Strike Witches 3: Road to Berlin Episode 6: A Barkhorn to Pick With You

It was time for Barkhorn and Hartmann to take center stage, or so the preview led us to believe.

Hartmann looking for -pants-

We began the episode with the well known routine of the stern Barkhorn and the lackadaisical Hartmann.

Barkhorn and Hartmann

Yup. Same old same old. I know I should be calling them Trude and Erica but Barhorn and Hartmann are such cool surnames that I can’t stop referring to them as such.


After the OP the Witches reported to the meeting room for an important briefing from Lieutenant Commander Mio and the grumpy guy nobody cares about. Although the Antwerpen port was still undergoing repairs another, strangely intact, port was located at Kiel. Having said that it was of course guarded by Neuroi. Barkhorn, Hartmann, Shizuka and RAMBO were sent on a reconnaissance mission to see what they’d have to deal with before taking the port.

Hartmann's chocolate smile

The chocolate will play a role later. Hartmann and Barkhorn were up front reminding viewers that although Barkhorn nagged on Hartmann for her lazy disposition she not only had her own silly side but cared for her. After disposing of low level Neuroi they were caught off guard by a Speed Type Neuroi. They were overwhelmed by both its incredible speed and surprise tactics.

Enraged Barkhorn

Hartmann went down. An enraged Barkhorn tried fighting back but as mentioned the Neuroi’s speed and tactics were too much for the remaining three thus they’re forced to retreat despite Barkhorn’s righteous fury.

Barkhorn lost in thought

Later Minna found Barkhorn in the sauna, thinking she could calm her down but she’s lost in thought worrying about Hartmann, berating herself and reflecting on the battle. Minna said she’d send a rescue team with Charlotte on the team since she’s the speedster on the team. The next day however, Barkhorn told Charlotte her speed wasn’t enough to take on that Neuroi.

Hartmann's decoy

Meanwhile Hartmann made a decoy “corpse” to keep the Neuroi from tracking her. She only had water and the chocolate bar to sustain her.

Charlotte humiliated

Barkhorn was right. When Minna told her about their failure she pleaded to let her go again.

Charlotte helping Barkhorn

Later she went to Charlotte for a huge favor. After a, most likely, sleepless night Barkhorn was ready to reveal her plan to combat the Neuroi. Thanks to Charlotte they modified her Strike Unit in a way it could keep out and potentially surpass the Neuroi. But that was only part of her plan.

Strike Witches Barkhorn

Barkhorn S1 and S2.

Strike Witches Barkhorn Muscles

Barkhorn S3.

A gif of her revealing her gorgeous new physique would be lovely.

As we can see the other part of the plan was to obtain the perfect body to handle the new Unit. It took days (probably 3) of exercise, without eating or sleeping and hours in the sauna (and maybe her magic) to achieve this. There’s good reason why she didn’t go commando since the idea was to shed everything that could potentially slow her down.

Barkhorn vs Neuroi

With her new Unit and rock hard abs she made quick work of the Neuroi. However, she mistook the decoy for a fallen Hartmann and lost the will to live. Sad and passionate moment short Hartmann was the most important person in her life and without the girl she loved she’d little reason to continue fighting. She said this as Shizuka and RAMBO shielded her from another Speed Type Neuroi from outta nowhere.

Barkhorn mistakes the decoy corpse for Hartmann

Oh, and she used Hartmann’s first name. You know that means.

One thing I didn’t mention earleir. Ever since the first rescue attempt Hartmann’s communicator could hear nearby comrades but it was one-way. She heard Barkhorn’s passionate sadness as she rushed over to light a signal and snap her back to action.

Barkhorn goes Super Saiyan

Relieved her sweetheart was alive she went Super Saiyan and more awesomeness ensued, as if her prior pwnage wasn’t badass enough. Even Hartmann got a chance to finish off the Neuroi in style.

Barkhorn's secret stashBarkhorn's secret stash 2

Anime girls are the best.

Trude Barkhorn X Erica Hartmann

Similar to Charlotte X Lucchini’s passionate moment and equally glorious.

Next time will probably be what we expected in Episode 3, a vintage ecchi Witches episode.

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8 Responses to Strike Witches 3: Road to Berlin Episode 6: A Barkhorn to Pick With You

  1. Little Viktoria says:

    More love confessions! Aww.

    More eye candy for OG! ^^ What a chiseled Barkhorn.

    And for me too – I can’t get enough of Erica waking up without her panties. And Erica practically nude in the deep green forest, drinking from a stream on all fours… Pure sexiness. Erica was always the most attractive girl in this series for me, possibly matched by Sanya.

    They went full Kill la Kill on the neuroi. Glorious. And the chocolate was melting from Trude’s excitement at having her love back (and getting to carry her). Barkhorn, I hope you put Erica firmly in bed and showed her how much you love her ^^

    Liked by 4 people

  2. cirno9fan says:

    It was certainly an episode to remember, and the whole time I was thinking of how much you probably loved it OG XD I loved it too of course, as it was handled fantastically, and showed why those two are the unit’s aces with much clarity
    I do hope after episode 7 we can finally get a full on Yoshika and Lynette episode….my YoshiLynergy is on real low right now, and that’s not normal for a strike witches season….Shizuka is okay, but she still feels like nothing but NTR bait with the way it’s been handled….
    Either way, fantastic episode!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nick says:

    Trude went hard this ep! Damn!! When you said there was a nice surprise I wasn’t expecting this at all.

    These Neuroi keep getting more and more advanced each time they meet, I hope someone it taking note of this…

    For even Shirley to not be able to keep up with it, you know it’s gotta be really fast and agile.

    That reveal by Trude though, man that was an amazing moment indeed. I do have a gif but it’s cut a little short and doesn’t give you the full effect of that moment. Let me know if you want it anyways though, I’ll send it along.

    Next week looks like it’ll be a fun ep. Excited for that!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. yurimylove says:

    She might as well pull out a hyperspace hammer while she’s at it 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. AirMasterHoney says:

    This was my hype episode for this season of Strike Witches. It was finally dubbed today and it lived up to the hype. Erica now knows Trude’s true feelings for her, but was kind enough to say her communicator was busted as to not embarrass Trude. She’s willing to wait for Trude to say it when she wants to.


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