Tari Tari episode 5: I dislike Poo Poo

I am known as a man who is rarely infuriated by fictional characters outside of hetero harem anime. I didn;t mind Medaka Kurokami’s “Mary-Sue” ness nor does Binbougami-ga’s attempts to write Ichiko Sakura as a sympathetic, lonely spoiled brat bother me. However, when a girl does something so disgusting, so vile, so retarded that it’s enough to make my blood boil with rage, I cannot hold back. The reason why I gave Wakana the nickname Poo Poo (Bluntly meaning S”’)

The worst part is that teens like Poo Poo here exist in real life.


Let’s first get some parts I did like. I didn’t pay attention when they said Shiho is Matutu’s mom and not her older sister. Oh well, she’s a voluptuous adult woman and me likey her before learning of her occupation as an adventurous MILF. A picture of grumpy-vice principal next to Poo Poo’s mom was also nice.

Seeing Bob in action on the badminton court was also pretty cool. He made it to the top 8. Not bad at all. Also Matutu and Polka’s rally dance was awesome. I wonder what the language Enrique spoke with the person he gave a Power Ranger doll to was?

Okay, time to get angry. This episode contrary to what others will tell you is primarily meant for you to sympathize with PP’s mom and not PP herself. FUCK PP! Obviously this episode’s message is to show us  that some people don’t really start appreciating a special person till it’s too late. I don’t know, nor care what kind of exam PP was studying for but it’s NOT so important to ignore your mama when she’s sick,



What’s that Cocksucker? You think getting rid of old mementos that remind you of your past will make the pain go away? BZZZT! You know what? you’re not even worth raping ya fucking ho.

I’m sorry father person, but I can’t blame that worthless asswipe daughter of yours for this one. I too tend to hide my worries or pain from my parents to not make them worry…only to eventually have it backfire on me. You got lucky shitbrick.

So that’s really it. Caca considered her mom’s illness a bother and didn’t want to be annoyed by it, believing her mom would survive as she worked hard on exams. Fuck you Poo Poo. I don’t care that it was out of Poo Poo’s hands, what pisses me off is she didn’t support her mom at all.

I want to see her deservedly suffer some more next week because frankly I don’t care if she ever joins the choir to sing…but she will because her friends and the letter will probably snap her back to reality or something.

Snippy, Redneck. Don’t even bother trying to convince me to understand or feel sorry for Poo Poo.

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13 Responses to Tari Tari episode 5: I dislike Poo Poo

  1. Dude…I totally agree! The way she acted was inexcusably rude. You don’t treat your mom like that, especially when she’s just trying to be nice.


  2. SilverFox says:

    The way a child her age acted towards her mother when she was trying to cheer her up or just spend time with her is ridiculous. This episode didn’t make me feel any sympathy for her except for her cat going missing. I felt sorry for her mom that her daughter acted like that towards her. Her father also didn’t help any by not doing anything to explain things to Poopoo. Hell he didn’t even act against giving away the piano, he’s more spineless than i thought.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Very good miss Foxy. I didn’t pay attention to papa’s cowardice. He should have definitely showed his daughter what for. He should’ve know getting rid of mama’s stuff wouldn’t solve squat. Ah yes, /i forgot to mention the poor kitty that ALSO deserves more sympathy than that brat.
      If anyone deserves a reality check spanking it’s Poo Poo. I bet that based on Polka screaming Poo Poo’s name in the preview, I wouldn’t be surprised Poo Poo’s planning to commit suicide. She’s retarded enough to do it.


      • SilverFox says:

        Let’s hope it’s not a suicide attempt. That gets old fast and it won’t serve to make me feel sorry for her. Now if she’s being yelled at for doing something ridiculous to rescue her cat she may increase her severe point loss with me, mostly because I’m a huge animal lover and cats are my favorite. I’d rather get more of a background on the other characters than more poopoo.


    • Overlord-G says:

      We demand more Matutu spanking Polka’s tooshie.


  3. lostty says:

    Usually when it comes to sad episodes like these, it’s supposed to help you sympathize with the main characters, but as you mentioned, in this case all it did was make us love the mother and really dislike “poopoo”. A deserving name….


    • Overlord-G says:

      At first, I gave her that nickname because I predicted she would be part of a love triangle with Enrique and Bob (Please don’t have Matutu and Bob go steady) and the fact she’d be the main focus of the obligatory sad episode. However, after this episode, she fully deserves the nickname and my eternal scorn. I can’t wait to see how the writers will attempt to make us forgive her this Sunday. I doubt it’ll work but if it makes the sadness go away, then fine. PP’s mom deserved better damn it.


  4. I was also annoyed by her cold attitude towards her mom. Now that it’s too late she’s feeling regret and getting rid of what little mementos she has? Not cool. It’s all going to backfire in her face and she’s going to go nucking futs. Then she’ll be all happy and singing again after it’s all said and done..


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  6. SnippetTee says:

    Haha, so you’re really mad with PooPoo and I think you’re being so harsh to her.

    I agree that she’s kind of a douche baggery daughter. But regardless, I actually sympathize her when she started regretting her mean attitude towards her mom. Also, I don’t think she’s as mean as Minchi so Wakana, for me, is better.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I don’t wish death upon Poo Poo. However, I don’t pity her either. Of course she feels bad afterward. That’s the episode’s moral, you don’t realize how lucky you are until it’s too late, which is exactly what happened to Poo Poo.

      The fact she’s nowhere near as mean or annoying as Minchi is her one and only positive trait.


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