Strike Witches 3: Road to Berlin Episode 7: Oppaidol

The long awaited “traditional” SW episode had arrived. Was it worth the wait?

Strange clay idol

We began the episode with RAMBO strangely losing her magic again. The explanation given was tight Magic Pressure. Basically she could control her magic but her “magic pump” was plugged for the most part. She had to somehow open it up again. Concerned for her beloved Lynette went on a search for special herbs and found an strange altar with a strange pot. Lucchini in her impatient curiosity got the pot open revealing a peculiar clay idol. As Luchini teased Perrine’s “inferior” oppai compared to the idol’s something happened to her.

Yoshika relishing Lucchini's super boobs

RAMBO’s long dormant “killer instinct” kicked in, something Shizuka wasn’t yet used to. Not only that but as she relished Lucchini’s “gifts” her magic came back.

Lucchini groping Sanya

Suddenly possessed Luchini!

Sanya's gifts

Eila’s love for Sanya was tested that day.

Lynette figured out the clay idol took over Lucchini and it needed to fertilize nine Witches. Three were “blessed” at that point. She blamed herself for bringing the idol but RAMBO assured her it’s all good.

Lynette Commercial


Charlotte's giftsIdol's oppai puppets

It appeared even the mighty Shirley wasn’t excluded from the idol’s hit list. It wanted all our heroines.

Perrine's struggle

Part “I must help Lynette” and “Damn your perfect oppai!”. Not showing Lynne in the onsen because it’s best cherished on Blu-Ray in the near future.

Minna targeted

Although Minna’s majestic posterior was behind a paywall we were reintroduced to her splendid front.

8 of 9 Witches gifted

It was down to RAMBO, Lynne and Barkhorn. The third tried to go get help but by that point 8 of the required 9 surrounded her. Her glorious new pecks weren’t enough to smash the oppaidol.

Yoshika possibly on to something

It was at this point I was like “There had to be a reason Lynette got the spotlight this episode”…It kinda did but not really. Oh well. For the most part it filled the hearts of cultured people with great joy. Sadly there aren’t many of those left around here like there used to. Shame really.

Next time the episode I’m certain many enlightened SW fans were waiting for.

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4 Responses to Strike Witches 3: Road to Berlin Episode 7: Oppaidol

  1. elkat4 says:

    Was anybody else expecting the fertility ritual to be a little more sexy? I suppose that’s the jobs of the doujinka (like Lezmoe).

    Yoshika’s secret weapon:
    Lynette: This Neuroi is too powerful!
    Yoshika: I need more magic power! Lyn, let me touch your chest.
    Lynette: What!?!
    Yoshika: It’s the only way we can defeat it!
    Lynette: But if you keeping rubbing my chest, they’ll get bigger again! Do you know how hard it is to find cute bras in my size? Not to mention how stiff my shoulders are all the time?!
    Yoshika: Lyn, please!
    Lynette: Alright….Please be gentle.
    Neuroi and other strike witches float in the air awkwardly as Lyn makes lewd noises off screen.


  2. mimo says:

    “Oppai are scary.”
    -Miyafuji Yoshika, 2020

    I shouldn’t have drank something during that scene (suddenly laughing while drinking did not end well). Glorious episode and now we know that oppai is the best way to fix Yoshika’s magic.


  3. Nick says:

    Honestly not a lot to add to this, just a straight up hilarious ep to watch. Classic Strike Witches fun.

    Lynette was the hero this week, she fought to the very end to keep everyone safe. Such a great girl.

    Looks like we’re back to the action next week!

    Liked by 1 person

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