Love Live! Nijigasaki 2.9: American School Idol

I wonder how many will figure out the title has more than one meaning?

Yu checks out what Mia's watching

We got a small glimpse of Mia’s backstory but would go back to it later. She still felt the rush of NijiGaku’s 2nd group performance when Yu dropped by and checked out the video, overjoyed she liked it so much. Suddenly Mia (and Shioriko) got a text from Lanzhu saying she’s quitting school idols and going back to Hong Kong.

Mia questions Lanzhu's decisionShe rushed over to question her business partner. She needed her to sing her songs but Lanzhu wasn’t having it, feeling there’s nothing left for her as a solo idol plus a sense of defeat after seeing NijiGaku’s powerful teamwork. In a last attempt to stop her Mia promised to write the ultimate Lanzhu song making her swear not to leave if it met her standards. Mia’s so focused on finishing the song she ignored most daily needs causing our heroines to worry.

Meanwhile Shioriko met up with her to apologize for not coming to her about wanting to become a school idol. Lanzhu said that wasn’t the issue but couldn’t explain herself and walked away again.

Rina tries to help MiaOnce finished Mia rushed over to Lanzhu. Though impressed she refused to perform. Irritated Mia stormed off. The most worried was Rina whose arc came full circle. The precious pink cinnamon roll who at one point felt like she’s inside a cage unable to express herself approached someone like her old self to help show them the way.

Scared MiaThe time had come to learn her story. The Taylors were a famous musician family. As the heir to the throne Mia loved singing and was excited to share the stage with her parents but on the day of her theatrical debut she saw how many people came to see them perform. The fear of not living up to the family name was too much. Since then she didn’t dare sing but hoped to make her family proud as a composer and having the charismatic Lanzhu sing her songs. Rina’s like “I want to hear you sing. I don’t know about the Taylor Family but I know singing is your dream so please don’t give up on it”. She reminded her of the power of school idols and Mia’s convinced. It’s her time.

Mia reaching out to her dreamWe got a montage of Mia recomposing the song she wrote as our heroines backed her up. She finished right before Lanzhu’s scheduled flight. Shioriko led the gang on a mission to stall her for Mia. To sum up their emotional confrontation Lanzhu’s like “I told you I’m not worthy of singing your song!” and Mia’s like “No dummy. I’M singing because I’ve run away from my dream long enough. Thanks to Yu and her harem opening my eyes I realized It’s time to shine so check it!”

Mia's performanceTo remind viewers she’s part American her performance was full English. Some “w’s” here and there but her seiyu’s English is pretty good. More importantly she showed why we need another beach episode to celebrate the new trio soon joining Yu’s harem. Good performance as always.

Shioriko hugs LanzhuI guess because we got bits and pieces of Lanzhu’s arc throughout the show the writers were like “Let’s wrap up hers too”. Short version: “The power of friendship is scary”. Long version: Lanzhu feared making friends only for her to quickly lose them either through rejection, unfortunate circumstances or being forced to leave. She felt unworthy of having friends so instead worked to become a solo idol to inspire others while not growing close to anyone but after NijiGaku proved their bond with fans was mighty she felt defeated and powerless to truly make a difference. Shioriko’s like “come to me so we can start over” but again she deemed herself not worthy of friendship because she didn’t notice the most important person in her life. Mia’s like “That’s enough dummy. Can’t you see these girls wanted to help us all this time? They showed me the light and they can show you too”. Yu’s harem thanked her for motivating them to form units and strengthen their team power and Yu for finding her true calling as their manager/#10. Finally Shioriko’s like “Let’s start over, grow stronger together then bang”.

Mia, Shioriko and Lanzhu togetherR3BIRTH coming soon? This season has been about forming units so most likely.

Mia: We’re not business partners anymore. From now on we’re raivarus.

Lanzhu: Sounds good but umm…can we be friends too?

Mia: Well DUH!

Shioriko: Yes. Yes we can.

Lanzhu: Ummmm Yu. Is the invitation to join your harem still open?

Yu welcomes Lanzhu to NijiGakuYu: Once Shioriko’s had her fill I’m all ready for ya babe!

Great stuff as always. The 13 hotties are together at last. Next time looks like Kasumin gets the spotlight.

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17 Responses to Love Live! Nijigasaki 2.9: American School Idol

  1. tbiscut74 says:

    Another Fantastic Episode!

    The Mia Episode did not disappoint! It was SO Good!

    Mia’s song is defiantly my favorite this season!

    Yu truly has the most beautiful smiles!

    Excited for more!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. ntnb says:

    mia was such a pleasant surprise this season, i wasn’t really sold on her back when i still played the game but they really nailed the ‘tough tomboy exterior, marshmallow underneath’ dynamic in the anime. i loved the moment when she called lanzhu out like “hey dumbass if nobody wants to be your friend why do you think all of these people are here?”

    interestingly her seiyuu apparently grew up in australia, which is i guess where some of the slight accent comes from?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Alexis says:

    Buen capítulo de Mia, me gusta cuando las niñas usan el “boku” cuando se refieren a si mismas. La seiyu se lució con el idioma y su uniforme es muy cool, esperaría que al final de la temporada apareciera R3birth.

    De esas cosas que esperaba es que Lanzhu hiciera un par de travesuras que de verdad hiciera temblar a las chicas, porque Lanzhu es una reina, pero supongo que quieren hacer algún evento con todas ahora que ya están juntas. De entrada me pregunto que va a pasar con Karin ahora que Lanzhu vive al lado.



    • OG-Man says:

      “boku” femenino es mejor de vez en cuando que frequente.

      Con una trama tan simple pero complicada para personas que no pueden relacionar con Lanzhu es mejor que ya fue resuelto. Love Live no es una serie lo suficeinte complicado para “antagonistas” con trampas elaboradas.


  4. chikorita157 says:

    Mia’s situation sort of sounds like Kanon’s, but for different reasons. It’s good that Rina and the others help her realize that becoming a school idol can be a way to achieve her dream.

    Kind of expected Lanzhu to finally give in, but the reason she didn’t want to join is kind of understandable. Still, her personality I can argue might have caused her to have a hard time, but it’s good that she is part of the team, with Mia and Shioriko and can’t wait for them to become a unit, since they are the last one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Not really. Kanon feared the big stage while Mia feared letting down her family. Their similarity was a love of singing but fear to go for it.

      Lanzhu feared losing another friend like she did Shioriko and didn’t know how to properly make up with her or rekindle their bond. Better to inspire others as a literal idol than worry about befriending them. The important thing now is she can make up for lost time with Shioriko as part of the harem.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Nick says:

    Finally the long awaited Mia ep! Worth the wait too!

    Nice to see Rina step up in this ep too and help get through to Mia. Yes all the girls played a role in helping out Mia, but it’s awesome seeing how far Rina has come from the shy girl hiding behind a mask in S1 to speaking up and helping others. Love to see it!

    Lanzhu also get some story time this week as well. Maybe a bit drastic leaving altogether, but I guess that’s what she thought was the best move. Glad they were also able to reach her and make her rethink her choice. Lanzhu, Shioriko, and Mia in a group would be quite something. I hope it happens!

    And as always the rest of the girls were fantastic this week too.

    Wasn’t expecting a Kasumi ep next week. Looking forward to seeing what’s going on with her.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      That’s the best part for me. Not just as a big Rina fan. She’s come a long way. So cool seeing her step up!

      The new girls are finally all in the club. Excited to see what new adventures the 13 hotties will go on together.

      Hopefully it includes long overdue Kasumi X Shizuku development.

      Liked by 2 people

  6. yurimylove says:

    is the title also a reference to American Idol?


  7. K says:

    Sorry, the only other reference I got out of the title was to American Idol.

    Mia is a great composer but, as her backstory made clear, singing’s where her true power lies. The pressure to live up to the family name made her put her voice on ice but Rina gave her the push and encouragement needed to take centerstage once again. Speaking of, it was great that it was Rina that helped Mia see the light.

    So, it wasn’t that Lanzhu became a School Idol for Shioriko’s sake, it’s that she didn’t know she had such aspirations, thus she was better off disappearing from her life. Shioriko, Mia and Team NijiGaku said nay to that and made her see that she was wanted and that the power of friendship didn’t burn as much as she thought it would. By the way, Lanzhu looked pretty good in that outfit she wore to the airport.

    My bro was thinking this track could be used during the conversation after Mia’s awesome performance:

    Liked by 2 people

  8. skydragonx8 says:

    Absolutely fell in love with this episode! I loved Mia so much, she really did care for Lanzhu and wanted her to sing and continue to be a school idol! Also Mia’s new song is absolutely amazing I loved it! Finally R3BIRTH is now together, hopefully their new song will happen soon! Next ep is gonna be fun as it is a training camp ep it seems!


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