Healer Girl Episode 6: Mistress Sonia

Sonia and Shinobu made their grand return.

Mistress SoniaSonia’s put in charge and she relished every second of “leading” her Karasuma raivarus.

Our heroines were called by the Grandmistress, Shinobu’s grandma, to help Sonia and her tend to the hospital because granny broke her back. Mistress Ria’s sad her singing couldn’t heal her. She explained that just like modern medicine hadn’t yet found cures for the common cold or most forms of cancer there were things vocal healing couldn’t yet beat. Even so she praised Ria for how many barriers were broken thanks to her research. Dunno whether this was throwaway or serious but Shoko mentioned Ria used to be a mahou shoujo before becoming a witch.

Sonia helping a patientLater though Kana saw she had skills. As she praised her Sonia had some difficulty accepting them but regained her composure by having Kana be her student for the day.

Reimi meanwhile tried her hardest to resist her growing urge to consume the Grandmistresss massive collection of ancient music sheets. Luckily Shinobu invited her to freely check it out on an off day.

Sonia misunderstood what Reimi meant by servantBack to Mistress Sonia. Kana’s impressed when she didn’t offer to help a patient with her problem because she knew her limits, thinking she’d be all “I, the Great Sonia, shall heal your wounds lickety split!”. Reimi’s like “You and your haughtiness. Imagine what it’d be like you serving me”. Sonia’s mind briefly went to an interesting place. Back on topic she knew there were things apprentices couldn’t or weren’t allowed to do. Hibiki remembered her mentioning wanting to break down the age limit of healers’ capabilities. Sonia admitted Mistress Ria accomplished a lot but took a long time to bring change. She also admitted the beauty could back up her greatness but if she were to beat a prodigy that would make Sonia the GOAT. Kana’s glad she’s back to her kindhearted egotistical self.

Kana roped into helping Sonia and ShinobuThe “Sonia Alarm” rang. Back to work. Shinobu told Kana to get ready for a lot of work the next day. She’d soon find out Sonia not only roped her into joining the culture festival executive committee but help cook Russian cuisines too. Kana being a do-gooder couldn’t refuse. The reason for cooking was because she brought it up to her patients and everyone wanted a taste. Sonia being a so-called “People’s Doctor” had to oblige. However, it was a last minute idea, hence why Sonia signed the three up in the committee to potentially approve the project.

Sonia's borschtI know the default color for poisonous/dangerous cooking in anime is purple. As a lover of the color that saddens me somewhat. Only Shinobu had culinary skills among the three but she’s busy. They begged Hibiki for help.

Reimi and Aoi photoWe learned Aoi the maid was the daughter of a family friend and she studied in a Tokyo college. Because her parents worked abroad she stepped up to care for Aoi.

Hibiki’s cooking was of course excellent. Sweet ones usually excel at cooking. Problem was the school didn’t allow outside students to participate in club activities. At least she wrote notes.

Reimi goes Super SaiyanReimi after Mistress Ria agreed to go to the festival with her. Bless Reimi.

Sonia sings Kana to sleepAfter a prep montage Sonia and Shinobu found a tired Kana. Besides the committee and cuisine stuff she also helped her classmates get ready. The benevolent Mistress Sonia sang a sweet lullaby for her disciple.

Good stuff as always. Next time it’s the traditional school festival episode.

Kana's classmatesKana’s classmates are lovely and cultured ladies by the way.

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9 Responses to Healer Girl Episode 6: Mistress Sonia

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Sonia was fantastic this episode! She’s really mature for her age, which I already thought before, I really hope she succeeds in what she’s trying to do. She’s obviously fighting against a lot of red tape.
    I want all of the songs in this show….
    The student council president is cute! I wonder if she’s going to become more of a character or just getting a short run of screentime?
    The songs on this show ❤
    And Sonia is stealing my heart ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yurismfan says:

    Great episode! I’m waiting for a full episode dedicated to the maid Aoi.

    Liked by 2 people

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  4. Nick says:

    Excellent Sonia ep this week! Nice to learn more about her and her views of being a Healer. And like all of the other girls, she’s got an amazing singing voice too. Love the music in this anime so much.

    Still need more Aoi content! I love how excited Kana got when Reimi mentioned she’s a maid. Kana knows what’s good.

    Classic school festival adventures next week, looking forward to that!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. yurimylove says:

    Sonia understands exactly what “servant” means to us cultured people

    Liked by 1 person

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