244th G-View: Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace

Oh how I have long waited for this day. The movie to one of my all time favorite anime had finally been subbed. Question is whether it was worth the wait? Let’s find out as we take a look at the Mouretsu Pirates movie: Abyss of Hyperspace.

Here’s my review of the main show.

165th G-View: Mouretsu Pirates

Moretsu-Pirates movie poster

Alternate Title: Bodacious Space Pirates The Movie: Abyss of Hyperspace

Genres: Adventure, Sci-fi

Themes: Pirates

Running time: 92 minutes

G-Rating: 7/10

Plot Summary: Kanata Mugen is a pretty boy being chased by suspicious mooks because he holds the key to hyperspace travel, which is a valuable asset considering the number of safe hyperspace routes is dwindling. Having received a request to secure Kanata and help him find a relic left behind by his father, Captain Marika and the Bentenmaru crew take the job and are off on yet another cracker jack interstellar adventure filled with the usual perils the crew is used to.

Marika in her new gear and Chiaki

I honestly thought there was greater meaning behind Marika’s new duds but no, she simply wanted a color change.

I expected to have a lot to say about this movie but it’s a straightforward rump that could have easily been a three part arc in the TV show. As for how this latest adventure fares compared to previous ones Captain Marika and her crew have ventured into I would say it was her weakest. Not saying the movie sucked but there were many other cooler missions on the show. Heck the leader of the bad guy team is nowhere near as fabulous as Sparkly Snugglebutt.


Like K-ON! The Movie AoH’s main draw is seeing everyone’s favorite characters come back for one more romp. Yes, seeing my beloved Sasha Staple again brought me absolute joy. The show contains all the classic activities and moments that made the show awesome. Stuff like the Yacht Club’s daily life, a bit of Marika and MILF-tacular “Blaster” Ririka talking like a regular mom-daughter duo, Mami being Mami, Gruier and Grunhilde being fancy (though no ninja princess awesomeness), interstellar traveling complete with pretty colors and CG that does not feel out of place, cybernetic warfare (though much simpler this time, scientific mumbo-jumbo, epic astral dogfights…

Chiaki finally finding her quarry

…and of course Chiaki-chan being tsundere, especially for her dearest Marika. So the content is not the movie’s problem.

Kanata having seen a most magical sight

I do not blame Kanata for being shocked. What he saw was…magical!

It’s more the mission itself. As mentioned the mission revolves around Kanata Mugen and his search for a relic his father left behind that could hold the key to ultimate hyperspace travel. The journey is cool and all but Kanata himself…eh. He’s not a lame new character or anything but rather he reminds me of the one-off characters Naruto helped in the movies and the infamous character developing/filler arcs. He does not contribute much to the overall series and exists solely for the sake of giving the gang something to do. I am not joking. That really is his purpose in the overall scope of the series. Same goes for the trouble making baddies. What I’m saying is he along with his tale are decent at best. The returning veterans are all still awesome.

This movie is best watched in high quality because using some random internet streaming video does not do the more awesome space scenes justice. In fact because of the low quality of the vid I saw this movie on some of the animation felt off compared to the TV series. The soundtrack, like the TV show are still awesome. The show’s excellent OP, Mugen no Ai, is used again and the movie exclusive ED is cool but not as great as Lost Child.


Unfortunately another (personal) flaw is that there is no yuri to be found in the movie. Some glances from Gruier and Chiaki-chan being Tsundere for Marika as always but viewers need to be sharp in order to notice them as they go by quick. Jenny X Lynn? Never have a conversation. Not once. There are pictures referencing the TV show but that’s it.

Overall Abyss of Hyperspace was a decent flick but did not leave much of a lasting impression on yours truly. It is still worth checking out for MP fans, just do not expect anything as epic as one of the TV show’s adventures.

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19 Responses to 244th G-View: Mouretsu Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace

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  2. Rory says:

    Ah, I just watched this. I prefer the TV series as well – this film just didn’t seem to have the same kind of magic.


  3. rishi1998 says:

    I watched it 5 months ago 😛
    With emg subs ofcourse ……
    Well its nice


  4. Ibara says:

    Lag? izzat you? what happened to your paper route?


  5. elkat4 says:

    This movie felt like your average shonen anime movie. Nice little detour, but provides nothing really new to the plot nor is it likely to ever be referenced ever again. Mugen’s personality can be summed up as “I hate my father for (reasons), but I will learn to love him for (reasons) before the story is over”. The villain’s goals were hopeless vague they might as well been “because we’re EVIL!!11” Long story short, it’s worth to be watched once, but not repeatedly.


  6. Star Light says:

    Damn! How on earth am I able forget this wonderful anime! Why! WHY NO ONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS!!!

    @G : Thanks for a review, I shall watch it immediately.


  7. Hanneman says:

    My biggest gripe with this show is the boy. He’s just a little prick. Didnt liked him and we’re beter off without him. But i enjoyed the movie, more because of that draw of seeing everyone’s faces again (specially the characters that i’ve forgotten about). Its one of those cases where the original content was just so amazing that when they release a good entry, it just falls a bit flat. Like Resident Evil Revelations 2.


    • Overlord-G says:

      One of the few male characters in the series I didn’t like, Kanata Mugen.
      Seeing everyone’s favorites again is the movie’s main draw.
      Good comparison.


  8. yurimylove says:

    wait so… that marika x chiaki kiss does NOT happen in the OVA?! rage


  9. K says:

    My brother and I finally got around to seeing this movie. In fact, this was the first thing we watched for the new year. I have to say, the stakes in this movie were not as high as what happened in the series. The villains were quite generic and the ultimate goal of the group that was behind all this was just to make more money than it was already raking in. Kanata’s story was basically him trying to understand his father’s vision and whether he’d follow in his footsteps or not.

    It’s not like it was all bad though. There were some nice stuff like:
    *Seeing the Bentenmaru and Yacht Club crews (and Mami) again, of course!
    *Kanata’s staged kidnapping.
    *Ririka being her awesome self.
    *Chiaki’s stroke of bad luck.
    *Good ol’ electronic warfare. That Marika virus was cool and cute.
    *Grunhilde’s keen interest in Kanata, which led to a nice mystery-solving segment.
    *The combination of the Odette II and Barbarossa.
    *The awakening of the Advaseele.

    All in all, an alright movie, just not as good as the series

    Liked by 1 person

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