How I Manage Shows in the Yuri Anime List

Before I take a week long break, allow me to explain a long overdue process on how exactly I pick which shows to add to the list and in which Grade (1-5).

Girls und Panzer unleashed

First of all, this list is similar to the one from Michirumagazine because that list is what inspired me to create an English version of it, with a few additional tweaks of my own. There are some shows I feel are a bit higher than they are in MM’s list but for the most part, the lists are similar.

Do I listen to my viewers when they request additions, promotions or demotions to the list? Yes. However, their requests have to make sense when compared to the rest of the Yuri Nation’s opinions. I cannot simply change a show’s Grade or add shows on a whim. There is A LOT to take into consideration.

1: Personal views. If I saw the show in question, this plays a role. Otherwise, I’ll take the word of the yuri nation members.

2: The views of my most trusted advisers. There are Nation members who have great experience and knowledge of yuri content. I discuss the content with these advisers.

3: The views of other nation members. I have to look around several yuri sites and forums, separating the reliable comments from the trolls and rants.

4: Compare and contrast. I read the opinions of several of yuri fans, along with my own to determine whether the anime’s yuri content, especially subtext ones, is worth adding to the list, along with its category.

5: Amount of content. Sometimes there are shows, especially in the Grade 3 and 4 categories, where yuri action takes place later on in the show. Jinrui Suitai wa Shimashita or To-Love-Ru, for example. Thankfully, it is rare for a show on the list to take a long time to clarify whether it has any yuri content, subtext or canon.

6: Viewer satisfaction is not guaranteed. People have different opinions. Just because the show has yuri content, does not mean everyone will like it. Rinne no Lagrange for example.

When I say, “My List, My Rules”, these are all the rules I follow.

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7 Responses to How I Manage Shows in the Yuri Anime List

  1. Yurimylove says:

    did… did this AWESOME scene take place in the last episode?! I can’t believe I missed it T^T

    Jokes aside, I think these are very sensible rules.


  2. mutopis says:

    I trust my yuridar to find me yuri.


  3. Gisei says:

    I’ve scouted far an wide and i came across the finest yuri anime series i could find, unfortunately its nothing new to your list OG-sama.


  4. kitsu260 says:

    I like your idea to make your own list, maybe you will take /u/ consideration since is the most popular yuri forum and long discution about show of the seasons.


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