Love Live! Nijigasaki Episode 8: Truth or Shadow

This time Shizuku got the spotlight. Show us what you’re made of girl!

Shizuku and Shadow Shizuku

We began with Shizuku literally on stage, which was kind of a flash forward and a look inside her mind at the same time. We’ll get back to this along with Shadow Shizuku later.

The idol Shizuku wants to become

We joined our heroines being interviewed by the newspaper club and taking photos. It was Shizuku’s turn to be interviewed. She was asked what kind of school idol she wanted to be. Basically the ideal idol in everyone’s mind. More on this in a bit.

Shizuku getting shocking news

Another question she answered had to do with playing the lead role in the upcoming play. Immediately afterward the Drama/Theatre Club president said she was out of the lead role. When asked why the prez said she wanted someone who put themselves into the role. Basically someone who gave it their all and wasn’t holding back.

Shadow Shizuku is Shizuku's fear and anxiety

Long struggle short Shizuku was anxious. She’s afraid of what others would think of her true self because she’s different from other girls, hence the “Becoming everyone’s ideal idol” motivation. Better to be someone people liked than be disliked for being yourself.

Cute Kasumi and The Mask

Kasumin sensed her Shizuko was in trouble so she asked Rina/The Mask for help. They invited their fellow first year for a good time. Unfortunately when they said they wanted to support her for the re-audition she was too scared to open up and ran away.

Rina can relate with Shizuku

As someone who used to dislike herself Rina could relate but it was thanks to her beloved Ai (and the gang) she came to love herself. She was like “Thanks to Ai’s love my heart was saved so maybe what Shizuku needs is…”. Kasumi didn’t let her finish as she rushed off to become Shizuku’s heroine.

Kasumi and Shizuku nose to nose

Kasumi wasn’t playing games. Not this time.

Shizuku’s anxiety was strong indeed. So strong in fact she considered quitting both drama and idol out of fear of resentment.

Kasumi Punch!

Definitely not playing games.

She didn’t KO her but was like “So what if some people don’t like you? Look at me! I’m the cutest idol in the universe and I know there are some who have the nerve to disagree. Big deal! what about you? You haven’t called me cute once! Tell me right now to my face. Do you think Kasumin is cute?

Shizuku: Ummm…kinda.

Kasumi: That’ll do. You see? That wasn’t so hard to say. My point is this. There may be people who don’t like you…

Kasumi confesses to Shizuku

That’s all she needed to hear.

Shizuku PerformanceShizuku's Costume

Very cool seeing Shizuku and Shadow Shizuku do the Fusion Dance (but gay) to create a cool yin-yang costume signaling her accepting herself and her faults. Take a wild guess who gave her the loudest applause.

Karin's Rival

We will see these two again next time as my 3rd hype girl finally gets the spotlight to herself instead of being her girlfriend’s co-star (which was still excellent of course). Speaking of, I wonder what her role will be then? Hopefully similar to last time.

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14 Responses to Love Live! Nijigasaki Episode 8: Truth or Shadow

  1. Nick says:

    Another great ep this week. Shizuku was the star but Kasumi really deserves a lot of credit for giving her the extra push to help her get through. And Rina as well, she was instrumental in helping out Shizuku.

    Super hyped for the long awaited Karin ep! Finally get to see more of this cool and mysterious school idol. Also I can’t wait for her performance, I’m sure it’ll be incredible!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Kasumi stepped up her game to help the girl she loved and Rina’s words were instrumental to her success. So good! Hopefully now Shizuku knows she has a special someone and great friends by her side.

      We’ve been waiting for the Karin episode and it’s coming very soon! Get pumped!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. tbiscut74 says:

    Finally got caught up with this series. My favorites are Kasumin, she’s such a funny cutie always getting a smile and a laugh from her antics, Ai for being so sunny and a great girlfriend to Rina, Emma, she’s such a cutie, Karin, she’s a tall sexy goddess, (not to mention those 3 beauty marks on her collar bone.) and Rina, well there’s nothing to say why because come on how can you not love her.

    My favorite songs so far is the one that started it all and Rina’s.

    My favorite couples are Karin x Emma and Ai x Rina.

    Another good episode this week. Some great Shizuku x Kasumin moments. And Shizuku’s song was also great.

    Can’t wait for next week for some more Karin! So Excited for her song!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Mauron says:

    KasuKasu is cute, but I’m generally too busy being gay for Setsuna to fully appreciate her. On that note, we need more of her in her prez look

    Shizuka’s story was hitting a little close to home this episode. Wouldn’t complain about a Rina/Mask/KasuKasu that can help.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ioni says:

    Another ship check. Only Setsuna go solo (I count Kanata and her sister has a ship, because in the end of the previous episode they look more like newlywed than sisters)

    Liked by 1 person

  5. K says:

    That was quite the dilemma Shizuku faced. She’s an actress and a school idol but she wanted to do these roles totally separate from her true self. The thought of putting herself out there was mortifying. Who knows how people would react. Kasumi’s words quelled her fears and she accepted her shadow. Funny that the play reflected her issues, which is why she had to be the star! Of course, Kasumi would have taken longer to act, I think, if Rina didn’t give her that spark.

    It may have been encouragement but that was a very sweet confession, Kasumi. It was so effective Yu’s finesse was not needed.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. yurimylove says:

    That only ingredient missing, in this otherwise perfect episode, is Kasumi’s special bun, which she should’ve given Shizuku during her confession:-D

    Liked by 1 person

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