Yuru Yuri 2.5

I wonder why exactly “TOSHINOU KYOUKO!” wants to steal the spotlight from Akarin? Maybe it has something to do with last week’s rain incident?

Despite TOSHINOU KYOUKO!’s visits to the others’ houses being funny in their own way on her quest to buy batteries for her A/C, the most important part for me, a 2D MILF hunter, is the sight of Mrs Tsohinou.

If anyone can explain to me why this scene involving Akari missing the train her friends are on as Kyouko silently watches her trying to get her to stop the train made me laugh my ass off, let me know. Maybe it has something to do with the holy music.

Other than that, the rest of the sketch has Akari waiting for the next train (missing it), doing stuff, exchanging messages with everyone and fighting a mosquito. She fought a cicada earlier with Kyouko’s help. However, there is one important sighting.,,

Hmm, since Akari shares the same DNA as “Voldemort”, just a few more years Akarin, hang on a little longer.

Aside from the KyoYui fans getting bonus points with this episode, Yui’s sick in bed and has RPG dreams until Kyouko stops by to keep her company.

Next sketch.

The return of one Kaede Himawari, whose legendary lecture on the state of society last season filled my heart with joy, is indeed worthy of celebration. Bonus points for the tsundere lovers with Sakurako seeking Himawari’s warmth.

Seriously, her return and attempt to help Sakurako with her “problem” are far more important than the lack of Mute Prez keeping her promise from last week or HimaSaku spending the afternoon stalking.harassing Akarin.

Next week it’s back to comicon for more cosplaying goodness.

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18 Responses to Yuru Yuri 2.5

  1. ArcaJ says:

    Several anime come to mind with that train scene reference. Chief among them, the Galaxy Express 999 motion picture version. It’s kind of an old meme with a heroine chasing after her “true love’s” train for a final goodbye.

    Loved the extended time with Akarin. Though this does highlight the problem that she doesn’t have an established love interest. The prospects aren’t very promising:

    There’s Sakurako, who seems to enjoy teasing her when she’s not taking advantage.

    Chitose WAS a contender, but it looks like Chizuru has her all locked up ^_^

    That only leaves Akane-neechan (A.K.A. the Dark One) who I don’t like thinking about. I wouldn’t mind her so much if it was mutual (and not rape-y), but Namori-sensei seems to love making Akari suffer.


    Arca Jeth


    • Overlord-G says:

      I’m beginning to wonder whether you picked up a lot of old school anime or you’re over 30 years old. I’m just saying since you pick up many old school memes.

      Hmm, Sakurako’s more in love with Himawari and just loves to tease Akari due to how adorably naive she is, but you already know that.

      Chitose has to choose between Chizuru and Ayano but she’s leaving her personal feelings aside for Ayano’s sake.

      As for Akane…the yuripocalypse is coming. That is all.


  2. Sad to say, but that extended segment with Akari was dull as all hell. Really shows that without a supporting cadre, she’s a dull character. Also…you spelled the “Toshinou” in “Mrs. Toshinou” wrong.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I’m used to SoL so I like Akarin so I didn’t mind her solo segment. You may have noticed by now it takes something really bad or dull to piss me off. As for my misspelling, it matters not. You know who I’m talking about.


  3. ArcaJ says:

    Akarin really is cute on her own, but she’s a lot more fun with others to play off of. Kind of like Morita Mayu-san. (LOVE) I wonder how she’d get along with Rise.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Ah yes, the Iono-sama 2011 award winner and the title Akarin’s competing for this year. Will she win it? She has some tough competition in the form of a certain capitan. A meeting between Akari and Mute Prez would be epic.


  4. MAR-KLAC-VELOUS says:

    this week & you’re welcome

    yui doing the akarin saying with mask.

    Toshinou Kyouko getting burn cause of heat so find any cold air con with search of battery of til got wrong battery.

    akari miss train random doing & message update still miss another train oh mention of wanting to water slide with “her” only when voice is spoken.

    yui get cold with rpg game with invisible akarin is very effective & many heads of Toshinou Kyouko cue her with dog mask & food game time.

    himawari-sakurako part oh with Himawari’s younger sister back again want help sakurako & poor akari again from being run from those piegon attack blame it on sakurako.


  5. SilverFox says:

    I enjoyed watching Akari’s solo segment. It was fun and cute to watch. Her fear of bugs is pretty funny, although I’d probably freak out as much as she did with the cicada if it landed in my hair ><.

    The mask segment at the beginning had me laughing from the start and they even referenced her disappearing power in this episode as well when Yui had the RPG dream. Sakurako and Himawari are getting a bit more air time this season it looks like so hopefully *crosses fingers* we get to see them a lot more. They make a cute couple. I do hope they put Kaede in a little more simply because she's an adorable character.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Akari is adorable. Only those who want more than sliced bread could hate segments with little happening. I’m used to this kind of stuff so it was glorious. Big bugs in a girl’s hair definitely calls for a code red.

      The writers want to make up for HimaSaku’s lack of screen time last season. Kaede’s love.


      • SilverFox says:

        I love the slice of life genre myself. I enjoy others as well but SoL tops my list. At least we got more of a look at Akari when she spends her time away from her group of friends and that in itself is fun. I was disappointed that we didn’t see pres or dr boom boom this episode like last weeks preview gave us hopes for. Here’s hoping for next week!


    • Overlord-G says:

      Well said milady. The show is somehow trying to show us what everyone’s like on their own and I like that.
      More Doc and Prez action would be nice but whether we’ll get it is yet unknown.


  6. Kai says:

    Akarin’s always seem to fade away in the background D:


  7. Stevie Nix says:

    No Rise and Nana this week, but we got some more sweet Kyouko/Yui. I always found it interesting that when they are alone, Kyouko is a lot sweeter towards Yui.

    Heh, Looks like Sakurako already has a key to Himawari’s place. The next stage is them actually living together.


    • Overlord-G says:

      It doesn’t really matter to you who gets paired with who, does it? Then again, I like that. Also it helps that Kyouko and Yui are BFFs so of course when they’re alone they’re on better terms with each other.

      Hmm, if HimaSaku weren’t both tsunderes, would they be making love by now? How old are all the show’s girls?


  8. Rincewind says:

    I love more and more Yuru Yuri with each episode. ^_^

    Akari is cute beyond words. Seriously. Her “waiiiii” is heart melting!!
    Loved her solo segment.
    And her being the universe buttmonkey never gets old. Being Akarin is suffering, and we all love her because that.

    And Kaede’s return. This episode was cuteness OVERLOADED. She’s a cute and good imouto!

    Of course, a good dose of Himasaku is ALWAYS welcomed. I just love this pairing, my favorite pairing by far. Second comes AyanoxTOSHINO KYOUKO!!!

    Wainting warmly for subs in my first language for the next episode.


    • Overlord-G says:

      You can never have too much Yuru Yuri.

      Akari rules both when she’s happy and when suffering.

      Kaede is the best imouto imo. I mean youngest imouto.

      This should make what I’m planning this Winter very interesting.

      Hope your native subs are as dedicated as the English ones.


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