280th G-View: Suite PreCure

After covering DokiDoki! PreCure first because it is the most yurirific entry in the franchise to date I figured why not check out the entry with the most yurirific COUPLE in the franchise so far. This time we will be taking a look at the eighth installment in the franchise, Suite PreCure.

Throughout the G-View I will be referencing DD! P due to both entries. It will make more sense as we go along.

Suite Precure

Genres: Action, Magical Girl, Comedy, Slice of Life, Magic, (Yuri)

Themes: Music

Number of episodes: 48+1 Movie. Note: The movie takes place after episodes 36.

G-Rating: 8/10

Plot Summary: The world is threatened by Mephisto, the King of Minor Land, who tries to spread the Melody of Sorrow. Mephisto is after the Legendary Score located in Major Land, in which the Melody of Happiness is written. In order to complete the score and protect the world, new Precure girls stand up to collect the scattered notes of the Melody of Happiness.

Cure Melody, Cure Rhythm and Hummy.jpg

Cure Melody (Hibiki), Hummy and Cure Rhythm (Kanade). The three main heroines.

The reason I brought up DD! P in this review is because both it and Suite share something in common in regards to its storyline. What exactly that is would spoil the big reveal and what happens after so take my word for it. Viewers who see both entries back to back in whichever order will notice a similarity. Having said that, however, the biggest difference between the two is that SP tells a simpler story than DD! P. I did fully notice at first when Rory McAllister told me what made DD! P special but it all made sense after seeing the two back to back. DD! P has an ongoing lore behind it. The Trump Kingdom had a rich history to it that was explored several times throughout DD! P’s run. It played an important role in the story. SP’s narrative is more straightforward. Major Land and Minor Land are merely seen as typical light and dark worlds respectively. They are treated as home bases for their respective sides. Then again there is not much to tell about either kingdom. Major Land is a kingdom filled with joy and harmony expressed through music. Minor Land is a smoggy slum-filled kingdom. Pretty basic stuff. On occasion the Cures visit both kingdoms for specific reasons. There is some lore but it is not as thorough as Trump Kingdom’s. This is not a bad thing though. I simply wanted to explain that SP’s story is more straightforward. The show still has its surprise moments but nothing mind blowing.

Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm vs a Negatone

The Negatones are pretty cool because they have no irises and skeletal limbs and sometimes skulls, making them more intimidating than the Selfish.

Like DD! P and other PreCure shows SP is formulaic for the most part apart from main plot progressing episodes in its episodic structure:

  • The girls are doing something or the baddies are scheming. They tend to mix the order.
  • The baddies (Trio the Minor) concoct a scheme to spread sorrow across Kanon Town (Our heroines’ hometown) and its citizens which usually involves corrupting one or more of the scattered notes into a Negatone (the monsters of the show).
  • Unless the “morphers” are gone, one of the most awesome henshin sequences initiates.
  • Vintage kickass PreCure fight scene usually ending with an over the top super special move. My personal favorite being the “Big Head Attack” because I am easily amused.
  • “Curse you PreCures! We’ll remember this and get you next time!”
  • The day is saved.
Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm bumping into each other

We will get to this in a bit.

The concept remains the same: Cute heroines fighting off silly monsters and their silly generals culminating in an epic final showdown with the super scary big bad. Speaking of silly I consider this the funniest PreCure show I’ve seen by far. To make a comparison, DD! P is like Kiniro Mosaic and SP is like Is The Order a Rabbit?. The former is gayer and the latter is funnier. Most of the characters, especially Hibiki, Cure #3 and Hummy for me had several moments where they made me laugh quite a bit.

Now this being a music themed anime where the struggle between happiness and sorrow revolves around it one would expect its animation and soundtrack to be top notch. In my opinion, SP has one of, if not the best soundtracks in the franchise by far. I tried to watch SP a couple of years ago but for some reason forgot to go back to it. the one thing that stuck out to me however, was its OP. SP has one of my all-time favorite anime OPs. I had it as my ringtone throughout my entire first year of college before I changed it  to Chris’ theme from the first season of Symphogear. I loved the OP then and I still love it now. I mentioned the animation. SP has one of the best henshin sequences I have ever seen. I NEVER skipped the henshin in this one whereas most other magical girl shows I push fast forward after a couple of times seeing the henshin if it is longer than a a minute. So yes, I love SP’s animation and soundtrack very much. Other favorite tunes include Negatone/battle themes and Cure #3’s theme.

Before we get to our main duo let us briefly discuss the cast. Most of the cast are amusing and likable. The villains are extra silly in this entry and said silliness is delightful. They are jerks but their bickering is funny enough to not make them detestable. Plus Trio The Minor’s poor singing voices crack me up every time. Do not get started on King Mephisto. Our heroines’ allies are all entertaining in their own ways, especially one I will bring up in the next section. Oh and Hummy is one awesome mascot. She is an optimistically naive airhead but has her extremely clever moments from time to time. The “double bribe” comes to mind.

NOW we can discuss our heroines. Of course like any other PreCure entry each Cure gets their time in the spotlight in regards to character development and combat. Nowadays it is nearly impossible to avoid when Googling the show but yes there are four Cures in SP instead of two. If I were to rank them from least  to most favorite it would be:

  • #4: Cure #4. She kind of reminded me of the last Cure to join Mana “The Conqueror”s harem but not as entertaining. I found Cure #4 okay at best.
  • #3: Kanade (Cure Rhythm). She is the Luigi of the main duo or the Marty Jannetty to Hibiki’s Shawn Michaels. Kanade is the usually more disciplined of the two unless her younger brother or “boyband crush” are involved.
  • #2: Cure #3. Easily the Cure with the best character arc of the show and the most badass in combat. Also her mannerisms are adorably hilarious.
  • #1: Hibiki (Cure Melody). Yes I picked the “leader” of the team as my favorite Cure of the season. What can I say? She made me laugh most of all and had the most badass moments even though Cure #3’s fighting style is cooler. While Hibiki is a classic “brawns over brains” lovable knucklehead who always fights for women’s rights everywhere she obviously has many great character developing moments which I personally found very touching. Okay it was very difficult picking between Cure #3 and Hibiki in which is my absolute favorite as I like both for similar reasons but in the end Cure Melody won.

Hibiki and Kanade arguingTeam Hell No!

If I were to make a comparison that is not Yuru Yuri related regarding how HibiKana’s relationship started it would be something like Team Hell No! A duo who are an incredible force together but the two have great difficulty agreeing with one another. That is the first arc of SP in a nutshell. Since their Cure power relies on the two being in “harmony” in mind, body and heart, the baddies’ plans revolved around splitting the two up at first. This obviously backfired as HibiKana’s bond grew and grew after each argument until their love was solidified. Speaking of…

Hibiki & Kanade by minatsuki randoseru

These two are standard bearers of girls who bicker a lot but only doing so because deep down they know they will marry each other one day. HibiKana is one of the strongest yuri ships in the PreCure franchise for good reason. While their yuri moments tone down after the “let’s break them up arc”, their love for one another is never questioned whenever it is brought up afterward. Sure Kanade has a “boyband crush” (toned down fangirl crush) but it is quickly forgotten. In fact, there is a moment in an episode where Ouji (source of boyband crush) notices HibiKana’s bond and that pretty much ends Kanade’s crush even if it is brought up once in a blue moon.

By the way, I highly recommend checking out the movie, especially fellow HibiKana supporters.

Overall Suite PreCure was a delightful viewing experience that a “young adult male fan of a show designed for a younger audience” greatly enjoyed. Simply put, readers who dislike those kinds of shows despite their kickass fight scenes or if DokiDoki! PreCure did not sound appealing then SP will most likely do nothing for you. For everyone else who found my DD! P review interesting or enjoy these kind of shows with strong yuri shipping potential then this will be another easy to enjoy show.

PS: If HibiKana for some reason did not go as planned, my backup plan would have been to ship Hibiki with her blue-haired senpai.

PPS: Suite PreCure is one of the few PreCure shows (I think the only one so far) whose movie is part of series canon and not standalone like the other entries’.

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15 Responses to 280th G-View: Suite PreCure

  1. Interesting. This is one of the PreCure shows I was looking forward to watching the most, so I’m glad you enjoyed it. And without a doubt I will ship HibiKana and hopefully enjoy watching it too, especially because of the musical theme. But oh God am I gonna have a hard time not thinking of Symphogear while watching this hahahahhaha.

    But anyway yeah, great report as always, G.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. JimJiminy says:

    Easily top notch of the cure franchise also that first attack choreography is fantastic, too bad i doesn’t last long. And I completely agree with you on the opening and soundtrack, followed by splash, futari wa, or fresh.

    I never actually realized there were arcs, but now it make sense why i do not like the 4th cure, because she pretty much ends the bickering arc by joining the team.

    HibiKana is my #1 pairing of the entire franchise, easily topping mana’s harem due to the fact that they know they are meant to be.

    Really enjoyed reading your view, curious as to which cure season you’ll watch next

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Oh yes. Their super special moves are wonderful. Kickass soundtrack.

      Nah. Her inclusion was not the problem. It’s that she’s not that cool of a Cure in my opinion.

      Good argument. Both have strong appeals.

      You’ll have to wait and see.


  3. drinkie1 says:

    HibiKana is easily one of my fave of the Precure OTP’s also yes Hummy is awesome Nyapu Nyapu i will admit i’m surprised you didn’t mention that a major part of HibiKana’s relationship happened in the movie of course it’s hard to say so without spoiling it.

    Liked by 1 person

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