OG’s reflections on animanga blogs

It’s been a while since I’ve followed a carnival, but the following one intrigued me a bit. As usual, don’t expect me to go into too much detail on topics I’m not used to doing.

So, to follow the reflections of the resident “Mental chef” Marina-chan and the instigator of the latest carnival here are my reflections on animanga blogs I frequent.

What do you like to read and why? (reviews, commentaries, editorials)

If you’re watching some of the same shows I am or have similar interests, I’ll check out what you have to say about them: meaning reviews and commentaries. As for editorials, yeah, I’ll read your most recent period of enlightenment but whether I can reply back or not depends on what the episode or show supposedly taught you about life. In short, editorials are so-so in my book. Heck, the last time I wrote something remotely thought provoking ended up being a rant on how much I can’t stand teenagers or young adults who disrespect their parents (especially REALLY NICE PARENTS) and don’t appreciate what they have until it’s gone. Now if the parents were scum on the other hand…Anyway, you get the point. Tari Tari episode 5

What do you do when you stumble across a new blog?

Check out your posts in the front page. After that I’ll read your “About” page to find out what you’re like and stuff. I don’t evaluate other bloggers’ writing progress since I’m constantly trying to improve my own. Again, similar interests and you have my attention. I’ll check your categories afterward to see what else you got.

So Front page>About>Other categories...and I guess your blogroll.

Why does this woman remind me of Yuru Yuri’s “dark one”, Akane?

What must a good animanga blog have and do?

Hoo boy. Me giving advice on how a blog should look like. Pffft. Okay.

Don’t be fake and answer based on who you really are.

Basically just be yourself and when replying to other comments, don’t sound like a goof when you’re not. If you’re going to reply to someone, be frank with them and not waste their time with comments that make little sense or aren’t remotely amusing.


You don’t have to be a master of your local language (For me it’s either Papiamento(u), Spanish, Dutch or English) when how the posts look is where it’s at. If you’re going to write a long text, make sure what you’re talking about is relevant and consistent. Don’t bore your readers to tears.

-Next,use pictures related to the topic when you want to make a comment about it or just to make the post cuter. There’s a reason why Harry Potter books sold well despite having Great Wall of China loads of text (Besides the plot, setting and characters). Also, make sure where you post the pics. I usually post them above new paragraphs.

-I’m not much of a tag person when it comes to episodic posts but they, along with categories and widget setup are very important. You have to give your new readers a “table of contents” to entice them into venturing deeper inside your den of gas house gorillas.

-Stick to your target audience.

You can’t please everyone but if you can please frequent visitors, you’re on the right track. I had to learn that the hard way after a shameful self pity/blog purpose reflection post I care not link. Right now I know who my readers are and I do my best to amuse them. If I intrigue others, lucky me. Same goes for all of you.

Promote via interaction.

This one is self explanatory. You want to be noticed or find other people with similar interests across the aniblogosphere? Visit the blogs of those who comment (If they have one), share your thoughts with them and you may just get a new fan or become one of theirs.

What blogging behaviors annoy me?

Although I’m a conformist and relatively easygoing, there is ONE. However, it’s best not to mention what that “ONE” is.
Oh yeah, I thought there wasn’t anything that annoyed me but this is mostly towards visitors. If you have something to say, make sure it’s longer than one word or actually has meaning. Yes I mentioned this earlier but it bears repeating. I REALLY can’t stand comments that don’t explain why they like or dislike something, whether it’s a show or me.

I guess “stick to your own guns” and “don’t be a showoff” are also good tips to follow.

Here are what other bloggers’ reflections.


The Kotatsu



Traveler on Revenge

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Justin Timberwolf


About OG-Man

Yuri and Slice of Life are my anime passion.
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30 Responses to OG’s reflections on animanga blogs

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  2. Justin says:

    “Oh yeah, I thought there wasn’t anything that annoyed me but this is mostly towards visitors. If you have something to say, make sure it’s longer than one word or actually has meaning.”

    H-hey! This is mainly for animanga blogs this has no relevance Yeah, I used to be one of those people. I still am, except I usually have one liners or emoticons for posts with the sole intention of trolling or just a waste of space. Other types of posts, I try and find something to either take to task with, agree with, or discuss an element the author didn’t make himself.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I do admit I can sometimes get carried away and lash out a one liner or two. No emoticons though (I loathe them). Anyway, I sometimes contradict myself in my own posts, which of course proves my humanity. We are all flawed after all.


  3. AceRailgun says:

    Your comment about comments was my favorite comment 😛 But I’ll get a bit serious if that’s even possible. I totally agree with you on that point. It’s frustrating when someone, especially someone new disagrees with something you’ve said but doesn’t explain why. The only other thing that annoys me and probably everyone is when someone comments about something sarcastic you’ve said or an “idea” you’ve had and says it’s wrong without justification. Maybe sarcasm is something most people don’t notice in writing but then again I notice whenever you are or aren’t being serious.

    Anyway good answers. 🙂


  4. Marina says:

    It’s definitely important to be genuine, especially with your readers. Sometimes I can just feel the fake just blinding me through my screen! This also goes hand in hand with trying to please everyone. It’s impossible, but sometimes people can’t seem to help themselves, especially when a loyal reader base has yet to be established.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Thankfully both of us managed to solve that problem long ago. We both know who our most loyal readers are and what they expect from us so let’s give them more Food (on your side) and witty dialogue (Me. Oh goh, typing that about myself was so sad, I had to laugh,) babeh!


  5. Thanks for the contribution! For your remark on comments, I express my understanding, but more so when the comment is one of dislike. When it’s a comment agreeing with what being said, it’s not always posiible or it’s even without purpose to repeat the words of the blogger. I appreciate just the fac that they commented.

    P.S.: Please refrain from getting out of topic. I’d like you to remove the lines about the Persona4 game. Thanks in advance. I’ll make sure I update the rules. It was a short-coming of mine that I didn’t include warnings. I guess I’m still learning.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Some people do repeat positive remarks the writers themselves made. A few of my fans for example, repeat some episode highlights I already pointed out in the post but that’s fine by me. It means they saw the episode too.
      So yeah, like you, I appreciate the fact they stopped by to comment.

      Alright, removed.


  6. SnippetTee says:

    Nice points. For me personally, I like reading your blog and enjoy commenting because I can sense that you’re really genuine. This is one of those blogs that I think I can openly say anything without worrying if I might offend the author. Plus of course I know how much you love being part and promoting the yuri nation in a crazy but fun loving way.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I love yuri and want to show my loyalty to the nation in my own way, just like you do from time to time if a show you like happens to contain yuri content or potential.

      I look forward to reading what you look at when checking out other blogs and what you think makes a great animanga blog.

      Despite your blog obviously being an editorial one, what I enjoy about yours is that what you notice in several shows aren’t unnecessarily complicated. You don’t talk about life issues too often unless necessary and focus on infrastructure or character traits. In short, your editorials are easy to understand and make sense in the grand scheme of the shows’ settings.


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  9. Kai says:

    Being genuine to your readers is certainly important. Be honest and genuine to when replying comments, and believe in your own ideals you feel about a particular aspect. If the opposing party is an agreerer, nice, but if he is a disagreerer, that would certainly instill discussion and debates. Foods for thoughts is ftw.

    Besides, anyone who is a fan of yuri is in instant comrade to me!


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  12. Since I have no intentions of joining any carnival ever, (because I’m an anti-social idiot), I’ll just drop my thoughts on animanga blogs here. I’ll read anything that catches my eye but I do intentionally skip posts having to do with episodes of anime or volumes of manga I haven’t watched/read because I loathe being spoiled on what’s going to happen in them (especially of my own free will) so I proceed with caution. I love seeing diversity in posts on blogs, and though I irregularly stumble upon blogs I try and hunt through posts and not ignore things that haven’t been posted just recently. I’m really not picky when reading others blogs, I respect each person’s individual style of writing and format of posting. I do get annoyed once in a while when people act ignorant and “high and mighty” or “better than everyone else”, but that’s often the case in comments (whether it be in their own blog or other people’s blogs). To put it bluntly, I like people who are confident and energetic in their posting and content, but not people who act like their word is law.


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  16. Subarashikun says:

    Basically OG I like your blog’s theme from back then and now. The pro-YURI and Anti-dokuro-chan Theme 😀


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