Iwa Kakeru! Sport Climbing Girls Episode 8: Tournament Outcome

The hard times for our heroines continued in the last episode. Would Captain Sayo be able to help the team bounce back?

Sayo struggling

Short answer, yes and no. Long answer?

Sayo did quite well in the 1st wall sending it on the first climb. Unfortunately the trouble began on the 2nd wall when she injured her middle finger. In a sport like this every finger is vital to success.

Sayo sees a worried Nono

The injury wasn’t bad enough to stop her but it was risky to go hard, hence why she held back on the 3rd wall. She planned on doing the same on the 4th wall. Before giving up she noticed a worried girlfriend in the crowd.

Sayo calling for cheers

When it comes to sports, be they real or predetermined, the crowd oftentimes plays a big role. Their support can give competitors that one extra push needed to finish strong. That’s what we got here. Nono led the crowd and their cheers gave Sayo the needed boost to finish. That’s love for ya.

Top Team

The semifinals ended with the Spider Queen and MY Queen in the Top 5. Captain Sayo came in 3rd, Konomi 4th and the Black Panther 5th.

Nono scolds Sayo

Oh dear. The captain couldn’t say no to her sweetie pie. So it was Konomi by herself against the competing climbing dames and other tough athletes.

Konomi needs more training

Let’s fast forward a bit. Sadly Konomi;s mind and body weren’t in sync. She had the brains but lacked the brawn. That and she needed Jun. Speaking of Jun…

Konomi blames herself for Jun leaving

She was so devastated by her poor performance she requested a temporary leave from the team to work on her flaws. She basically pulled a Vegeta. Captain Sayo knew she’d return once she’s ready. Konomi blamed herself for not being there for her then. Sayo said the best way to make it up to her was get stronger before her return to compete in the equivalent of the Pro Climbers’ Royal Rumble on the road to their Wrestlemania.

National Tournament Competition Events

Their Royal Rumble, known as the Combined Japan High School Cup, was six months away and consisted of three events so you best believe the Idol would be there for the speed event. How much you wanna bet Konomi or Jun will face Kurusu?

So what about the end of the previous tournament?

Top Three in Singles

The Black Panther pulled an upset among the climber dames in the Singles with the Zombie surprising everyone in 3rd.

Masumi ignored

This after she felt down seeing her greatest rival ignore her for the aspiring rookie. Fortunately her team found her moping and said they loved her as their dear badass airhead captain. Their support revitalized her enough to win gold in the Singles.

Top Team win

Meanwhile the predicted team to win the Team Championship did just that.

Good stuff as always. Next time the Royal Rumble training begins!

PS: Nice “false ending” joke by Konomi.

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7 Responses to Iwa Kakeru! Sport Climbing Girls Episode 8: Tournament Outcome

  1. Nick says:

    More tough times this week but it was definitely an eye opening experience for Konomi showing her what exactly competitions are like and what she needs to improve on for next time.

    I thought Sayo would be able to pull through, but I guess even she has her limits.

    Jun taking time off from the team to practice on her own was a surprise, I hope she’s at least around still and not totally out of the show until the end.

    I’m guessing we’ll have a time skip here to later on, seeing how they have to train hard for the next 6 months and as we’re already on ep 8 for this show.

    Looking forward to seeing what’s next for our sports climbing girls!

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      She’ll do her best for herself and Jun.

      Accidents can happen when you least expect it.

      It would suck if she came back at the last minute.

      Probably one of two episodes devoted to their training and the rest on the Royal Rumble.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Ioni says:

    I saw ….. a Sukeban riding cute animals, even a panda . WTF !!


  3. yurimylove says:

    Sayo is my favorite amongst the top climbing dames. She’s tough, sexy, and a bit “motherly” at the same time. Oh and her hair is gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. K says:

    A sudden injury outta nowhere stopped Sayo in her tracks but at least she went out with roaring applause. She would’ve competed in the finals but Nono didn’t want that so she obliged. I see Sayo as an unstoppable force. If she climbs, her clearing the puzzle is almost guaranteed. Therefore, something has to show up just to slow her down.

    I’m glad for Masumi, she managed to win the individual tourney after being so hard on herself. Her team being there to support her did wonders to her psyche. I also found it funny that her team sees right through her stoic front but her awkwardness made her more endearing to them. They aren’t gonna be abandoning her any time never.

    Konomi conquered the puzzles in her mind but that means nothing if you lack the stamina to actually make it a reality. She couldn’t get that win for the team, unfortunately.

    I’m puzzled that Fujita got 3rd place. She must had enough time to send maybe one of those puzzles. Her persistence really paid off!

    So, Hanamiya didn’t do so well here. Well, they’ll just have to show what they learned six months from now. I’m half-expecting the girls to look radically different after six months of training, like after a training arc in a battle mangamine ;-).

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Captain Sayo is so badass the only thing that could stop her was an injury.

      Matsuri deserved the win. Poor girl needed it after all her self-doubting. Glad her team loved her because she’s awesome and adorkable.

      She needed more training.

      The zombie with the surprise Top 3 ranking!

      You’re kinda right.


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