64th G-View: ECCHIMANIA episode 4: Kampfer

Hello and welcome to G-Views, where SoL reigns supreme, moe is respected and Dokuro-chan sucks poopie. I’ve often wondered if the Japanese have some kind of fascination with gender-bending. nothing wrong with it since we got some great shows like Ranam 1/2 and Maze. Will this next one actually be good  or a pile of monkey dung? Get your glowing armbands ready, as we take a look at Kampfer, the next Ecchimania review.

Genres: action, comedy, romance
Themes: ecchi, gender switch, girls with guns, girls with guns, harem, yuri
Number of episodes: 12
G-Rating: 6/10

Here’s my problem with the plot and pace of the show: It doesn’t go anywhere. Dear me, if you’re expecting an action packed show filled with ecchi goodness and a decent story…well, you’ll obviously get the ecchi part. The action scenes are decent, but they later far and few, ranging from average to just plain anticlimactic and lame. I’m not going to spoil a lot, but let’s just say that once you learn thee origin of the Kampfer’s powers, it is one of the most far-fetched, out of place, rushed and nonsensical BS I’ve ever heard. IT MAKES NO SENSE! As far as anime plots go, THAT’S SAYING A LOT!

Music: Some steamy tunes here and there, but the rest is forgettable and kinda lacking. The OP is the only one worth mentioning. The ED…it’s okay I guess.

Animation: Well, the girls are hot.

Characters: And now for my peeps’ favorite part of the Nega G-Views, me ranting about the male lead. Today’s victim, Natsuru Senou.
Where do I begin with this piece of crap of a man? This guy has the common sense of a dust bunny. He’s a moronic fool who takes at least a week before he can put two and two together. Don’t tell me that his stupidity is understandable and can be related to a real life person, because this guy is a joke of a man. This reject is like a hernia in my lower region that has consistently plagued my sanity for 11 episodes, which felt like 11 weeks. I’d like totake the runt to the back of a wood chipper and slice his skull in half and replace his brain with either the HAL 9000, GLAdOS or SHODAN. No wait, they’re all too badass for his puny cranium to withstand. Ah forget it, you all get the point.
At least his Kampfer form is worth drooling over I suppose and she’s worthy of yuri praise I guess. Wish she used her Fire power more often.

Most of the other characters, including some villains are nothing special and forgettable.

Akane is too desperate to be pitied and her Kampfer form has a split personality that becomes dull and boring pretty quick. Sure she uses guns, which is cool, but it’s her personality (Kampfer form) that bored me as the show progressed.

Mikoto Kondo is an attempt at a spunky tomboy, but she tries way too hard to be interesting and just comes out looking pitiful. However, I admit that Kampfer Mikoto is the coolest looking of the heroines. After all, her weapon is a katana and who doesn’t like katanas.

Actually both are pitiful to be honest.

Do you all want to know who the mascot/adviser characters for the heroines are? Do you? Well…entrails animals. Basically stuffed animals with their entrails coming out of their bodies or the animal in a painful predicament. The ONLY one who is actually amusing and somewhat funny is “The Choking Stray Dog”. Mikoto’s animal.

If I sound like all the characters are lame, you’re wrong, for there are two ladies who are basically the saving grace of this program. they are Shizuku and Kaede.

Kaede Sakura.

Ah, a true Heroine and savior. KS’ existence is like a bliss to my heart. I have absolutely no complaints about this character. Basically the hottest girl on the show. Why aren’t I describing her much deeper? That’s a special secret that is revealed later on the show.

Shizuku Sangou.

If Kaede isn’t to your tastes, then Shizuku will most certainly fit the bill. She’s easily the most badass of the heroines and her personality is just too amusing. Cynical, soft spoken, seductive in tone, a genius, calm yet deadly. Yup, definitely a babe worth keeping an eye on. Of all the goofballs who want a piece of doofus meat, she’s the one who actually has merits.
Mmmmm, chained hooks. nice.

For those of you who are just looking for a harem anime you will tell me that my complaints are meaningless as long as the characters are lovable. Doods, this show even fails as a harem. I cannot fathom how any of these good looking women could even be fascinated by this DOORMAT of a man! Look, in other harem anime, they have plausible excuses to have the girls fall for the guy, this one on the other hand….when you watch it, the excuses are downright pathetic. They make me want to puke.

Lastly, I think I kinda understand where they planned to go with this. If they plan to make a sequel and greatly improve the main plot and disregard the BS revelation, then maybe the sequel has a chance of working. I’m guessing that they intentionally made this show lacking because they plan to add more to a sequel, should one be made. This could have worked…if the content of this season wasn’t as lackluster as it already is! My point being that they added too little important content and instead focused on a retarded harem formation.

In conclusion: This show sucks, yet has both Kaede and Shizuku. I’d say that to those who are interested, watch it just for those two. Basically the anime isn’t terrible, I just wouldn’t recommend it.

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22 Responses to 64th G-View: ECCHIMANIA episode 4: Kampfer

  1. Yi says:

    “Animation: Well, the girls are hot.”
    This made me chuckle. ^ ^
    Shizuku’s the kind of girl I love to watch, but I don’t think that’s enough to get me to enjoy Kampfer.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I wouldn’t blame you for ignoring this show. Not even the lovely duo of Kaede and Shizuku are enough to keep you from hitting the monitor out of pure rage due to Natsuru’s complete lack of manliness.


  2. Subarashikun says:

    Not to be rude here but I like Kampfer, not because of the harem the story and the action and the times when a certain character is about to find out he’s turning into a girl or he is the girl it is quite thrilling.


  3. Kaan says:

    I like this serie .. Especially , i like Shizuku..and her voice.. i think that the story is powerfull ,but action and ecchi are not enough.. there should be more.. there is especially pure love between girl-girl and girl-boy relationship.. i wants see new episodes of this serie, this is no lie , characters are success .. and story is powerfull, but..i need more action .. most important thing is.. the story not ended.. natsuru is buying new bra to herself 😛 perfect end :)))) bullshit..


  4. Kaan says:

    I do not think also .., but .. The only thing that is missing in the serie is the move .. if the action is added, such as moderators, etc. …more serious wars, etc. .. will be successful .. and a brilliant and more sexy natsuru. and others…mayve more powers.. classic sense of anime series..u know.. and love again.. maybe a longtime anime movie..or second season.. i mean..i hope :/ i really like this serie.. ( i have to sleep now.. the sun will rise.. go on later..bye )


  5. Kaan says:

    yes , guy natsuru is very frustrating … he had not brain.. natsuru should be woman in the serie.. and yes,serie could have been better.. but still want second season .puff :/


  6. Seigen says:

    Aw yes, finally I read a review about Kampfer that says good things about Kaede!!! I love her to bits and I totally agree that she is goddamn hot!! Don’t get why other people who watches this show says she suck so much. Damn.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Because they’re probably loser homophobes whose manliness was threatened by Kaede’s supreme yurilicious two-faced, brainwashed heart.


      • Xaihafire says:

        Dunno about your types man but (kampfer) Akane was the thing for me, she’s half the reason I kept watching the show. The show isn’t all too impressive, the art was a wowser but they didn’t have their priorities straight. If it was going to be half season, add more action and less goofing off. The romance… meh, the seduction, HELL YEAH. I don’t Hate Kaede now or anything, but I’m just more into tsundere’s who’re more Tsun than Dere. If you know what I mean (which I assume you don’t) Tsundere’s are better than… two faced bitches? I mean sure she was cute but… Akane over Kaede any day.


      • Overlord-G says:

        Kampfer Kaede made me want to kill someone while regular Kaede’s pathetic. Her only shining moments were the kissing scenes with Mikoto and Shizuku.


  7. Female Natsuru is the only thing good about this anime. says:

    This anime sucked but not mainly because of all the reasons you already stated. Yes I agree with ALL of the bad points you pointed out, but they aren’t the worst thing about this anime. No the worst thing is that it didn’t make proper use of the material it had.

    Its a GENDERSWAP anime!! What’s the point of having your male lead change gender of you don’t make an issue out of it? Since the girls mainly seemed interested in Natsuru as a female anyway, wouldn’t it have made more sense and been better if Natsuru had been a female that begin with?

    But since there was a genderbender aspect to it they NEED to make proper use of it. No matter what sexual orientation the characters have, a show like this need an equal amount of male characters… and not just background characters. As is we don’t even see ANY parents or teachers… and the show stupidly enough has the school SPLIT between female and male classes?? wtf is that??? Why was that even used? In order for a male character such as Natsuru to have ANY chance at getting some manly points he needs some damn male rivals!! preferably ones that are much manlier than himself (an easy thing to achieve)… not only would this provide us with some real love rivalry but it would also allow us to force Natsuru to become the victim of unwanted male love interests…

    Indeed, a genderswap story is WASTED if there isn’t at least one credible male love interest for “faux” girl to end up with.

    Now even if this was supposed to be a “yuri” love anime, whjat they never seem to realize is that a yuri story is only cute if there are male characters there as well. A yuri story where ALL the characters are female and EVERYONE and their mother are a lesbian simply makes it a poor version of a hetero story.

    So in conclusion you mentioned that Kaeda and Shizuka are the only reasons to watch the show… but I don’t agree with you at all on this one. Shizuka is a booring lackluster character that we have seen BETTER versions of in better anime. Her character simply tries to hard at being the cool aloof sexually aggressive “neesan”. As for Kaede… well I like the real her, we don’t see that until the manga is almost over though.

    No, the only reason to watch this pile of crap is because of Natsuru. While I sorely wish there were some real male leads for her to be sexually hit on by, her character design is really good. Sure she is an idiot, but while her male version comes off as being totally useless… her female self comes off as a silly idiot girl that you could probably trick into posing as a gravur model if you gave her candy.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Alright. Let’s see how I can reply to this.

      First of all, I’m not as big of a fan of the gender-bending genre as you probably are. I have yet to pick up Kokoro Connect. After watching 3 episodes, I knew right there I wasn’t going to take the show’s plot seriously and decided to focus on the fanservice instead, which I believe it delivered.

      While I applaud your suggestions on how the show could have been better, you must realize that this show is no Ranma 1/2. It’s primarily a harem and you know exactly who the target audience is, otakus who enjoy seeing loser guys get girls to drool over him for no discernible reason.

      I do agree Natsuru should have been a girl from the start but for the sake of the “plot”, it had to originally be a dude. The least the show could have done was explain why he could turn into a girl.

      Kaede and Shizuku are my favorite characters for their sex appeal and sexual advances. Sorry I didn’t make that clear. Their personalities come 2nd. Dark Kaede has a lesbian entourage to engage in orgies with, which earns her major bonus points. Shizuku’s quite the flirt.

      As for your argument on yuri shows requiring some male characters to be good…that depends on what you want from your yuri.

      Like I said, Femmesuru’s hot and a chick magnet but Mansuru annoyed me too much for me to give a damn.

      I eventually realized that despite not being good, this show has become a guilty pleasure of mine. Watching Kaede’s attempts at getting inside Femmesuru’s skirt and Shizuku’s seductiveness still amuses me.

      P.S.: I forgot to mention that this show failed to be a proper “manga lure” because it gave me no interest in picking up the manga to find all the answers to the questions the anime created.


  8. Awesomepants!!! says:

    Dude, if you had Elevandy billion girls fawning over you, and most of those girls had super lethal weapons on them, you wouldn’t be able to think strait. Natsuru’s not dumb, he’s scared, he can’t think strait.
    And Kaede and Shizuku are you’re favorite characters? KAEDE AND SHIZUKU! Those two are the main VILLAINS. I prefer Natsuru. He’s much more trust worthy, he’ll never lie to you unless he has a good reason to.
    And Mikoto’s Kampfer form actually is pretty cool. It’s a negative version of the school uniform, and it looks like she’s the exact opposite of her personality, she’s not a tom boy, she’s ENERGETIC/INSANE.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I don’t always cheer for the good guys. In a show like this I didn’t really care for Natsuru’s feelings. It’s a hetero-harem. Still, if you liked Natsuru as a whole that’s cool.

      Kampfer Mikoto is just a more serious Mikoto. That’s it.


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  10. Dewbond says:

    Kampfer had a lot going for it, but your right, it kinda just sucks. Especially when the villain reveal comes so late in the story.


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