433rd G-View: Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club

The third generation of school idols anime is in the books. After the excellence left behind by their predecessors would the latest group of school idols be able to carve their own path to greatness? Let us find out as we take a look at Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, aka Love Live! 3.

Love Live! Nijigasaki Girls Cover

Alternate Title:

  • Love Live! Nijigasaki
  • Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Dōkōkai (Japanese)

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Idols, School Life, Slice of Life

Themes: Music, Yuri

Number of Episodes: 13

G-Rating: 9/10

Plot Summary: Yu and Ayumu are childhood friends who were very close. One day they came across a performance by a school idol named Setsuna. Both girls, especially Yu, were blown away by the show. So much so Yu wanted to learn more about school idols. She dragged Ayumu along for the ride. However, upon hearing about the “Nijigasaki High School Idol Club” they were shocked to find out Setsuna’s show was the last before the club disbanded. Yu and Ayumu agreed to form their own SIC. Thus begins the journey of the Nijigasaki School Idols.

Ayu-BunBunny Ayumu

Main protagonists Yu and Ayumu.

So μ’s started it all and created a legacy for future generations to follow…and save their school. Aqours aimed to be the next μ’s until realizing their true goal was to become the first Aqours…and try to save their school. What road to greatness did the SIC follow? Individualism, specifically “Solo Idols”. Biggest change? No school saving this time! Once viewers see their school they will understand. Moving on, each SIC member had their own goals and ideas about what a school idol should be and why they perform. Some fans worried that because Yu was the one to get the iconic “life changing stare”…

Yu's life changing face

This one.

…that she would take the spotlight away from the other SIC members. That she would be the one to get the most attention of them all. That was quickly proven to not be the case.

Setsuna, new harem girl

Yes. Yu used her yuri harem powers to show some members the light at first but she the rest of the show she played second fiddle to other members’ soul mates, meaning she played a role but it was the respective soul mates who showed their troubled sweeties the way. More on the yuri later. Back to Yu. Her role was a rare one in idol anime, mainly the female Manager/Supervisor/Producer or in her case Supporter. While she had her own character progression that played out little by little throughout the show with the payoff near the end her main role, besides yuri harem protagonist, was to help the girls “set up shop” so to speak, which she did well.

Love Live School Idol Festival All-Stars

One last thing about Yu before moving on. For readers wondering who Yu Takasaki is, she is the invisible avatar from “Love Live! School Idol Festival All-Stars” mobile game. She was previously unnamed and had no physical appearance yet but as soon as the Nijigasaki anime was announced she was given form and a name. There her role was Ayumu’s childhood friend too, hence why she shares top billing with her.

Nijigasaki Huddle

As mentioned the main theme of Nijigasaki was Solo Idols. Each club member got an episode to introduce themselves: Who they were, where they came from, their hopes and dreams/discovering them, facing personal obstacles that usually had to do with their interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, and their feelings about the other girls (especially their soul mate in the group or outside for some).

Setsuna idol

The climax of their episode was a special vintage Love Live! performance featuring lyrics expressing everything mentioned and their aspirations complete with their own themes and motifs such as lots of fire and badass high kicks for Setsuna. For viewers wondering “are the only featured songs solos?” I say keep watching. Do not stop.

This brings us to the presentation. Love Live! has always had a great blend of in your face rainbow goodness and CG usage so it comes as no surprise that Nijigasaki has the best animation in the franchise thus far. Bold claim, I know but I stand by it. The soundtrack is excellent as always. This IS Love Live! after all so unless the reader is an uber idol media critic expect quality songs and performances as is the norm for the franchise.

Ai cuddling Rina

Rina, unlike her franchise debut, is introduced “unmasked” from the start. I was surprised too at first but trust me when I say the introduction of her signature “mask” is one of the best episodes on the show.

I mentioned soul mates a lot throughout the G-View. That is because this is possibly the gayest entry in the Love Live! anime universe by far. My eyes may have deceived me but unlike past generations there were no men in sight all season. They were already an endangered species in the Love Live! Universe. Now it feels like they are hardly necessary there, which is fine by me. Beyond that most SIC members, had another club member they were very close to such as Ai X Rina above. Like I said in the Yu part she played a secondary role while the special girl saved the day for their respective sweetheart, thus growing their love power throughout the show. However, this IS Love Live! so do not expect any attempts at “second base” but by Godoka and Kumaria-Sama they came close to breaking the boundary this time. Do not get me started on the Yu X Ayumu build all the way to the 4th quarter of the show. My goodness was that ever a roller coaster of emotions. I will not spoil what happened but their story made me feel things. SO. MANY. THINGS. It is one of the reasons why Love Live! is my favorite all-time favorite anime idol franchise.

Speaking of “no men allowed” fans of a certain mobile game of the past will be surprised to see some familiar faces get their time to shine and play important side-character roles. Heck, some Nijigasaki members were first introduced in this past game.

Overall Love Live! Nijigasaki continues the trend of school idol awesomeness. Our new cast of idols are awesome, Yu is a great female Manager/Supervisor/Producer/Supporter with harem protagonist powers, the presentation is excellent as expected from the franchise and the yuri is the strongest it has ever been…though it is still not 2nd base strong it comes quite close. Highly recommended to fans of the franchise who love all generations and are not super loyal to one in particular.

The conclusion hinted at a 2nd season and let us be real. It would be an injustice for the SIC to be denied what their predecessors got, a 2nd season and movie. Plus there are three more Nijigasaki members left to join the club and it would be a shame if their fans were denied seeing them animated.

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23 Responses to 433rd G-View: Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club

  1. cirno9fan says:

    It was just a lot of fun from start to finish! All of the drama was handled very expediently and very well, which is a first for a love live really. They usually draw out the drama a lot more. All the characters were fantastic, and while I don’t know about “best” love live, it’s definitely the best single season of any love live!

    Was really glad they didn’t jump around ships like the franchise has been known for. Made it seem like there was NTR going on, but it was all a trick that deceived the audience and Ayumu. None of the characters felt like they got too little or too much spotlight, which is also a first for a Love Live I’d say. The staff really did an amazing job with this one, and I hope that that experience will help the next Love LIve series to be even better!

    Picking a favorite is rough…too many great characters to pick from. I’ll probably opt out of this one. But it’s probably a close battle between Kasumin and Rina…maybe.

    I don’t have much hope for a second season or even a movie. But a movie would be more likely than a second season. While an OVA is probably the most likely way things will get continued if they do. I very much want to be proven wrong though!

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  2. Alexis says:

    Holis otra vez.
    Se terminó Love Live Nijigasaki, en lo general no decepcionó, si bien se salió del canón de formar un solo conjunto, el resultado fue muy bueno y cada chica brilló en su escenario particular. A mi me gustó el de Shizuku. También hubo humor, mi momento favorito fue ver gritar a la heroina “AYUMU-PYON”.

    Ahora la mejor parte: el yuri. Hubo coqueteos como debe de ser, Karin es buena con eso pero sabemos que Emma es la dueña de su corazón. Una broma (por llamarlo de una forma) es esa de que los hombres se extinguieron en el universo de Love Live. En este capítulo final vi solo mujeres de todas las edades, desde niñas a ancianas, todas muy guapas como debe de ser, lol. Recuerdo haber visto solo un par de hombres en el PV de Dazzling White Town. Creo que gracias a que se sentó desde el principio de la franquicia que solo hay chicas coqueteando entre ellas que un muy buen número de fans (incluyendome) la seguimos por el yuri, insisto, ya deben de desbloquear totalmente la ruta yuri las reacciones del capítulo 11 creo que lo demuestra. Por cierto le aconsejo que no vea Rent a Girlfriend, aún tengo la sensación de que he perdido algo pero no sé que es.

    Si va haber segunda temporada, tarde o temprano lo confirmaran, pero como lo entiendo en el 2021 va a debutar Liella, ya las estoy esperando (cofcofHeannaSumirecofcof). Shioriko no es santa de mi devoción pero admito que ver a Lanzhu sería muy interesante. Intento bailar Queendom pero los primeros pasos son los más dificiles y más con botas altas, de hecho es mejor hacerla con calzado deportivo pero es un buen ejercicio si me lo pregunta.

    Nos seguimos escribiendo, la siguiente cita será en el review de Dropout Idol Fruit.


    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Muchas bendiciones nos dio la tercera generacion do Love Live! Cuanto amo esta franquicia.

      Los hombres estan en peligro de extincion como en el universo de Saki.

      Lo mejor es que regresen Nijigasaki despues de Liella. Disfrutemos de la 4ta generacion y despues regresemos a Nijigasaki. Yo tambien admito que estoy mas interesado en la americana y la china que a Shioriko pero me gustaria ver todas animadas.


  3. tbiscut74 says:

    If you were to tell me 15 years ago that I would be watching Idol anime, well I wouldn’t believe you. But here I am watching and loving another Idol anime!

    The songs were great! My favorites being Setsuna’s song in the premiere, Karin’s, Ai’s, and Rina’s. And that last song with everyone singing was great! And I loved the OP and ED!

    The last episode had some great couple moments!

    My favorite girls are Karin, Ai (the 2 sexiest), Kasumin (she was hilarious and adorable), Emma (such a cutie), and of course Rina (Best Girl)!

    Karin had my favorite Idol uniform. I just Love those little idol top hats! They are so cute!

    My favorite soul mates were Karin x Emma and Ai x Rina.

    Here’s hoping for a second season!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      As I’ve said several times most Idol anime are Girls Club shows with singing and dancing. That’s why many of us here love them.

      That last song was undeniably a “Thank you Yu!” song. It was wonderful.

      Stylin’ and profilin’ like the sexy model she is.

      Great couples.

      Most likely after Superstar. Let’s hope so.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Little Viktoria says:

    Love Live is as charming as always.

    I adored Kasumi at first sight and will continue to adore her. So fun to watch and those crimson eyes are magnetic in group shots. She and sexy cutie Setsuna are my favourites.

    Hoping for a second season with more development, especially since this Love Live seems to cherish the steady soulmate couples. Kasumi even got a beautiful hairclip from her girlfriend. Aww. Perhaps if there is a second season, we might even see a tiny smile from Rina ^^

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Nick says:

    More or less covered all my thoughts on the latest entry to Love Live, but to summarize them, I really enjoyed Nijigasaki. I thought it was a wonderful and refreshing take on Love Live, al the girls were so good, and all in all it just felt like a breath of fresh air.

    I do hope we get another season in the future, but seeing how Superstar is already announced and I wonder if Nijigasaki will be a one and done and then we’ll be on to Superstar anime. I guess only time will tell, but it would be great to see more of these girls on their idol journey.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. My favorite of the LL franchise by far! It was all the great music we’ve come to expect from LL, but the characters and story this time around were nearly perfect. We cannot ignore that this was indeed the gayest LL has ever been as well. Yu and Ayumu are soulmates, no doubt, and all the other pairs are set as well. While yes, this was presented in a very self-contained way such that we could survive without a second season, I’m praying we’ll get one, as I want to see more. Until then, I’m looking forward to seeing what Superstars has to offer.

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  7. Mauron says:

    Thank you Emma for the wonderful Kotobomb.

    Setsuna best Nijigasaki girl and best Setsuna of the Season… not that the latter part was much of a competition.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. perlen297 says:

    IMO I think Nijigaku should be under Grade 2 in the Yuri Anime List. Placing them and Sunshine together doesn’t seem fair with how much gayer this iteration of Love Live is in comparison.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. LuzeP says:

    I may be biased but this the best Love Live franchise I’ve seen. Best animation, best songs, and best story. The gayness is over the top. Almost everything I dreamed of in idol anime came true. For example a yuri harem. My favorite episode is Kanata’s episode and Rinari come second. I don’t need to spell again who my best girl is. I’m sad it ended but as you said it’s very likely to have a second season. Fingers crossed.

    Liked by 2 people

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  11. K says:

    I forgot to say this in earlier posts but Happy New Year, dude! May Kumaria-sama’s blessings shine upon you.

    A new group, a different direction taken and new goals and dreams to aim for. The result? Nothing short of fantastic! Nijigasaki really blew my expectations out of the water.

    I didn’t really know the Nijigasaki girls that well, some fanart aside, but they gradually grew on me as the show went on. Emma, Rina and Yu are my faves and when it comes to their introductory episodes, Emma’s was my favourite.

    Pairings abound here but unlike Sunshine, there are pairings that are destined, indeed. In that regard, Yu/Ayumu is my top pick, with ShizuKasu being my second.

    By the way, you said there were three other Nijigasaki members left to join? How interesting. A second season would have to happen just to show them then.

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  12. yurimylove says:

    a worthy successor of Love Live franchise.

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