Love Live!: Nijigasaki Episode 2: Kasumi’s Battle for Cuteness

After the excellent premiere we last left the show with Kasumi planning an attack on the seitokai. Let’s see how her plan went.

Karin and Nana

Before we get to Kasumi’s plan let’s start with Karin’s visit to Nana’s big, big office. She wanted to discuss School Idols with Setsuna but Nana said the club was already disbanded as Karin quickly eyed the student directory folder. That’s when Kasumi made her move.

Kasumi's plan

As we can see she was taught mastery of disguises by Yohane who was taught by Nico. Operation Kitty Missile was effective, for one of the two girls as we would later find out.

Shizuku comforting Kasumi

It wasn’t Kasumi. Kasumi’s plan was to distract Nana, grab the NSIC tag and reclaim the clubroom. Alas it was already occupied by another club. She hoped Shizuku, “Shizuko” to Kasumi, would join her in the fight but she had Drama Club stuff to take care of. All hope was not lost for our Kawaii Warrior for later that day a certain couple crossed her path discussing school idols.

Kasumi ropes Ayumu and Yu into joining her

Thus Ayumu and Yu joined “Kasumin”s School Idol Club. Their reward for joining were some of her homemade sandwiches, earning praise from Yu. We’ll get back to that in a bit.

Yu's journey begins

Ayumu joined as an idol but Yu was mainly there to support Ayumu. Thus Yu’s journey as one of the very rare female idol managers/supervisors/directors etc. in anime began.

Trying to find a new club room

The next course of action was to find a meeting area as Kasumin/Kasukasu explained. Our heroines soon learned why they couldn’t find a club room at school. Luckily Yu knew a nice spot.

Yu excited for Bunny Ayumu

Step 3 was to gather more club members. To do this they would record some recruitment videos. Kasumi showed her cuteness and had Ayumu do the same but she didn’t have enough confidence. Kasumi had her do “the bunny” to the delight of Yu. Said delight convinced Ayumu to give it another try.

Scarred Ayumu

It didn’t go well. Kasumi said cuteness was essential for idols but Yu recalled Setsuna being more cool than cute. She then asked why the club disbanded.

Kasumi lashing out at Setsuna

Long story short Setsuna and her had different ideas on what made a great idol. Kasumi emphasized cuteness and fun while Setsuna was more focused on passion and excellence. There is clearly more to it than that but we’ll surely learn the full story in due time. As she explained the backstory and stood her ground on the importance of cuteness she soon realized after seeing a scarred Ayumu that she was no better than Setsuna at guiding her peers.

Ai and Rina sighting

Ai and Rina sighting. Not much to say about them this episode. They dropped some hints on their potential character episodes but we’ll learn more when their time comes.

Karin sees Ayumu's secret training

Ayumu secretly trained her cuteness technique but a surprise Karin temporarily fried her brain. Fortunately she recovered. Karin complimented her training but sensed it wasn’t her style. She recommended focusing on who she wanted to convey her message to. Ayumu was like “I don’t have any fans yet” when she remembered a certain soul mate and had an epiphany.

Meanwhile Yu was with Kasumi. She explained her dream was to share her cute wonderland/happiness with the world but didn’t want to push others to do things her way if they didn’t want to. Yu concluded Kasumi, Setsuna and the other members had similar goals but different approaches and methods. Thanks to her words Kasumi’s new goal was to create a world where cute and cool people could live in harmony.

Yu praising her sweetheart

Ayumu returned ready for another go at the video. Safe to say it went swimmingly.

Kasumi's song

Kasumi’s performance was cute as expected.

Jelly Ayumu

Remember the “Yu praising Kasumi’s cuteness” thing? She did it a couple of times throughout the episode. Take a wild guess how Ayumu reacted each time. Thus Yu’s harem grew to 2.

Karin solved the mystery

After the excellent ED Karin and three of the four SIC members confronted Nana about Setsuna. Remember, Karin took the student directory earlier in the episode. She couldn’t find Setsuna Yuki’s name anywhere.

Another great episode. Next time Nana is backed into a corner.

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14 Responses to Love Live!: Nijigasaki Episode 2: Kasumi’s Battle for Cuteness

  1. chikorita157 says:

    Kazumi really reminds me of Nico, mostly because of the desire of becoming the cute idol. Sadly, it seems that the club room is gone. Also, it’s nice to see bunny Ayumu again.

    Still, It’s not too surprising to see that Setsuna is actually Nana. It makes me wonder why she shut the club down. It’s bound to happen just like Minori in Restage.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Suzu says:

      Nico and Kasumi actually have different desires/goals. Nico wants to be the number one idol in the world, she wants to be the best and wants to be admired. Nico pretends to be cute, but cares more about admiration itself whereas Kasumi IS cute and she actually wants to be cute so people can tell her she’s cute. In short, Nico wants to be admired and praised, whereas Kasumi cares about cuteness.

      Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      She is similar to Nico in some ways but not entirely.

      The best part of Bunny Ayumu besides the supreme cuteness is how hype Yu gets to see her.

      Perhaps Setsuna has similar reasons to Minori on why she shut down the club.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nick says:

    Not too much more to add as I’ve said pretty much everything in my review, but this was another excellent ep and I’m really enjoying Nijigasaki a lot more than I expected I would. The girls are great, the music is lovely, their school is insane, it’s just hitting all the right notes for me. Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Little Viktoria says:

    Now I really love Kasumi ^^ So fun to watch. I can’t wait to find out what kind of feelings her pretty dark-haired friend has for her.

    I love Ayumu’s reactions every time Yu compliments or cuddles Kasumi. Of course she wants to be the cutest in the world to Yu. In the second to last picture she’s clearly thinking, “What do I do now? Do I hug both of them? Do I hug just Yu? Can I hold Yu’s breasts?

    All the other girls look charming too!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. yurimylove says:

    Cute and genki, Kasumi might just become my favorite Nijigasaki idol.

    I learned today that luring new members with food is super effective.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. K says:

    Kasumi’s the authority on all things cute and wants to spread her message to all who would listen! However, she realized that it’d be better if they join her crusade as fellow travelers rather than as her followers. I wonder if that was Setsuna’s thinking as well. With that said, I’m with Kasumi in thinking that KasuKasu is not cute-sounding at all.

    I loved Yu’s expressions throughout this ep, especially when Ayumu was about to do the thing she wanted her to do so much.

    Ayumu learned that expressing yourself genuinely is the cutest thing to do. Once she masters this, Yu’ll be eating out of her palms. Right now though, this is Kasumi’s episode and as the authority on everything cute, she gets most of Yu’s hugs.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      Come now. KasuKasu is a rad nickname.

      Yu is precious.

      Poor Ayumu had to put up with Kasumi getting most of her girl’s attention this episode. Don’t worry dear, you are Yu’s #1 now and forever.

      Liked by 1 person

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