316th G-View: Satanichia (Gabriel) Dropout

The concept for this show is not a common one but somehow familiar: Demons acting more like “babyfaces” and angels like “heels”. Question is whether was done well in a comedic setting. Let us find out as we take a look at Gabriel Dropout.

Gabriel Dropout.jpg

Genre: Comedy

Themes: Angels, Demons/Devils

Number of episodes: 12 + 2 OVAs

G-Rating: 7/10

Plot Summary: This is the tale of an aspiring demon named Satanichia McDowell Kurumizawa whose one goal is to rule the world with a iron fist. Her hard work and dedication to achieving this is the stuff of legend. Alongside her is fellow demon Vignette April Tsukinose and while not on the best of terms they work hard to become the best demons they can be. Unfortunately they face great perils in their journey ranging from savage beasts, the complexity that is the human race and worst of all two despicable angels known as Gabriel White Tenma and Raphiel Ainsworth Shiraha.


The main protagonist Satanichia McDowell Kurumizawa

What I said in the summary is pretty much the gist of the show: Satanichia and Vignette working hard to be good demons all the while Gabriel and Raphiel get in their way, intentionally or not, to slow down their progress. Like I said in the introduction the show has the premise of angels acting being douchey and devils being more likable but in a comedic setting. Here is the thing, the show for the most part is repetitive. What I mean is it heavily relies on the same gags over and over again:


Satanichia/Satania being the best in the world at what she does but unfortunately is not very bright, essentially a hardworking troublemaker.


The second protagonist Vignette April Tsukinose

Vignette/Vigne being more angelic than any angel in the show’s universe could ever hope to be, essentially “How can this demon be so cute?”


The second antagonist Raphiel Ainsworth Shiraha

Raphiel yearning to see everyone she finds amusing, especially Satanichia, suffer because she is bored, essentially a sadist.


The main antagonist Gabriel White Tenma.

Gabriel/Gab being a poor girl’s Garfield Cat, essentially a slob.


I will give Gab credit, she at least knows the basics of what make Garfield a timeless character:

  • Lazy.
  • Bosses people around.
  • Ridicules anyone she finds annoying.
  • Is inconsiderate.
  • Will show kindness only if it benefits her.

Being a human shaped entity also grants her the “gamer” trait. All the points I have listed are the similarities she shares with Garfield. Here is the problem. For 99% of the show that is ALL THERE IS to her character. Once again those points are the BASICS of what make Garfield a timeless cartoon legend. Rarely does she do anything other than that. I get that that is the point because the angels are either meant to be unlikable or likable jerks at best but when it comes to Gab she does little else until around the 4th quarter of the show. Most of the praiseworthy segments on the show either have her in a minimalist role with Vigne, Satania or another character in the spotlight or do not feature Gab at all. Unless the viewer is a Gab fan there are very few times Gab herself is a highlight of an episode. The point is Gabriel is not a terrible character but a lackluster one.

As far as Raphiel goes she feels more like a side-character than Gab does. Other than wanting to bully people, especially Satania due to being bored there is almost nothing else to her. The one compliment I can give her is…she has a nice body.


Back to our protagonists who are easily the highlights of the show, besides some of the side-characters like the coffee shop owner, the kaichou and a certain other blonde. Vigne has more going for her than being a very kind demon. Like the main heroine she too does everything she can to succeed despite it not being a good idea for her to be super nice. It is especially entertaining seeing her try her hardest to be a villain. She also pulls off the “slim beauty” look quite well.


True Hero.

Last but not least we have the champion of champions, the defender of injustice, an inspiration to bratty children everywhere, the leader of the unselfish generation, the dark princess of bakadom and a true hero, Satania. She almost NEVER does the same joke twice. She may not be the brightest demon out there and her win-loss ratio is pitiful but make no mistake, this beautiful creature of the Netherworld is an inspiration to all humankind and one of 2017’s greatest main characters. While she could have easily carried the entire show on her shoulders she is an honorable ne’er do well and her generosity is as grand as her deviousness. Truly a devilish delight who also happens to have the best body.

As far as the presentation goes the animation is solid and the soundtrack is delightful.

Now I mentioned before that the show felt repetitive. What I meant by that is that no matter what different situation the four got themselves into, the jokes and gags for the most felt samey. In fact when it came to my coverage I could sum up 90% of the show the following way:

“Satania and Vigne rule, Raphi and Gab not so much.” I am not joking. Unless the viewer likes the angels most of the episodes could be summed up with that one sentence.

Somewhere near the end of the 3rd and start of the 4th there seemed to be a bigger plot developing but…nope. Oh well. As far as yuri goes I suppose some can ship Gab X Vigne or look up some others if they feel like it.

In wrestling terms it is like this: Gabriel and Raphiel are the favorites of the owners, basically the ones they want to push to the top…despite them being nowhere near as talented as Satanichia and Vignette. Gab and Raphi get cheers from casual audiences but they are so “green” in the ring they have to constantly rely on others to help put on great performances because they can barely handle it when they get the spotlight, whereas Vigne is barely lucky to get an upper midcard spot and Satania constantly gets “buried”. I would dare say I found Gab as lame as modern day wrestling fans dislike Roman Reigns. Yes, I went there.

Overall Satanichia Dropout is a decent romp. When it gets it right, it gets it right big time. When it does not, it falls flat HARD. The curious can check it out if they so please. As long as viewers do not expect a comedic masterpiece it should work out fine.

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25 Responses to 316th G-View: Satanichia (Gabriel) Dropout

  1. philipbaxton says:

    Satania was the only reason I kept coming back to the show. Her and Vignette were the main protags of the show. They were the only two characters that actually felt like outsiders trying to fit in while Gab and Raphiel were so bland they might have well been human side characters. Their character traits of being the sadist and jerky gamer shut in feels more like side character type roles than main character ones, especially if they were never gonna change. Not once in the show was them being angels even relevant to anything that was going on. The show would’ve been much better with Tapris as one of the main characters because she actually felt more like an angel confused but desiring to understand the human world. At least than Gab could’ve played a nice contrast to how the human world affects angels. Satania, Vignette, Tapris, and even the dog were my favorite characters of the show.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Our GLORIOUS heroine and her unwilling sidekick will both be missed. Same goes for the delightfully pitiful blonde who is not lame. Her attempt to understand the digital world was almost as DELIGHTFUL as her legendary first encounter with our GLORIOUS heroine.

      Do not forget the coffee shop owner and the class rep. They too were swell.


  2. elkat4 says:

    This anime felt like a good anime adaption of a non-existant NIS/Idea Factory+Compile Heart game (good being used here because there’s not a game this is based on for me to nitpick every little change they make to the plot/order of events, trying to condense three whole games into a single season).

    Satania: Reoccurring comedic villain (ala Mid-Boss or Axel) or Protagonist (Laharl, Mao, etc.)
    Weapon of choice: Probably swords or fists. (“Heroic” weapons)

    Vignette: Protagonist (in the vein of Adel from Disgaea 2) or sidekick (i.e. Flonne or Rasberyl).
    Weapon of choice: Probably spears, staves/tomes (specializing in support magic).

    Gabriel: Protagonist….??? (The forbidden love child of Garfield and Neptune) or reoccuring comedic villain….???
    Weapon of choice: More than likely bows or guns (so that she stay in one spot and ping enemies from afar.)

    Raphiel: Reoccuring comedic villain or sidekick (Etna)
    Weapon of choice: Probably staves/tomes (specializing in status inflicting magic)

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  3. cirno9fan says:

    I enjoyed it a lot, but felt that the last two eps just really weren’t all that interesting.

    I agree that Gab didn’t really deserve “protagonist” as a title, and didn’t really handle the role at all. I mean, she was as stagnant as they come. I enjoyed her for what she was.

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    • OG-Man says:

      It was enjoyable for what it was but clearly not one of Winter 2017’s best.

      I think the one time Gab was remotely interesting was when her family got involved…and even then they were the ones doing most of the heavy lifting to make the segment worth watching.

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  4. Yeah, the repetitiveness of the jokes was the main reason I was pretty bored with this show around half-way through, and despite some good moments here and there, it never really improved my opinion from that point. Decent, but far from amazing. Different main characters (mainly meaning the angels)/changed characters/jokes not being used more than once would’ve vastly improved the show. Probably not gonna remember this show too far down the line all that well, really, excepting a character or two.

    Speaking of characters, Satania is amazing and needs to win more often. Cut her some slack, writers! She’s trying as hard as she can! Also, Vigne is pretty nice, and most of the side characters are awesome, like Tapris, the Class President, Raphiel’s privacy-invading butler, Satania’s family, Gabriel’s sister, etc.

    It seems I end the show on the same ships I thought up as the characters involved were introduced: Satania x Class President (As Satania definitely deserves someone who doesn’t treat her like shit, is nice to her, etc. And Class President is cool), Tapris x Gabriel (because Tapris is to be commended for amusing me, and because Gabriel deserves no-one better. She is not corrupting the sweet, innocent demon any further!), and Mariel (Raphiel’s Butler) x Raphiel (again, because Raphiel really deserves no-one better for her constant abuse of Satania, and because Mariel was kind of cool). So Main/Main side-character x side-character ships for me, basically.

    Basically, couldn’t been so much better. They partially picked the wrong main characters for this show, and didn’t let them flourish even when good characters were on screen enough.

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  5. yoyo says:

    Raphiel is reasonable sadist and Gabriel is reasonable slob. I don’t find them annoying anymore after I realised that’s what they trully are, a sadist and a slob.

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  6. LuzeriP says:

    This show was so funny, it was repetitive but Satania and Vigne makes it a lot funnier. Thou it would’ve been 10/10 if Gabriel and Raphi not in there. I don’t mind second season as long as I can see Satania greatness again.

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  7. yurimylove says:

    somebody take that first trumpet of apocalypse away from Gabriel, before she hurts herself XP

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  8. K says:

    This anime got laughs outta me, but you’re right in saying that the gags were repetitive. The situation may have been different, but it usually played out the same way. In other words, quite average.

    Vigne can be devilish when she wants to be, especially as that Christmas episode demonstrated. She just wants to enjoy special events in peace, darn it!

    Raphiel seeks out the best laughs she can get on Earth and Satania (primarily) fills that quota. I’m surprised she isn’t a fallen angel with that trolly nature of hers.

    About Gabriel, stuff happened and she reacted to them in her usual Gab way. To me, she was at her funniest when she tried to smuggle her worldly possessions into Heaven, which obviously ended in failure.

    Satania was the funniest of them all. Her foolhardy confidence was such a treat…since 9 times out of 10 it lead to her to some hilarious fails. At the same time, however, some the pain that came her way was just plain cruel and she never got a break at all. Could you also say that she was a jobber, in wrestling terms? Also, if Satania were human…https://twitter.com/GearheadRequiem/status/846882084144721920

    Other things:

    That white dog was a thorn in Satania’s side but he eventually became her familiar…who’s still a thorn in her side. I think she’s gotten used to it, though.

    Zelel, almighty angel that none could surpass, fell victim to a Deus ex Canis. That dog is strong. Why, though? She never had a problem with that poodle she saw when she first descended.

    The side characters (Tapris, the class rep. and the café owner, especially) were pretty swell.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Not much to add here that you haven’t covered so eloquently yourself.

      Here’s hoping Satanichia finds comfort after marrying the class rep. We all know they’re destined to wed. Yup. Unfortunately she can be classified as a jobber for the most part. She is the main character darn it! She deserved more respect!

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  9. This is the funniest show I have seen this season. Satania is easily the best girl and she and Rap are pretty much a couple. Sat is the M and Rap is the S.

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  10. mutopis says:

    It had is funny moments

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Definitely. Just not enough to make it an iconic Girls Club show. We can rewatch some of our favorite segments featuring Satanichia, Vignette and Tapris then move on.


  11. aranicar says:

    There’s a fair bit of displeasure towards Gab and Raphi that I don’t really get. I completely agree that Satania and Vignette are the better characters (that’s the point of the show anyways), but without Gab and Raphi there’s literally no foil for them to compare against! The absolute hilarity in the interactions between the two sides (namely Satania and Vignette doing what they did best) is what makes this show fun.

    However, I really hope that the mangaka adds in some character development and diversity. Gab’s onee-san coming back and schooling her, more Satania trolling Raphi (frog part was one of THE most satisfying things IMO), more reversals in general, having the angels try being good for once (and failing hilariously), more Tapris and her programming. Yes Gab and Raphi weren’t as good as the rest, but it worked for the first 12 episodes and it can improve from there.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Fair point in Gab and Raphi’s defense. Doesn’t change the fact they didn’t make a good first impression. Should a 2nd season happen they’ll hopefully get more to do than rely on their lame shticks.
      Of course as you pointed out the demons were the top stars of the show along with some likable side-characters.

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  12. piano_cello_conducting says:

    I came here for the yuri but while the yuri didn’t quite deliver, I liked this show better than most people. The demons were quite simply the stars of the show. Gabriel is not deserving of being the main character and at best should be only a side character that appears in one or two episodes. Sataniche’s family and Raphiel’s maid easily deserve more screen time. Raphiel isn’t very interesting either but makes good fodder for doujinshi.
    The only possibly canon yuri I see is Tapris x Gabriel and Raphiel and her maid and unfortunately these are mainly played for laughs. As of the 1st season, I’m not really seeing yuri amongst the four main characters but more of a strong friendly (even if they don’t always show it) comradeship.

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