314th G-View: Mahou Tsukai PreCure!

Pretty Cure meets Harry Potter would be the best way to describe the 13th entry in the franchise. Question is whether the combination worked wonders or it was as horrid as Lord Voldemort’s freaky visage. Let us find out as we take a look at Mahou Tsukai PreCure.

Mahou Tsukai PreCure Cover.jpg

Genres: Action, Magical Girl, Comedy, Slice of Life, Magic, Supernatural

Themes: Magicians, Wizardry

Number of Episodes: 50 + 1 movie

G-Rating: 9/10

Plot Summary: Mirai Asahina, a 13-year-old girl who’s going into her second year of middle school, witnesses a mysterious object fall in to the park. Excitedly, she brings her stuffed bear Mofurun with her to see what it was. When she gets there she sees a girl named Liko flying on a broom. Mirai has a lot of questions, and Liko explains that she’s searching for something. The two of them are wearing similar pendants. Then Batti, an ally of the dark magic user Dokurokushi, appears before them and demands the “Link Stone Emerald.” Batti creates a monster called a “Yokubarl” and drives them into a corner. Mirai, Riko, and Mofurun join hands and speak the magic words “Cure-Up Rapapa,” their pendants glow, and they become the legendary Precure.

Mirai and Riko

The main heroines Mirai and Liko.

Let us not delay the main question and answer it right off the bat. Yes, the PreCure X Harry Potter combo worked perfectly. Some people out there may not be aware of this but magical girls (and boys) and magicians are not the same. Magical girls (and boys) are essentiially superheroines (-oes) or villains depending on their allegiance who use a combination of superpowers and sometimes martial arts while magicians are spellcasters who may or may not have similar abilities as magical heroines (-oes).

The sacred tree of the Magical world.jpg

The Sacred Tree of the Magical World. The Magic Academy is built around it.

The show’s setting is split between two worlds, the Magic and Non-Magic (translated as Mundane depending on the subs) Worlds. The Non-Magic World is pretty much Earth where magic is non-existent while the Magical World is where most of the fun stuff happens. Based on that statement readers can guess that a majority of the better episodes are ones set in the Magical World, though there are some in the Non-Magic World that are also quite enjoyable, mostly ones where magic is involved. The advantage animation has over live-action is that writers can get away with more creative stuff in the former than the latter and the Magical World is a prime example of this. While several of the creatures and locales are familiar to longtime fans of the fantasy genre there are still those unique and creative spells and creatures that will put a smile on many who enjoy mysticism and wonder. I mean there is an underwater kingdom inhabited by flying mermen and mermaids for crying out ooud! That is not something often seen in mainstream fantasy flicks. Another really cool facet of the Magical World is its rich culture and history. While nothing new for PreCure installments that feature more locales besides Earth it is still awesome to learn about the other world’s lore, origin, wildlife and other neat stuff pertaining to its years of existence. Even its specialty desserts are worthy of getting an entire episode revolving around them.

Magic friends return

Mirai and Liko’s Magic Posse.

As mentioned above the Non-Magic World episodes are usually not as exciting as the Magical World ones but that does not mean they are dull. Most of them revolve around the standard SoL and shool life fare but because there are times that denizens of the Magical World drop by to visit and our heroines get into many magic related shenanigans they make sure the Mundane World episodes are not all…”mundane”. I will let myself out after the G-View. It also helps that the Mundane World features one of the best side-characters on the show.



Funny thing about Kana. She may be a “running gag” character for the majority of her appearances (and a good one at that) but this also leads me to another aspect of MTP I enjoy a lot, most of the show’s cast no matter how big or small their roles are have a purpose or reason, even football boy Souta. Without giving anything away Kana’s “I know magic exists” running gag is not just a running gag.

Cure Miracle and Cure Magical vs a Yokubarl.jpg

Vintage PreCure combat.

Next up is the show’s pacing. It is the standard PreCure fare:

  • Our heroines and their friends and family are doing something neat.
  • The baddie generals plot something to cause trouble or destroy the Cures.
  • Our heroines leap into action and transform into Cures.
  • The baddie generals summon the “monster of the week” called Yokubarl here.
  • Cool fight between the Cures and Yokubarl with the occasional battle against a baddie general directly.
  • Flashy finishing move. I must say this show features some of my favorite finishers in all of Magical Girl media because of how over the top and apocalyptic some of them can be.
  • The baddie general swears revenge and escapes.
  • The day is saved while there usually being some story/character development.
Cure Miracle X Cure Magical

Cure Miracle and Cure Magical

There is something that makes these particular Cures, Cure Miracle Mirai and Cure Magical Liko extra special in the franchise. Not since Futari wa PreCure: Splash Star! has there been a duo of Cures that had more than one transformation/fighting style. Miracle and Magical have four:

  • Diamond: The default style and the most balanced.
  • Ruby: The power style. Specializes in power moves.
  • Sapphire: The defense style. Specializes in defensive magic and agility.
  • Topaz: I call this one the “Green Lantern” style despite the topaz being yellow. Possibly the most unique of the four styles. The Cures gain the ability to create any kind of light form weapon or shield using pure excitement. Basically the weapons become more powerful the more amped up the Cures are.

Master Dokuroxy

As far as the villains of the show go, Dokuroxy/Dokurokushe/Dokurokushii’s Dark Magic Organization, at first they seem like simple baddies the Cures must face but give them time and they will become more interesting. Now that is a given for many villain groups in the PreCure franchise but with these a bit more patience is required. Overall they are a decent group and (minor spoiler) while not the only evil organization our heroines will face they are the best. The other more dangerous organization is alright with some members being cooler than others but Dokuroxy and his group are the best. I would even say the battle with Dokuroxy himself is my favorite on the show. Not saying the fights with the other generals are not cool. Some of them are awesome (Ruby Style Cures Vs Gamettsu is my 2nd favorite fight) but the Cures vs Dokuroxy fight is my #1.

Like most other PreCure shows before it MTP is very colorful and pleasant to the eyes with very few slips in animation. The soundtrack is also cheerful with the series’ 1st OP becoming one of my favorite songs in the franchise alongside Suite PreCure’s 1st OP.

Mofurun and Haa staring at the moon

Before we get to the most important part of the review let us talk about the mascot and infant character on the show, Mofurun the teddy bear and Haa the fairy. Not only are they two of the best mascots and infants in the franchise but in my personal opinion, THE BEST! Part of that is because of my bias for bears and fairies but even so they are not only KAWAII TO THE MAX but also very capable and great support for the Cures. They never felt like hindrances and always contributed in combat be it moral support or standing up to large threats giving the Cures enough time to mount a counterattack after being knocked down. Speaking of Haa she is currently the most unique infant character in the franchise. Without spoiling too much there comes a time as the show progresses where some fans’ tolerance of Haa…wavers. While I personally liked Haa from beginning to end, to defend her I will repeat a point I made a bove regarding characters and their purpose and reason. Long story short there is a reason and purpose behind Haa in both what she is and her capabilities. Now whether viewers like said purpose and reason is up to them. Anyway Haa and Mofurun RULE!

Mirai and Riko's unbreakable bond

Mirai and Liko. One of PreCure’s sweetest love stories.

Now on to what most were waiting for, Mirai and Liko’s relationship. For those wondering why I am writing her name Liko and not Riko that is because the correct spelling is revealed in episode 40, Liko’s birthday. Anyway on to MiraLiko. Long story short HibiKana have met their match. Besides MANY lewd hand holding moments between the two that gave birth to BOTH MOFURUN AND HAA, the two shared many, many moments that would make viewers ask the age old question when it comes to shipping potential this powerful, “Is this even subtext anymore?” Mirai X Liko’s relationship is THAT STRONG! Besides the not so subtle symbolism of the two being both Haa and Mofurun’s mothers (Mofurun is Haa’s older sister. Yes Mofurun is a girl.) their need to be close to one another is astronomical. Oh and it can be argued that even Kana gets lucky.

Overall while not having a plot as deep as say Heartcatch or Fresh, Mahou Tsukai PreCure is one of my top 3 entries in the franchise so far alongside Suite and DokiDoki!.The magical girl and wizardy combination won me over instantly, the cast are delightful, the mascot and infant are some of the franchise’s best and the vintage Cure action is as good as always. Highly recommended to PreCure fans and magical girl enthusiasts.

PS: It is also worth mentioning that this particular entry in the franchise’s finale did a lot of unconventional things in regards to “established” rules in the PreCure franchise. Longtime fans can spot what said things are.

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14 Responses to 314th G-View: Mahou Tsukai PreCure!

  1. cirno9fan says:

    “Oh and it can be argued that even Kana gets lucky.”
    There is no argument! She is definitely happily in a relationship. I was amazed at how much she developed throughout the show, from “running gag” to probably one of the most fleshed out normal human characters in the entire series. Maybe only the girl from GoPri beating her out, but she never got the girl, so Kana wins 😛

    I was surprised you didn’t make much mention of how very bold they were with the two final eps. it did result in a lackluster final battle, but also in so many precure “rules” being smashed. Here’s to hoping this isn’t a one time thing, and more Precure aren’t afraid to pull these things.

    Now i am forever going to feel cheated that we didn’t get to see a post Mana conqueror of all world…

    Anyway, I personally thought the show began dragging in the second half, yet still had some great moments throughout (Kana’s episodes especially~)
    I don’t know about it being in my “top three”. It’s a hard one for me.
    And Hummy is still my favorite mascot, but I have a cat bias, so I think it’s just our biases fighting each other xD

    Either way, I will say that was probably the best final episode in a precure ever. If for nothing else, I’ll remember this precure for that. And Kana >.>

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Kana is a boss and I wish her and her girlfriend all the best.

      I’m sure Mana conquered even more lovely ladies after the show ended to the point that she became the first ever lesbian president of a country or even ruler of the world.

      I’m not too familiar with the “established” PreCure multiverse rules but based on the 5 entries I’ve seen so far the ones I did notice were:
      1: The Cures not revealing their secret identities to the Human World.
      2: More than one Cure Team living in the same universe and it being canon and not part of the non-canon All-Star movie series.

      You can tell me which other ones were bypassed.

      Oh yes. I love bears as much as you love cats.


      • cirno9fan says:

        I’m not an all-knowing guru or anything, but pretty certain we’ve never had Precure actually get aged to highschool before. Heck, they could have been past school age. it’s not 100% clear, as Liko became a teacher, so that would imply she was done with school. We know Mirai went to highschool at the least, but considering LIko’s thing, and how it looked seriously like a college when she was at “school”, she was likely college age at that point. Not to mention she didn’t have a school uniform on at that point either. which further makes evidence that she was past the high school age.

        So, not only did we get Precure that AGE…we got adult Precure (possibly)

        And the show didn’t even stop there. what normally is taken care of in the last 10(15?) minutes of the final episode, was given the last 5 minutes of the second to last episode, and an entire episode more. The “final boss” was beaten in the very beginning of the second to last episode. I’m pretty sure that’s also not really been done.

        Final thing I can notice is what you said, in that it did the “baton toss” moment in the actual series, rather than keeping it to All Stars.

        There might be more, but that’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

        It was a pretty revolutionary set of final eps

        Liked by 1 person

      • OG-Man says:

        Okay. Cures that aged and most likely went to college. You are correct about that.

        This final boss jobbing quicker than previous ones. You’re right about that too. Also as you said, even though it lost quickly the fight was still cool while it lasted and we got a life changing epilogue.

        Oh yeah. There WAS technically a “passing of the torch” moment between Mirai and the Kira Kira team captain.

        At least I added the PS in the review to help fans pay attention during the finale.


  2. Rory says:

    With just the Magic World alone I was sold on the concept, but then we got the incredible relationship between Mirai and Liko, the different Styles for combat and Mofurun and Haa. Then on top of that we’ve got characters like Kana and Mayumi, and lets not forget the likes of the headmaster and Liz as well.
    Their story may be finished, but this won’t be the last we’ll be seeing of Cure Miracle and Cure Magical. There’s the upcoming Dream Stars crossover film to look forward to, and they are also ambassadors for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics alongside a handful of other anime characters (including Sailor Moon).

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Very much so. The Magical World was awesome.
      MiraLiko are one of PreCure’s best couples.
      Kana and Mayuri were kind of a surprise couple though very much appreciated..
      The Headmaster and the magic ball are fun. Also his personal arc was most interesting.
      Liz is lovely.
      MiraLiko deserve all the screen time and adulation they can get.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. themarrowbook says:

    MahoPre seemed to be the most yuri-focused season within the franchise.
    Even Suite and DokiDoki hinted at het romance a few times, Mahou had none (except for Mayumi ep.) and Mirai and Liko stayed true to each other throughout the show.
    This year-long build-up surely made the ending all the more touching.

    In my honest opinion, Mahou succeeded in making a MiraLiko story filled with magic and miracles, but it sometimes felt like the Mahou staff were struggling too hard to make the overall plot (as a Precure Series) relevant.

    As you mentioned for Kana, some side-characters eventually got fleshed out in a good way, but others (especially villains) seemed random or irrelevant to the main story of MiraLiko.
    Dokuroxy’s backstory was revealed later in the season, but that still wouldn’t strongly justify the villains’ motive to just randomly appear and fight Precure (except for maybe Gamets).
    Even Precures themselves did not really have strong reasons to fight evil most of the time (again, except for Haa).

    Other plot restrictions include things like when the new Cure was supposed to appear, and when the Cures would get power-ups and stuff.
    These things must have been pre-determined regardless of season, so I sometimes felt the Mahou story is a bit rushed and inconsistent.
    Had the Mahou staff not been constrained by the series’ requirements, they would have taken more time and effort to depict MiraLiko relationship build-up and hardship and joy about raising Haa and so on. Then this could have made the already-amazing ending of Mahou even more epic.
    But then again, merchandise sales and appeal to children are the very factors that sustain the franchise, so I guess they could not ignore all that to concentrate on “Mirai and Liko’s (w/t Mofurun and Haa) slices of life with magical shenanigans”.
    Just as Precures fighting monsters made with unrelated things put together by force, fusion of yuri witches and Magical Girl series formula might have always been a challenge for the staff.

    Negative things aside, I loved Mahou’s character designs and magical events where we can see quite a few interesting character interactions and funny antics.
    The fairies were both cute as well as awesome daughters to the MiraLiko throughout.
    Mofurun and Haa seemed to be so popular with Japanese kids that their toy was last years’ most and second most sold girls’ toys respectively.
    Beginning with 2 cures also helped to build a simple yet strong relationship between them.

    I am hoping that the next season KiraKira Precure a la Mode will be a good one, too.
    Since the coming season has 5 main girls, we might expect deep and complex relationships, totally different from the last season.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      I don’t ask for much when watching PreCure so I usually let narration bumps slide. I imagine for it to have been super amazing the whole show needed to have been set in the Magical World. I dunno.

      I nany case we got a great couple, mascot and infant and the action was solid PreCure goodness so I was more than satisfied.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Dimdom says:

    I’m enjoying this series 😀
    We got the incredible relationship between Mirai and Riko (I prefer to call Riko than Liko).
    I hope KiraKira Precure a la Mode will be a good too.

    Liked by 1 person

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  8. Christian Appel says:

    In the manga, Mirai x Liko have/are in a confirmed romantic relationship as two mothers with Haa-chan as their daughter and Mofurun as big sister.

    There is a bonus chapter where they are kissing – even if it is only for breaking up a curse.

    Kana x Mayumi are also really cute together.


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