Sono Hanabira 14 News

Just a heads up for readers who anticipate my Hanabira posts exclusively for the love scene preview CGIs. As of this writing, there are currently no CGI images featuring the newest couple making love. I’ll make an update post as soon as they are uploaded to the main site, or when AXYPB reports about them.

Sono Hanabira 14 CoverA Kiss for the Petals Episode 14: Snow White’s Knight.


Sono Hanabira 14 leading ladiesSimilar to episode, episode 14 will be an all-star episode featuring all the other main couples (Med-School Trilogy and Hanahira girls not included) in the series so far and Rena. Team Age-Gap, Rena and The World’s Sexiest Teenage Lesbian Couple are in the game despite not being featured in the main cover.

Impact making sceneHere’s the plot summary taken from the translation found in Petals Garden:

“The month is June – the time when high school girls change into their summer uniforms.

Azumi Risa, who has now moved on to her second year of high school, has been hearing around campus that the new freshmen are bubbling over with excitement over the Best Couples poll.

Risa herself was selected as a Best Couple along with Ayase Miya due to her classmates’ misconceptions, and although she rejected it at the time, the two of them now share a fully mutual love as they spend their passionate days together.

And so, when a new freshman pair is selected, they’re introduced to the second and third year couples.

Aside from Risa and Miya, there are…

Matsubara Yuuna, Chairman of the Environmental Preservation Committee, and her junior, Oda Nanami.

The idol, Kitajima Sara, and her cousin Kitajima Kaede.

The singing sensation of the cultural festival, Kawamura Reo, and her girlfriend, Sawaguchi Mai.

This year’s freshman couple consists of Shirakawa Sayuki (Purple haired girl), a talented scholar and athlete who is being hailed as “The Perfect Lady,” along with Shinozaki Rikka(Aqua blue haired girl), a girl who set a national record in the 100 meter dash shortly after enrolling.

However, when Risa went to greet these two girls, Rikka exclaimed “Risa-nee!” and wrapped her arms around her.

The surrounding students let out a shrill scream and burst into an uproar at the sight of these two sharing a passionate embrace in front of their respective partners!

With the campus rocked by this… scandal?  What will become of Risa and Miya, not to mention Rikka and Sayuki?!”

When breasts collideThis picture makes me sad because it reminds me of the fact that Takako looks better with any all-star other than Runa.

I am also excited that this game will take place in the Summer because as the picture above shows us, the ladies will all be wearing bikinis at some point. HUZZAH! The otaku hive mind can have all their cosplay fetishes but I’m okay with one of the oldest forms of titillation in media. Bikinis, one-piece, G-Strings, BRING ‘EM ON!

Sono Hanabira 14: Snow White’s Knight is currently scheduled for a release date of November 29th, 2013.

PS: This is more of a nitpick but I’m getting a bit tired of having “perfect” protagonists. I’d be more than happy to see a couple where BOTH girls are ordinary.

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6 Responses to Sono Hanabira 14 News

  1. Fancy hat says:

    Im literally counting the minutes for the end of november, anyway OG you cant expect average girls when the setting is a school full of girls with a high status family or with great academic merits or grades, the only average schoolgirl in the whole series is Nanami and Mai to certain extent


    • Overlord-G says:

      True, but I sometimes wish both girls were just smart and had just enough basic skills to survive and not be prodigies. Mai isn’t average because like our new tomboy protagonist, she’s a gifted athlete. Nanami really is the only average girl in the main series. Reo’s kinda average too, despite her social status. I’m not asking for a relationship between two poor people. They can both be rich. I just kinda want a couple where neither one is a prodigy. Regardless, I still love this series.


  2. Lena K. says:

    So many new SonoHana games, this is seriously awesome! Especially because this is an all-star game as well~
    Now if only my Japanese was good enough…


  3. Yuriscout says:

    Again to spread the word and not too sure where else to post it on the site here is a link to a pure yuri harem game with actual gameplay other than picking a choice.
    Hopefully by spreading the word it can encourage someone to make a fan-translation and to show our eastern friends there can never be enough yuri games.


  4. Yuriscout says:
    Another pure yuri game with some RPG elements awesome stuff.


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