CUE! Episode 18: Electrifying Love

At long last the highly anticipated backstory of the chuuni and her maid partner.

Baby Rie and MeiBaby Rie and Baby Mei.

From an early age Mei had always been as quiet as we usually saw her on the show but without any of the monotone sass. That was until Rie appeared and extended her hand to the soft spoken one. We’ll talk about their handshakes later. We learned during flashbacks Mei’s an ojou-sama but her mom worked abroad. That’s another girl on the show with distant parents.

Rie came to visit a sick MeiOne day Mei got a fever. Rie visited her. She thought it unusual for Mei to have her PC off and not playing games but it made sense as soon as Mei told her she had a fever. It usually meant she’s excited for something big coming up. In this case Team Leftovers’ debut concert alongside Team Himmel (former Team Vogel). Mei had many dreams about her childhood with Rie, hence the flashbacks. The next one was a day Rie first came to visit a sick Mei. A class trip was coming up so Rie pretended to be sick so she could be with her. It’d be boring for “Peppermint Rie” to go on a trip without her “Meicy” .

Satori made a drink for MeiLet’s go back a bit. Earlier in the episode Mei was recording. She did a good job but Mr Director couldn’t understand her emotions. Later Satori scolded her for “being rude” . She thought Mei wasn’t taking work seriously. When asked why she wanted to become a seiyu she said “Because Rie wanted to”. Satori asked what would happen if Rie suddenly quit. Mei hadn’t thought about that. Back to the present Satori made honey tea and apologized for earlier. Rie scolded her for misjudging Mei who was just as serious as everyone else. She recalled misjudging Rie too at first but realized she’s a great leader who cared about everyone. It reminded her of a time she came to her for help with training. This surprised Mei.

Rie's biggest wishThe next flashback was about a day students wrote wishes on the wishing tree. Mei couldn’t think of anything but Rie wrote several. The most important one was “Together forever with Mei”. Mei was deeply touched.

Rie and Mei's electrifying chemistryTime for the handshakes. From their first meeting the two usually had electrifying handshakes. One would think this was a bad thing but no. It was their special connection as we’d soon see.

Back in the present it was Rinne’s turn to check on Mei. Like Satori she too told her about a time Rie came to her for training. Mei was again surprised.

Rie reading Mei's emotionsFinally Rie came back to check. Mei asked about her recent training with Satori and Rinne. They were to help improve her dancing and stamina because she wasn’t as athletic as Mei (Of course Mei’s athletic despite being a NEET). Mei was surprised Rie had changed but she said Mei did too. Neither girl was as social as they had become since joining AiRBLUE and especially Team Leftovers. It was change for the better, expanding their horizons. Mei agreed but there’s something bothering her. Before she could say it Rie pretty much said the same thing in chuuni “No matter how many things change one thing will always stay the same”. Mei hoped it’s the same thing she wanted to stay the same. Rie used her childhood partner power to detect Mei’s worries.

Mei's happy heart“Always together. Right Mei?”. Mei’s heart skipped a beat. She had nothing to worry about.

Luna WrabbitsThey had another electrifying handshake before their performance but quickly got lewd. Rie was Mei’s light and their love was as strong as ever. By the way, their idol group name was Luna Wrabbits. Masaki was one step closer to living her dream.

Rie X Mei are like Miss Ai X Rina with chuuni powers…so Yohane X Rina.

Good stuff as always. Next time I’m very excited as I hope the episode is what I think it is.

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8 Responses to CUE! Episode 18: Electrifying Love

  1. yoorie19 says:

    They are so cute. Both the current one or back in their childhood. They are like destines tk be soulmates from their very first meeting.
    When I saw them in the first cour, I thought that they would have a strong background and reasons why they always together and turns out it’s true.
    Rie is Mei’s light. Another euphemism to tone down how deeply a girl’s in love with another one in a girls’ club show.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Nick says:

    Nice to get some backstory about Mei and Rei, how they met and some of their childhood together.

    Their electrifying handshakes were a cool detail that they carried through the whole ep.

    One thing I didn’t really like though was about the Luna Rabbits performance, I felt their outfits didn’t fit their group image at all. They were going for a gothic vibe but their outfits were just the basic white with their character color on it. I was hoping for more darker colors overall, it just would’ve gone with the song and theme better. Oh well, personal preference I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Was more focused on Rie and Mei’s destined life together to give the Luna Wrabbits performance much thought. I get your gripe with the outfits but for me yuri took priority.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m finally caught up, and I’m glad I did. This show continues to do a great job at balancing everyone’s screen time pretty well without feeling rushed or shallow. No easy feat when you have 16 MCs. I will agree with some of the others, though. I think it shines the best during the Bloom Ball segments. Not that I dislike the other segments, of course. They are all well done imo. I’ve noticed some of the bonds between certain pairs in this second cour grow as well, which is always nice to see. Glad some side characters are getting more shine too. Now, on to this episode’s thoughts.

    We knew from the start that Mei and Rie were obviously childhood friends and close, but how close wasn’t certain. This episode, however, really put it into an undeniable perspective. They are literally soulmates, or each other’s other half, as Rie says herself to Mei. Even though they are growing up and becoming closer to their new teammates, their love for each other will never waver and will only continue to grow stronger. The electric sparks between their fingers is proof of the power of their love. It was really sweet to see, and it’s always nice to have an implied canon couple.

    This show just gets better and better and I’m excited to see where the remaining episodes will take us.

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      It’s like The Idolm@ster but for seiyu. The best scenes are the ones centered around Bloom Ball but still very good overall.

      Watching their origin story and how much they mean to each other was wonderful. Their love made me very happy. Beautiful.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. chikorita157 says:

    It’s nice to see the origin story of Rie and Mei. I can see why their bonds grew close, especially with Mei’s mother not being home. Still, it’s nice that Rie won’t go on the trip without her. That wish was the cherry on top of the sundae and it’s obvious that they are more than best friends. Still, I can see how much of an influence Rie had on Mei’s fashion choices.

    Liked by 1 person

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