Sono Hanabira 13 Update 3(NSFW)

Once again, Unit AXYPB returns with more info regarding the upcoming 13th title in the Sono Hanabira series: Longing for an Angel. Let’s go over them, shall we?

As usual, NSFW warning, since this is a Hanabira game and all. My Facebook friends will scold me for this.

More Ringo and Chiaki

We now know where all the nurses hang out whenever the main couples use the nurse’s office EVERY SINGLE TIME (Except Runa and Takako) to “have fun”. Seriously, it’s like in most debut episodes (I’m not so sure about the sequels), the couples NEED to have one love scene take place in the infirmary. I never did get the appeal of making love in an infirmary…unless the people “having fun” work there.


First of all, here’s a PV vid of Hanabira 13, giving us a sneak peek at the ladies’ uniforms, casual attire, undergarments and…figures.

Next, included in the source link, are voice samples for both ladies so players can hear what they will sound like. Ringo sounds like a typical tsundere while Chiaki sounds like a typical predator/hunter senpai. Basically, the seiyuus match the character designs imo.

Ringo's breasts aren't as small as I thought they'd be, or they are shape-shifting breastsThird, Hanabira 13 will not be the only game to take place in a med school. In fact, it will be a trilogy, with the other two games also having planned 2013 releases. My personal conundrum revolves around whether to label the two upcoming games as episodes 14 and 15 or 13.2 and 13.3? The reason for this is because the 2nd Med School game will feature another new couple. Whether the final chapter will also have a new couple remains to be seen.

Lastly, for Reo Kawamura fans, particularly the seiyuu, Anzu Hana, she will be voicing a new character in chapter two of the Med School trilogy named Satsuki Ishigami. Whether she’ll be the hunter or prey is currently unknown.

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