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Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk Review

Note: PS4 review code provided by NIS America. When it comes to Nippon Ichi Software/Studios, one of my all time favorite game companies, there are two “NIS Originals” as I like to call them, that held a special place in … Continue reading

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325th G-View: Little Witch Academia TV

So here we are with a show that started off as “The little show that could”. From a pilot to a special, then Kickstarter and finally a PS4 game. Suffice to say people were really looking forward to a full … Continue reading

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308th G-View: Brave Witches

The Strike Witches had left their mark in the anime world and fans appreciated their contribution to the “Milimoe” genre. Now it is time for a new squadron to take the stage. Did they too make a strong impact? Let … Continue reading

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303rd G-View: Izetta: The Last Witch

An anime that initially grabbed the Nation’s attention thanks mainly to its poster and the first sentences of its summary. The story being set in a fictional World War 2 Question is whether it delivered something magical and captivating or … Continue reading

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297th G-View: Flying Witch

Since the show centers around a large female cast with only a few recurring male characters it fits the criteria of an anime I would review on this blog. Let us take a look at Flying Witch.

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