Strike Witches (3): Road to Berlin Episode 11: Witches vs The Berlin Neuroi Wall

After an intense but unsuccessful first attack against the Wolf Neuroi nest two of our heroines were pretty banged up. Would they be able to recover in time for the second attack?

Yoshika's condition

One of the two Witches who got wrecked was RAMBO who used up all her stored magic to protect the Kiel base from a kamikaze Carrier Neuroi. Mio and Minna tried postponing the second attack but the rest of the United Alliance were like “Screw that noise! We’re attacking the Wall tomorrow!”. Like in real the life higher ups are dicks.

Shizuka blames herself

Later Shizuka recovered worried about RAMBO. She spotted Mio heading toward a secret storage room where she and Ursula discussed the improved unit for RAMBO to pilot. Unfortunately RAMBO wouldn’t be ready in time for the attack. Shizuka tried to convincing Mio to postpone the attack (which Mina and RAMBO failed to do) but got scolded. Outside the room RAMBO and the Mina returned, the former happy to see Shizuka’s okay. Mina told Mio the unfortunate news and Shizuka broke down, blaming herself for RAMBO being out of juice.


Although RAMBO couldn’t join the Strike Witches the military had another super weapon ready, the mega tank Ratte. The Witches’ objective was to protect the Ratte as it blasted the Berlin Neuroi Wall.

Neuroi's trap

After an intense battle the main Neuroi core appeared to be prime for blasting. However, as we saw time and again this season the Neuroi were more dangerous than ever. This time was no different. The main Neuroi called the shattered Wall parts to form a dome, trapping the Ratte.

Yoshika in the Ratte

To make matters worse not only were the Strike Witches sealed out of the dome but RAMBO was in the Ratte caring for wounded soldiers.

Zoo flak Tower

It seemed there was no way for RAMBO and the general to call for help but she spotted the Zoo/Flak Tower and they were able to get a signal there. The Strike Witches would use an underground tunnel to enter the dome and rescue the trapped soldiers and RAMBO.

Pretty good stuff as always. Next time the G-View.

Brave Witches Hikari and Rall cameo

PS: We had a cameo appearance by Brave Witches Hikari and Commander Rall. Also the 506th Joint Fighter Wing, aka the Noble Witches were spotted from afar but that’s all.

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3 Responses to Strike Witches (3): Road to Berlin Episode 11: Witches vs The Berlin Neuroi Wall

  1. Little Viktoria says:

    I seem to have missed Brave Witches completely… I think I wasn’t watching any anime that year and then forgot about it. But Hikari looks so adorable! I’ll have a nice ‘new’ series to watch then ^^

    I also decided to leave Adachi and Shimamura for later, simply because it was so good that I wanted to savor it very slowly later.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. yurimylove says:

    At giant tank is bigger than a house!

    Liked by 1 person

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