173rd G-View: Strike Witches: The Movie

Ah, I had long been waiting for this day to come. The day this highly anticipated movie would breceive English subs from a benevolent group of fansubbers. The grand warriors of the sky had been successful enough to receive a cinematic feature. The main question is, was this film conclusion to the “501st Joint Fighter Wing” Saga a flight worth remembering or a sham best left forgotten. Join me as we learn the truth through my words of wisdom in my review of Strike Witches: the Movie.

As usual, a review of the movie’s main series.

54th GView: Strike Witches

Warning: Since this is a sequel to the 2nd season, it’ll obviously contain spoilers of the season finale.

Running Time: 94 minutes
G-Rating: 8/10
Plot Summary: Yoshika Miyafuji which has now lost her witch powers and studies to be a doctor in her family clinic, is proposed with a military scholarship to study overseas. Shizuka Hattori, a new recruit of Fuso witches has the mission to escort her. Meanwhile a new kind of Neuroi appears and proves to be a worthy challenge to the abilities of fighting witches.

Meet Shizuka Hattori (Left), the newcomer and one of the protagonists along with the returning Yoshika. Their relationship is a classic “strict cadet who idolizes the protagonist but then finds out said protagonist isn’t the role model she thought”. In short:

Shizuka: “Officer. Stop fooling around and be more serious”

Yoshika: “Chill out cuz. I can be a badass my way. You don’t always have to follow the rules to protect everyone”.

You can guess how this will end.

Rambo, eat your heart out!

Speaking of Yoshika being a badass, if you watch this movie before checking out the previous two seasons, you won’t understand why Yoshika’s so highly revered by everyone. Despite her rise to greatness being somewhat cliche, it’s still worth checking out before picking up the film. Suffice to say, she more than proves herself worthy of praise.

While there aren’t any obligatory nude scenes, there are obviously other obligatory fanservice shots, especially during the kickass dogfights. Speaking of which…

While the battles between the Witches and the Neuroi are as glorious as ever, the Neuroi menace remains a mystery as nothing is revealed about their reasons for wanting to wipe out humanity. So they’re currently still mysterious alien invaders who probably want to replace mankind with their own race. I’m guessing this question’s answered in the manga but I don’t read the manga, so…still a mystery to me. Point is, the action scenes don’t disappoint, especially the final brawl, which is worthy of this song:

The meat of the show remains the same here; half action and the other half is character interaction. I’m pretty sure that these, alongside the fanservice (which is a minor factor imo) are the main reasons why this series remains popular despite the girls continuously refusing to purchase leg attire. Your show’s successful enough to green light a movie and you still won’t wear pants?

I can’t say much about the animation because both it and the music are the same as in the main series and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

While nation members will be somewha disappointed their favorite couples don’t seal the deal with their lips, they’ll be pleased to know there are indeed some sweet moments between established pairings. Yoshika even gets a new “an” if you know what I mean.

Driver’s licenses are for pussies.

One last thing before I wrap this one up:

In conclusion, similar to the K-ON movie, the SW movie was more of a setup for something bigger in the near future than a conclusion. I have a strong feeling we haven’t seen the last of the 501st Division. Either that, or we’re getting a new division next time…or another movie. Whatever it’ll be, I’m happy the SW anime franchise is far from over. Fans of the series will definitely enjoy seeing old and new faces alike. Fans of the manga will get a treat seeing manga exclusive characters make minor animated debuts. As for the haters, this movie won’t change your mind but as far as I’m concerned, SW remains the 2nd best military moe anime next to Sora no Woto and I’m looking forward to what’s next.

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18 Responses to 173rd G-View: Strike Witches: The Movie

  1. MAR-KLAC-VELOUS says:

    hmm well unless reveal a 3rd tv season?

    it might be give saw both s1 & s2 dub the movie yet to seen it.


  2. SilverFox says:

    I found this series earlier in the year and once I found out there was a movie being made for it, I was thrilled. This is one of the cuter series I’ve seen. I love the animal ears and tails. Loved the movie and I’m crossing my fingers for a 3rd season. Gotta say that Shirley and Lucchini are my fave couple on this one followed by Sanya and Eila. Yoshika and her girl Lynette are adorable too but the other pairs rank higher for me.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Ironic that YoshiNette is your least favorite couple when their big reunion snuggle is your new front page.

      I still can’t see ShirlCchini as more than partners, with Lucchini having a girlfriend somewhere in her home town, or at least the girl wants a piece.

      EilaNya is canon all the way.

      Perrine still wants Mio, though she’s obviously calmed down compared to the 1st season.

      It’s a shame we didn’t get any MioNNa/MINNO in the movie. They’re the most dramatic couple on the show after all.

      Anyway, I want more Yoshika Rambo in season 3…hmm…now that she’s back in action…I doubt we’ll see her drive another jeep anytime soon.


      • SilverFox says:

        Yoshika and Lynette’s reunion in the show was by far the best one even if several of the other girls hasn’t been separated. I had to put up the cuteness of their snuggling. Ill be looking forward to a more badass yoshika as well. I’d also love to see more of the megane owl squad leader that’s in the beginning of the movie. Her name escapes me right now.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I’m guessing that, just like Shizuka, the megane girl is a new member of the squad and not just Yoshika’s replacement, especially since she may have a thing for Minna.


  3. Hourin says:

    manga? what manga? thought they all in Japanese….know where to get the english version?


  4. Lena K. says:

    For some reason Shizuka reminded me a lot of Shizuku (SonoHana). Maybe it was the similar name, the looks or the similar voice and way of talking…And now I think they should also include a new character similar to Eris in the next movie/season.
    That would be awesome!


    • Overlord-G says:

      Shizuka was a noble warrior who was initially upset Rambo Miyafuji for not being a proper soldier and being too reckless. Shizuku kinda yelled at Eris for similar reasons, though Eris is a vampire lady and not a soldier.


  5. yurimylove says:

    awesome movie, great action, a worthy addition to the strike witches franchise. And your review is well-written for it, informative and fair.

    Using the lull between seasons, I caught up with a bit of backlog and just watched this SW movie. The Yoshika x Lynette snuggling was great! Sanya x Eila hand-holding was good too. But you’re right I did wish for just a tiny bit more yuri moments. Anyway, greatly looking forward to the new SW OVAs!


    • Overlord-G says:

      What we got was more than enough to satisfy fans of the series. The OVAs may give us even more yurirific moment.


  6. http://hagino.twbeta.com/yuri-series/yuri-anime/strike-witch-the-movie-anime/#table-of-contents-2

    IF 506 captain 海茵莉凱・塞因・維根斯坦(Heinrike Prinzessin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein) was commanded to lead 501, what will it happen ? In fact, it is not a easy job to lead 501 because 501 have so much trouble makers = =”

    Liked by 1 person

  7. cirno9fan says:

    Just to note: Season 3 was already confirmed. It’s coming after the OVAs. The OVAs are just there to help bridge some things inbetween season 2 and the movie. There IS a season 3 coming. We don’t know who it will be about though. I’m hoping for one last run of the 501st so we can clear up the last of Yoshika’s main plotlines left over, and then move onto a new group.


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