An example of a Yuri Hierarchy

I found this picture in my photographer’s tumblr account and I figured, why not talk about it?


Legends of YuriAlright. Let’s begin with the Rage tier. Girls who are filled with rage while also filling certain viewers with rage as well.

I know Shizuma (Strawberry Panic) and Tomoe (Mai Otome) but the girl in the middle escapes me. Perhaps a nation member can help me understand why the middle girl is possible a controversial character. I personally dislike Shizuma a bit because there is another girl who is more worthy of Nagisa’s heart. Tomoe…yeah…screwball. Hmm, apparently the middle girl is from Code GEASS. No wonder I didn’t recognize her.

Next up, I assume, is the tragic heroine tier. We have the legendary Tomoyo (Cardcaptor Sakura). Labeled a somewhat adorable stalker by one Foxy Lady Ayame, but I cannot help feeling bad for this omega kawaii girl who was simply in love with another girl. Juri Arisuga (Utena TV) is possibly another lady whom fans felt bad for. Ah, Hazuki/Hatsuki (Yamibou). Hoo boy, for those who have the ending…you know Hazuki is definitely a tragic heroine. The same goes for Fumi (Aoi Hana). You know, out of the four girls on this list…I think I feel the saddest for Fumi, especially if viewers have been reading the manga.

To the left of the third column is the rape tier. Chikane (Kannazuki no Miko). I remember the debates of her actions in a certain episode. While I kinda forgive her for what she did (Manly because of the reason she did it, even though there were obviously other options), others understandably have not. Shizuru (Mai-HiME version). I cannot decide whether I would call Shizuru’s motivation to do what she did to Natsuki desperation or lust…or both.

Pedo/Lolicon tier. Haruka (Kanamemo) is definitely not a popular character on her show, especially compared to the excellent pair of Yume and Yuuki. I…kinda cut her some slack…but do not challenge her haters because they have every right to dislike her. As for Nobue (Ichigo Mashimaro), I need to watch her show again. From what I can remember, I don’t think she anywhere near as horny or detestable as Haruka in her crush on a certain blonde and gray haired minor.

Awesome tier. Sei (Maria-Sama ga Miteru). Oh yes. She deserves to be in that tier. Sailor Uranus. I’m not sure who is more badass, her or her girlfriend, Sailor Neptune. I haven’t seen Maria Holic yet so awesome Kanako is…or if she’s even awesome at all. Fans of Maria Holic are free to convince me she is worthy of the awesome tier.

Forgive my lack of knowledge on the girl next to the Immortal Queen Iono in the god tier column. I do not recognize her. She looks like someone from Hayate X Blade. I dunno. As for the Immortal Queen Iono…do I really need to explain why she is god tier?

Of course, there are MANY other lesbians in yuridom who deserve to be ranked as well but this is one image I found from a person who made an example tier list. What do you all of my faithful viewers and visitors think? Agree or disagree with this example tier? You’ve heard my short thoughts, please do share your own.

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14 Responses to An example of a Yuri Hierarchy

  1. Foxy Lady Ayame says:

    I’m watching you, Overlord 😛
    Rage tier is about lesbians full of rage or about lesbians who fill the viewer with rage? not sure I understood


  2. Cytrus says:

    The middle rage character is Nina Einstein (iirc) from Code Geass. While I yuri girl in love with a princess, she is more famous for pleasing herself using a table and designing a weapon of mass destruction used to kill half a city (an interesting combination of feats, in a sense).


  3. Lena K. says:

    Now what does it say about me when I tell you that out of all of them, I like the two “rapists” the most?
    Well Chikane’s reasons for doing this are kind of understandable even though, like you said, there were other options and Shizuru… it’s been a while since I watched Mai Hime but wasn’t she manipulated by the bad guys’ powers?


  4. chokko says:

    Homura from PMMM deserved to be at least in the “;_;” place
    Even though PMMM wasn’t a yuri, we can’t deny that she [spoooooil] was all in love with Madoka.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Ummm, the writer himself pretty much confirmed MadoMura’s relationship can be seen as one of romantic love. Also, this is not my tier list. Anyway, yes, Homura is a tragic lesbian heroine.


  5. mutopis says:

    her name is Ryou (Strawberry Shake Sweet) from the same creator of HayatexBlade:

    I didnt make the list, it came from 4chan, this list really needs to be updated.


  6. Gisei says:

    Why is Nobue in the pedo tier? hmmm


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