Is The Order a Rabbit? Bloom Episode 1: Third Bunnyventure

The highly anticipated third season of Bunny Cafe had finally arrived. Let’s not waste any time and relish their return.

Aoyama Blue Mountain Returns

We kicked off the episode right with the presence of the lovely ABM (Aoyama Blue Mountain) on her way to Rabbit House.

Cocoa, Chino and Rize in yukata

She was surprised to see Cocoa, Rize and Chino in yukata. So surprised she thought she was at Ama Usa An (Chiya’s coffee shop) by mistake. Later when Chino’s posse dropped by they too were greeted by something different. Turns out Cocoa wanted to prepare new Summer uniforms for Rabbit House. Chino and Rize warmed up to the idea.

Rize struggles with heavy cuties

Their mission was to go shopping for clothing supplies. Speaking of warming up the Summer heat was in full swing to the point Cocoa was about to get heat stroke. Rize gave in and gave her a piggyback ride but then Cocoa had Chino join in. The pain was real but Rize was related to Solid Snake so she toughed it out.

They arrived at the store which was swarmed by hungry shopping ladies. Rize tried to brave the swarm but lost too much energy.

Syaro to the rescue

Luckily Syaro arrived to help. It was hard but she survived.

Syaro and Chiya comedy masters

Chiya wasn’t far behind. Nice to see their comedic timing was as great as ever.

Low-key Sequin

I would actually like to have seen Cocoa’s new uniform sewn with that fabric.

Chino's Summer uniform drawing

Chino got tired but wanted to soldier on. Cocoa helped ease her exhaustion when she spotted her notebook. The excellent drawing and her hard work further motivated their resolve to finish the uniforms. Cocoa remembered something in the Rabbit House attic. There they found Chino’s Mom’s old magic kit and the right kind of pink fabric.

Adult Cocoa in 10 more years

Cocoa wanted to ensure her new uniform would fit her bodacious adult figure in 10 years time. The three wondered if they would still be working there in the future.

Yard Sale

That evening Tippy and Chino’s Dad discussed setting up a yard sale, which they did. Chino and Rize weren’t confident in their marketing skills but after seeing how well Cocoa, Chiya and Syaro did they pumped themselves up. Suddenly Rize found a lost girl and raced off to find her mom as Chino tried to cheer her up.

Chino cheers up little girl

She didn’t know what to do at first but remembered her toy bunny. The others thought it looked creepy but to her and later the little girl it was special. Well done “Chino Onee-chan”. Looks some like Cocoa’s power rubbed off on her. After two seasons and two super specials episodes with her it must have.

Chiya wearing Rize's old shirt

Still Best Girl.

Syaro in Heaven

Nice to see Syaro’s still as lovesick for Rize as ever.

Cocoa the Magician

Cocoa’s idea to help bring in more customers after seeing they made more money in the yard sale that day than at Rabbit House.

Summer Uniforms

The Summer uniforms. Very nice.

So happy to have the Coffee Bunnies back!

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12 Responses to Is The Order a Rabbit? Bloom Episode 1: Third Bunnyventure

  1. chikorita157 says:

    Yes, Aoyama’s reaction to seeing Chino, Rize and Cocoa wearing Yukatas is hilarious. Still, I have to admit that it’s nice to have this show back. Also, it’s obvious that Chiya is not giving up on having Sharo work at Ama Usa An.

    Still, the moments with Cocoa and Chino are nice, especially when Chino receives the pink dress from Cocoa. Also, the opening theme has one notable moment with Cocoa and Chino.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Mauron says:

    Lize lifting two girls on her back? swoons Lize with a side ponytail? swoons All the Lize this episode? Syaros

    I’d probably be as skilled as Megumi and Maya at identifying specific cute waitresses.

    Not enough Cocoa and Chiya this episode.

    Will China follow the path of the siscon in the future?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nick says:

    Ah it’s good to be back! Even if I just finished my rewatch a week ago.

    So good to see everyone again, they’re still as cute and precious as I remember! Lots to love in this opening ep. Their new uniforms, the cafe antics, Chiya and her comedy routines, Rize being a sexy goddess, and everyone else as well. I noticed this in the PV but saw it again in the OP, looks like we’ll see some girls from their schools in this season as well. Interested to see how those eps will play out. Feels like they’re branching out this season and doing more stuff outside the cafe setting.

    As always, looking forward to more of this wonderful show. So good to be watching this again!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Little Viktoria says:

    I like how Chino is being much less of a tsundere and instead smiles constantly around Cocoa. Finally admitting that you love her, Chino? ^^

    Cocoa and Chono’s little kiss on the lips (hidden between the frames, but so carefully done that it’s clearly intended) in the OP was very lovely. I still ship them as my main couple, even more than before.

    Of course Cocoa is such a sexual magnet that she can be paired with absolutely anyone, and she is really lovely with Chiya… but still I prefer her with her one and only Chino.

    Sharo and Chiya look like married girlfriends the entire episode ^^ I do like Sharo x Rize too, but Rize is so oblivious. Oh, and I love how the episode played with Rize’s sexiness. Delicious. Let’s hope we get to see the hair down, noblelady Rize again.

    If Sharo ends up with Chiya, I’ll be very happy with Rize x Maya, with lots of their usual “Maya teasing or picking little fights that end in copious ‘CQC’ in the bedroom” ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Rokfer says:

    Even though the most “canon” yuri stuff in the serie remains Syaro’s attraction to Rize, this episode made remember how much I prefer Chiya and Syaro together. The “childhood friends who constantly tease one another” trope will always be my favorite type of ship.

    And let’s not forget about the main pair, Chino and Cocoa, who made me squeel like a schoolgirl in just the first 5 seconds of the opening. The animators knew what they were doing.

    To me, they’re like the successors of my all-time favorite ship: YuiAzu.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. yurimylove says:

    Yes yes go with the pink sequin fabric! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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