broke my subtext meter. The fact that Yuzu (the most selfless person in Konohanatei) admitted that she wanted Satsuki to herself, filled my heart with rainbows.

    Hiiragi is such a character. She has the same rough way of speaking as Satsuki, however, where Satsuki is sarcastic to cover her shyness, Hiiragi is open and flirtatious to cover her lack of intelligence. They’re sisters all right.

    Kiri’s little joke was perfect. Poor Satsuki looked ready to explode into a cloud of pink yuri dust. That girl has it BAD.

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Tiny Satsuki and Okiku interacting would have been AMAZING!

      SatsuYuzu/YuzuSatsu = #TrueLove.

      They are wonderful sisters.

      Hopefully we’ll get something close to a confession before the season finale.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Mauron says:

    Yuzu translate for Satsuki is great.

    Hopefully Satsuki knows the proper thank you for the cure she thinks she received.

    Ayame’s actions saved Hiiragi from a Natsume induced pummeling. Also, more of Hiiragi flirting with the attendants would be appreciated.

    I wonder if mini Satsuki tried to check out any other beautiful views…

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It’s a fact that that’s what she was thinking.


      That would be nice to see more of.

      Nah. She’s not naughty enough to try.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Mauron says:

        I’m sure Kiri will suggest such a response.

        Hiiragi flirts with the others, then gets pummeled by Ayame in response. All kinds of fun!

        Then Satsuki won’t be getting any coal this year!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. cirno9fan says:

    Man this episode….
    how can this show be so consistently good? I can’t think of a bad episode, or even a mediocre one, or even one I could settle to call “good”. Every episode has such meaning and purpose behind it, and…and I don’t know what I’m saying anymore, but I love this show~

    Kiri was hilarious this ep xD She really knows how to manipulate the situation.

    I still remain sad that her and Sakura never got their “origin” story though…still, there are more eps to go! Could be fixed. Please be fixed!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    Yup I’m one of those people! I’ve been craving for more YuzuSatsu goodness 😀

    I’ve been wondering when Hiiragi will show up and she did, nice 🙂 I actually didn’t expect her to be like that. And both sisters see the good that each of them fail to see in themselves 🙂 I really love this episode that’s just about my ship for both the first and second parts 😀 And I gotta say Yuzu cried a lot in this episode.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Jack Cactus says:

    New Konohana Kitan episode appears [Heart beats faster than normal]
    Sees Yuzu [Heart beats dangerously faster than normal]
    Sees Mini-Satsuki [Heart stops]

    Satsuki’s mini panic when she heard Kiri’s lie was beyond precious, kinda wish her lie was true tho…

    And I did not expect Hiragii to be such an odd ball, her personality is just too weird and lovable. Not to mention her “girlfriend” Ayame, who (to me) is one of the sexiest ladies in the show. God knows what would happen if she didn’t stop Hiragii in time 🙂

    At this point, Kiri is just down right evil to Satsuki and we all love her because of that 🙂

    Also, am I the only one who prefers Satsuki and Hiragii with no makeups? (goes to ALL girls actually) And that bunny dance, I kinda want to see it.

    Okay, we already have 10 episodes and still NO SAKUKIRI ORIGIN STORY, I’M FURIOUS..

    Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      You know Yuzu would have gladly done it for Satsuki.

      Ayame is gorgeous for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ayame and Hiiragi were already a couple. This show is yurrific friendly after all.

      She most likely knows about their relationship, or as you said just likes teasing Satsuki.

      We need that origin story!

      Liked by 2 people

  6. Me at the beginning of the episode, after seeing the Sakura walk past clearly having eaten and then the empty bowl of snacks a moment later: “…oh no.” (People, label your medicine boxes! What if it had actually been something that could be dangerous!)
    Me, during the OP: “Preparing heart for mini-Satsuki”
    Immediately after “My goodness.”

    …And pretty much my attitude throughout the episode. Just…amazing. As cirnofan mentioned above, I can’t think of a single episode of this show that wasn’t amazing either. Just…how can this show be so consistently amazing? …We need more shows of this level. Also, I need to make sure I get as many people to watch this as possible.

    Hiiragi is…different from what expected. Awesome, though. But tsk tsk…no stealing any ships, now.

    My heart very nearly died this episode. First, from mini-Satsuki’s cuteness level, and then, in the latter half, from all the feels induced. Yuzu’s crying made my heart hurt. Relationship development aaaaa!

    I guess anyone might get bored of rabbit dancing, if that’s all they ever see, no matter how cute it might be…

    Kiri, never change. But do tell us the story of how you and Sakura got together. Pretty please?

    Liked by 3 people

  7. paw says:

    Anyone who has read the manga know if there’s a KiriSakura origin story? Or if there are chapters dedicated only to them? All I know is that they’re a confirmed to be a couple in Konohana Kitan Vol 2 lol


  8. yurimylove says:

    nyanko days — kitsune edition

    Liked by 1 person

  9. K says:

    I agree with Satsuki with regards to Yuzu’s growth. She really has become a remarkable attendant.

    I see, Hiiragi, in Satsuki’s eyes, is so awesome at everything she does she just can’t compare but in reality, it is she who’s awesome. Being able to adapt to various situations without missing a beat is quite a skill, which is why she was sent to Konohanatei instead. The Great Hiiragi knows that but she’s in no hurry to tell Satsuki that. Of course, Hiiragi’s cool in her own ways. Heck, I think she’d make a good attendant if she dialed back on her rambunctious just a bit.

    Liked by 1 person

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