Is the Order a Rabbit? Bloom Episode 7: Halloween Brew

Time for some moe spooks weeks after Hallow’s Eve.

Chino bites Rize

Chino teased Cocoa for being too into character when it wasn’t necessary but Rize saw her practicing in private, thus the cannibalistic punishment.

Red Riding Syaro

Very nice Syaro.

Halloween Maya and Megu

Maya and Megu were something. As we would later find out they couldn’t decide what they were. Cats, dogs, wolves or foxes. No clue. Syaro did know what she really was though.

Great Witch Chiya

No surprise best girl Chiya had the best costume in the 1st half. We’ll talk about the best costume in the 2nd half later.

New ChiMaMe Summoning Ritual

No need to go into detail on Maya and Megu’s visit to Ama Usa An. Know that it’s a Chiya segment so you can already tell it’s fantastic. They came back the next day to talk about how accurate Chiya’s “summoning” power was. They weren’t kidding. Chiya offered to combine the three’s power to summon something greater.

Vampire Cocoa and Chino

They called for the lord of darkness and they got the lord of darkness. Chiya’s powers were not to be underestimated.

New ChiMaMe

Chino’s reaction to being “replaced” was all according to plan.

Three Lapins and one sexy officer

No Syaro. Rize was born to be a sexy police officer or commando.

Rize and Syaro Costume Swap

While I still think Rize looked better as a sexy officer Syaro admittedly pulled it off quite nicely. Sexy.

Mystery Witch

The most important scene involved Cocoa lost in the newly decorated Halloween Town. Chiya, being best girl, had the perfect idea to locate her. I won’t spoil what it was but know it was brilliant.

Cocoa and a lost child

Back to Cocoa. As mentioned she got lost. A boy in a pumpkinhead costume was lost too. Cocoa tried cheering her up with magic but as we saw at the start of the episode she wasn’t very good. She tried cheering the child up as best as she could but when their mother found them the ungrateful child gave her performance a bad grade. They weren’t wrong but she’s trying to cheer you up so cut her some slack. Anyway that’s when the lovely white mage appeared to teach her how to perform magic tricks. She didn’t speak but Cocoa was sort of able to follow her gestures.

Chino remembers her mom

There was something familiar about the white mage. Her identity was confirmed when Chino sensed a familiar presence and from Tippy’s words. Fortunately Cocoa was there to cheer her up with the magic tricks she learned. One trick being nostalgic to Chino.

So how did that happen? The same way grandpa was reincarnated into a puffball, anime magic.

Good stuff as always.

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19 Responses to Is the Order a Rabbit? Bloom Episode 7: Halloween Brew

  1. Christian Appel says:

    Sexy officer Rize should tie up Syaro with the handcuffs and never ever let (her) go – or the other way round.

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  2. Makoto Itoshi says:

    Less anime magic and more Cocoa’s own magic. Both times it happened Cocoa was there.

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  3. chikorita157 says:

    Yes, Officer Rize is definitely attractive, but it”s nice to see Sharo exchange outfits with her.

    Aside from that, Megu’s and Maya’s costumes are cute and I like how Chiya, Megu and Maya outsmarted Chino with their trick of her own. Still, I can see why Chino is falling for Cocoa now. She has some traits of her mother, maybe, especially with successfully performing the candy magic trick.

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  4. Little Viktoria says:

    I love how Chino is becoming more expressive, with the sulking yankee mode last episode and biting Rize this time ^^ And of course falling deeper in love with Cocoa. (The accidental Roko/Nina breast grab moment she had with Chiya was funny too).

    Rize, always the chivalrous knight ready to help maidens in distress (usually Chiya). Sharo’s face when Rize said she wanted to see her in a different outfit was so cute!

    I want to be tricked by kittycat Maya too! Megu should wear her hair open all the time, she’s a beauty. As for her “Try putting your actual fangs into use” provocation at Maya… yes, we know that you want to explore Maya’s cute fangs, so kiss her already ^^

    A town full of cutie yuri couples. Aoburuma and Rin on a romantic gondola ride were sweet!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Just curious. Have you tried writing an eroge before lass?

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      • Little Viktoria says:

        Oh yes, I have half a dozen suitable stories partially written ^^

        It’s just that drawing the art for one would take months, whereas the profits would only count in the hundreds… I’d die from hunger ^^

        Perhaps when I have enough followers. I need to expand to new art sites, Twitter seems to have shadowbanned me and Deviantart is dying. I’ll try to be more active on Pixiv, Reddit and perhaps 4chan ^^

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      • OG-Man says:

        Ah. Very good. One day I’m sure you’ll achieve great success. No doubt about it.

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  5. elkat4 says:

    What a wonderful Halloween episode….in November. At least it’s not a Christmas episode BEFORE Halloween, LOL.

    I see nobody’s talking about a certain author and her editor having a cute little gondola date around the 12:40 mark.

    Chiya was the show stealer (as usual) for this episode.

    Unexpected Help:
    Megu: “Chiya-senpai, did you hire a new person?”
    Chiya: “No, they saw I was in pain and wanted to help.”
    Tamamo Cat: “She was so busy seemed like she could use a cat’s paws, woof!”
    Maya: “‘Woof?’ Aren’t you a cat?”
    Elizabeth Bathory: “She’s just a fox who thinks she’s a cat. Also, why do I have to help out?! I have a concert to perform at!”
    Ritsuka: “Remember your last Halloween concert? The one where you collab’d with Nero? You two nearly killed the audience and created a singularity! That’s why we had ban the two of you from ever singing with three mile radius of each other to be safe and banned all future Halloween concerts just to be safe!”
    Mysterious Caster: “Now, now master, please be gentle with her. She’s only trying to express her for love the holiday in her own unique way.”
    Chiya’s Grandmother: “Hm, you look familiar somehow. Have we met before?”
    Megu: “Now that you mention it. She looks a lot like Chino…..”
    Maya: “Yeah and that rabbit on her head looks like Tippy.”
    Mysterious Caster: “I, uh, need to get something from the back. I’ll be right back.”
    Ritsuka: “Did she just make an excuse to hide and enter spirit form?”
    Elizabeth: “Puppy, when did you summon that servant?”
    Ritsuka: “I didn’t. I don’t have enough saint quartz to summon any servants.”

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    • OG-Man says:

      Some peeps noticed ABM and Rin on a gondola date. I unfortunately wasn’t one of them.

      Chiya is the undisputed best girl of the series and let no one tell you otherwise.


  6. O.H. X-90 says:

    That’s obviously Chino’s mom as a ghost, her magician costume top notch, though.

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  7. Nick says:

    Honestly thought they already had a Halloween ep this season, but I don’t really mind honestly.

    Very colorful and festive ep, the night scenes were incredible and I loved all the glowing lights and pumpkins. The animation this week was excellent and it brought everything to life so much more.

    Lovely costume all around. Office Rize was very sexy but Sharo looked very nice in that outfit as well.

    Heartwarming scene with Chino’s ghost mom and Cocoa, that was definitely one of the best parts of this ep. Would like if they had a OVA with her mom back in the day, she looks like such a fun character.

    Just a great ep all around. Had a lot of fun watching it.

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  8. yurimylove says:

    even ghost (future) mother-in-law approves Cocoa

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  9. K says:

    This Halloween was Chiya’s time to show her true power! I agree, her costume was the best especially with how into the role she was. She had great chemistry with Maya and Megu as well, even more amazing. In fact, Chiya’s so amazing, she reassured Chino that she would never replace her as a member of the ChiMaMe Corps.

    Heh, Cocoa’s so loved she has three phantom thieves and cop trying to capture her.

    The second part reminded me of Granblue Fantasy’s Halloween episode, from how the cityscape looked to the lore behind the festival and how Saki interacted with Cocoa. Speaking of, Saki didn’t give Chino a visit probably because she knew that she was in good hands with Cocoa around.

    This Halloween episode was just fantastic!

    In a world over yonder, there is a sprawling forest with trees so dense that the sun’s rays cannot break through. On Halloween night, the Bat-Infested Manor of the Dark Woods prepared A Pitch-Black Banquet of Vile Demons and Rabbits for all who were interested. The attendees wore all sorts of costumes for the occasion and the best dressed seen at this soiree was The Vampiric King with a Pumpkin Head. Only the Lord of the Night could pull off such a look so splendidly. After the guests dined on exquisite feasts, they moved to the ballroom to show off their dancing chops with all the chaotic energy they possess. Yes, it was like A Dance Party in Purgatory! This night also aligned with the Blood Moon of the Witches’ Sabbath. In another part of the woods, at the top of a majestic waterfall where Fall’s Mighty Roar that Rumbles through the Tunaverse could be heard, stands The Tower of Moonlight and Ghastly Pumpkins. Within this edifice, the Bonfire of the Druid’s Council is underway where druids, witches and other fey folk gather to use arcane arts to commune with beings on another plane of existence. Indeed, there was a lot going on this day in the forest of eternal night. The descriptions for the locales were provided by the Grand Witch Chiya of Ama Usa An.

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