217th G-View: Blade and Soul

What I thought it would be was a show similar to Queen’s Blade. Was it? Not exactly. Instead I got something somewhat similar yet not at the same time. This is Blade and Soul.

blade and soul cover

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Themes: Swordplay, Female Warriors

Objectionable Content: Significant.

Number of episodes: 13

G-Rating: 6/10

Plot Summary: Alka is an assassin for the Clan of the Sword. She’s on a journey to find the woman Jin Varrel, who killed her master Hon. Jin is demon-like woman who controls the Energy of Chaos and kills without feeling – not unlike how Alka has learned to kill in her work as an assassin. On her journey, Alka encounters three strange women, each great warriors in their own right, and grapples with her slain master’s wish that she leave the life of an assassin behind. The show is based on an MMORPG series in Asia of the same name. It is supposedly coming to the West around Fall 2014 or so.

B and S’s storyline can be best described as a “Rise, fall and rebirth” of a great warrior. It’s the classic tale of a mission/revenge-focused warrior who only cares about their objective and the bare essentials rather than anyone else or the repercussions of their actions. They eventually learn what it means to live and the consequences of taking away a life. I’m not spoiling anything major as the story pretty much writes itself. The show does make some references to the B and S universe during the next episode preview after the credits but it does not contribute much to the game’s universe.

The show’s main theme is also easy enough to comprehend: Revenge is bad. Aside from the three sexy warrior babes she meets (not befriends) on her journey, she also stumbles upon several, usually, miserable people who have some goal pertaining to getting revenge and it affecting both the upset person and Alka, more the former of course but most of the encounters did slightly affect her over time. Some morals and lessons are also shared aside from the main. Some examples include, “necessary evils”, “selfish justice”, “put the past behind, or else” and and my personal favorite, “beware of chapels in the middle of nowhere”. Good morals when visiting hostile environments.

Alka vs HazukiThe fight scenes were a lot violent than I expected and there was little to no female clothing slowly being torn to shreds. It’s also bloody to the max, not gory though. The kills are pretty brutal.

Next is the amount of fanservice. I bet most scoffed this show off because they dreaded it would be another Queen’s Blade with excessive nudity and titillation. It isn’t really. Other than a few nude scenes, Hazuki’s lack of a proper upper attire and the “traditional” episode 13 (The main story ends at episode 12), the fanservice is surprisingly not as extreme as I thought it’d be.

The animation has a certain style to it that kinda reminds me of the Magna Carta series. I like that game’s style but the gameplay is too slow even for me. The OST is forgettable.

Hazuki's eyesDem eyes.

Little to no humor on this show as it is a serious one but the few thrown in, especially those involving Hazuki (Middle babe) are good for some chuckles. Loana (Purple hair) along with her Pleasure Gang are also mildly amusing. Speaking of the main cast and villains, they’re hit and miss. The trio seen up here are all cool and the villains do their job, especially Jin. As for everyone else, they are who they are and do what needs to be done. Some stay and others leave. Not much else to them besides that. Again the main theme remains the same for many of the side-characters, except Hazuki who’s mainly in it for the gold.

Alka before the haircutAlka’s a pretty cool protagonist even though she only speaks when necessary. She lets her actions speak for themselves. She does not need to monologue about how she’s feeling or thinking, viewers can clearly see what interests her and what does not. She’s neither good or bad. For the most part she’s neutral and primarily cares about her mission objective.

Alka's game faceI also have a thing for Alka’s main facial expression for 80% of the show. It brings me an inexplicable sense of joy whenever I look at her cold, neutral expression. The expression does more than amuse me. It is also symbolic of the show’s unintentional flaw. It is a one trick pony, so to speak. The thing about this show is that while I enjoyed it the first time, I do not see much reason to go back and give it another viewing unless I want to see Jin Varrel again, as she is one of my favorite characters.

Villain sexiness 1Villain Sexiness 2In most shows starring sexy ladies there’s bound to be some yuri goodness to be found and B and S is no different. Now whether it is rewarding or not I will not say to avoid spoilers but I can at least guarantee they occasionally have steamy yuri moments.

Overall Blade and Soul is a decent show that’s worth at least one watch for the curious but little else. Most of the fight scenes are good, the character design and animation style is neat, the main characters are neat but the side-characters are hit and miss and the morals are easy to understand. But again don’t expect anything life changing.

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12 Responses to 217th G-View: Blade and Soul

  1. x says:

    This anime was pretty go and the story was deep in it morals and the last episode was funny.
    There was one episode where Loana ask Hazuki if she was in love with her and she almost said yes now that was awesome.


  2. MR.KLAC says:

    hmm well give finish watch bit decent of sorts yet just hmm to watch.

    besides give 12eps with (ep.13 beach spring random showing on it) overall just whatever showing to watch.

    (yea waiting for summer anime of illya s2 & Momo Kyun Sword to get wake-up call watching)


  3. MarkS00N says:

    It is a bit disappointing to me when they don’t pour their budget to animate many fight scene later in series, I mean episode 2 has a really great fighting scene that set my expectation high for the fight in later episode but it appears I won’t get my hope…

    The story is hit or miss really, like sengoku collection where the good one is really good but the bad one is also there…

    Wish it has more yuri, think it will help the series greatly…

    What i really love about the series is the ending, so much that even in episode I don’t like, I drag myself to watch it just so I can see the ending in the end of episode (somehow I feel there is a different feeling listening the ending alone and when it was as part of an episode, can’t explain it though)…


    • Overlord-G says:

      I’m not geeky enough to complain about animation. Only fight scene that wasn’t good to me was Alka vs Jin 2. The other fights were neat.

      SC is similar to Koihime Musou and since I liked the latter the former’s not-so-good episodes weren’t an issue.

      The fact it had the kind of yuri it did surprised me. I didn’t expect what I got, just mild(er) stuff.

      I’m the opposite most of the time. Never do get people who rate a show based on the ending alone. This show’s ending was pretty good though.


  4. yurimylove says:

    This show was good for some mindless hack-n-slash fun. Every time a named side-character is introduced a death flag is set. Somebody should make a drinking game out of it…

    Overall like you said, worth one viewing for the lulz but not good enough for repeat visits. The little bit of yuri was appreciated by me. I prefer Alka’s long hair look, hence episode 1 was my favorite. The madam is pretty hot too. Last but not least, little Pia performed admirably as the token cute loli :-))


  5. Blade & Soul was fairly enjoyable if not perfect. The focus on revenge throughout was pretty intriguing and I quite enjoyed the action scenes, though most of the cast wasn’t too memorable and the only ones that showed much substance were Alka and Karen, sadly. Overall though, it definitely could’ve been worse and it was at least mildly entertaining for the most part.


    • Overlord-G says:

      That’s a good overall opinion on the show and is nearly identical to my own. Alka and Karen were both pretty cool and I would include Hazuki for myself.


  6. kracen says:

    This is another anime that I started watching long ago, but by episode 11 I dropped it (I know I was 1 episode away from finishing it (as apparently episode 13 is really pointless)), I mean, I liked Alka, more near the start, nearer the end I started to dislike her, and I liked Hazuki throughout, and Karen was just mysterious and interesting, the fights were cool, the ending soundtrack + dance was awesome.
    The reason I dropped it in the end was for 2 reasons, firstly, Alka just lost what I liked about her as she became more ‘normal’ and as I’ve stated in my opinion of other shows, I really like the ‘to the point’ aspergic personality types, and secondly, I just had no idea what was going on anymore, the story and characters were all over the place that I just lost interest and at the end of episode 10 I just thought “I really don’t care how this ends anymore” which for me is one of the most significant things, now, I love my shows that I watch, I never want some of them to end, but I still love seeing how shows I enjoyed end but in the end, I just didn’t care.
    Best thing about this show, was the ending credits song and dance, the song is amazing, and apart from the ‘anime boob physics’ the dance is entrancing.

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