393rd G-View: Joshikousei no Mudazukai

The following is a straightforward but complicated show to discuss. Read on to see what I mean as we take a look at Joshikousei no Mudazukai.

Joshikousei no Mudazukai Cover.jpg

Alternate Title: Wasteful Days of High School Girl(s).

Genres: Comedy, School Life

Themes: Yuri

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 9/10

The show is about the daily school lives of a group of oddball high school girls.

That is literally all the show is about. Viewers watch each girl get their time in the spotlight interacting with their classmates and friends/family outside school. What makes this one special is how (for the most part) hilarious it all is. The girls are not over the top weirdos. They all fall under familiar anime schoolgirl stereotypes. The magic lies in the execution. This is where the complicated part I mentioned at the beginning comes in. It is another one of those comedies where viewer enjoyment heavily depends on their sense of humor. Personally this is one of the funniest anime of 2019 but to someone else it is nothing special. Such is life after all. Allow me to elaborate as I bring up my favorite characters.


Robo the sage.

Take best girl Robo for example. The girls are all given nicknames in the first episode. So Robo. She is a classic monotone girl who almost never grins, is very perceptive and based on her hobbies may possibly want to become a biologist/chemist/scientist in the future. Reason I love her so much is because of her timing, lines and how she delivers them in her previous monotone voice and (mostly) singular expression.


Yamai the chuuni.

Next is Yamai, the token chuunibyou (8th Grader Syndrome) girl. Again she is a run of the mill chuuni on the surface but what makes her one of the best is her delivery and how she spins things to have a chuuni meaning. Her discussions/interactions with Mr Waseda are some of my favorite parts of the show. We will talk about him in a bit.


Lily the true heroine.

Third is Lily whose nickname is the same as her name (That or she was not given one because she debuted near the halfway point). I need not explain what kind of character she is. All readers need to know about her is she is one of the most skilled in her field, having great control over her power, is quite skilled at her craft and will openly accept most invitations but is patient at the same time. Her weakness sparked some debate when it first happened, each person having a different answer to why “that” happens.

Wota's special vision.jpg

There’s a simple explanation to why Wota’s eyes become this way on some occasions. See Episode 2 for details. That and she has the best voice of them all.

The other main and side-girls are all hilarious in the same way, each falling under an anime schoolgirl archetype but adding their own spin to the formula resulting in much hilarity.

Mr Waseda.jpg

Mr Waseda, seen here slowly losing his sanity. It is a weekly occurrence.

On to Mr Waseda. Initially I thought he would be like Zetsubou-Sensei where his class slowly turned into his mad harem but thankfully that is so not the case. He openly stated what his ideal COLLEGE girlfriend was in the first episode, His role is slowly losing his sanity each week thanks to some of his wacky students, two in particular. I already brought up one of them.

I enjoyed this show so much that even my least favorite girl, Baka, has her moments here and there. Episodes 1 and 11 are my least favorite of the bunch but they are not bad. Just not as funny as the other 10.

The presentation is simple but effective. Not too flashy but has its moments of brilliance. The soundtrack is simple while the OP is nice (Mic check) and the ED sweet.

As for the yuri there are lesbians among the students and several potential couples. Plenty to go around, yes.

Overall Joshikousei no Mudazukai is one of my favorite anime of 2019 but its enjoyment relies heavily on viewers’ sense of humor and whether they are okay with another high school girl comedy show.

PS: Each episode has a Post-ED segment so be sure not to miss them.

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25 Responses to 393rd G-View: Joshikousei no Mudazukai

  1. Rory says:

    An assorted cast of characters that provides plenty of variety, and I’ll even begrudgingly admit that Baka does have her moments every now and then – just not as much as the other girls, though.
    On that note, my top three are Yamai, Lily and Loli.
    With all the characters getting their chance to shine, I feel like there is something for everyone here.

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  2. Little Viktoria says:

    One of my favourite shows this season. The LilyMajimeLoli thing was lovely, it’s pure pleasure watching Lily’s pleasure as she massages girls’ breasts, undresses them (a shame that was off camera) and coaxes them to do all kinds of things. I could watch an entire anime of Lily kissing everyone.

    Robo is love. Such a sexy cutie. And my favourite voice.

    I was so hoping for the sweet little Majo*Kohaku story from the manga to be animated, but can’t have everything…

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    • Teagan Blayn Litcott says:

      Lily is the embodiment of thirst. She needs her own anime indeed!

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    • OG-Man says:

      Lily is a professional hunter no doubt and one of the best girls. That and Chuuni’s episode are my favorites.

      Robo’s a beautiful trickster with an interesting mind. You can do it Majime! If it doesn’t work out with her then there’s a patient blonde beauty waiting.

      A pity but we still got plenty of excellent moments.

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  3. Teagan Blayn Litcott says:

    My no.3 show this season, after Machikado and Sounan. (Well, technically I only followed 3 shows this season, but the fact that I followed it each week is an achievement itself.)

    I wish Majime would just stop with her obsession with Robo, and realize that there’s a very thirsty girl right by her side who needs her more than anything.

    Also, at the closing class scene there were some interesting looking characters in class 2-2. Can’t wait for season 2!

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    • OG-Man says:

      The lovely blonde is patient, yes.

      Oh we definitely need a 2nd season!

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    • Little Viktoria says:

      The girls in the other class were adorable! Especially the twintail one and the shy Robo look-alike ^^

      The girls’ relationships were so intertwined that I don’t even know who to ship with whom. I would like to see Majime succeed with Robo, but on the other hand I want Lily to ravage everyone (and their mothers in some cases). Loli would work well with Majo, but after reading the manga my heart is only for Majo*Kohaku.

      Somehow I think Robo’s destined one isn’t in their class, she’s somewhere else. It needs to be a very special person. I just feel that when Robo meets her, she will know. Either she’s going to smile, or her eyes are going to widen a little ^^

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      • Teagan Blayn Litcott says:

        I was fooled at first when I saw Baka talk to the Robo-lookalike, but got suspicious when the doppelganger reacted to her with an actual facial expression. #notmyrobo

        And now I can vividly see a girl in the street randomly blurting out: “Man, would I volunteer for anti-aging DNA manipulation experiments!”
        Robo: [heavy breathing] “Contact info, please.”

        Majime’s mother seems and acts like the clueless ladykiller just like her daughter, but I have a hunch that she’s more experienced in that regard. She made Lily overflow with thirst with ease on two occasions already. And I bet she secretly enjoys doing so, too.

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  4. gremriel2016 says:

    It seems anime just isn’t for me. I watched 2 episodes and I’m like: “wtf did I just watch?”


  5. LuzeP says:

    One of my favorites anime this season. It’s so hilarious. All the girls have their own quirk, sometimes I feel bad for Waseda. My best girls are Robo, Chuuni and Lily. Robo, she’s an interesting lady, beautiful, have all the answer, even if it is weird. Chuuni, she cracks me up hard. Her conversation with Waseda always top-notch funny. Lily it’s an inspiration. If you’re gay, be like Lily, without a skin problem, of course. She’s not too pervy or she hides it really well, she’s a pro. And I prefer not to look so deeply into that, I mean with Baka. Also you know this already, even though Majime and Lily would be a lot easier to be the best couple but if Majime only has eyes on Robo, I fully support her. It’s not like she doesn’t have a chance, like that boy. Again, hilarious. A second season would be wonderful.

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  6. cirno9fan says:

    Not a huge fan of this show, but it had a really good run until 11 (11 was still not the worst, but it just helped to make the last part of the show go out with a whimper)
    Loli, Lily, Yamai probably my top three, but Robo’s up there. Bottom three would probably be Baka, Wota, that guy in that episode (not in order)
    But everyone outside the bottom three is pretty great. I even liked Waseda a good deal. And will admit Wota was more likeable by the end, but if it’s a “bottom 3”, then even characters you like will end up on there sometimes. Baka was just…okay at times.
    The OP grew on me a lot as time went on.
    Not sure how much I”d like another season over another season of so many other better shows out there, but I’m sure I’d enjoy another season.

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  7. Christian Appel says:

    You could feel the yuri aura of all girls. And even some yaoi. Not only because of Wota´s obsession for BL in her manga, which was a straight triangle before, but also for the scene in ep11.

    Wota sang very good, but when she founds out, who her fav act was, it was really funny.

    Fav couples: Majime X Robo, Lily X Loli, Wota x Baka, Yamai x Occult girl + sister.

    Yamai looks like Alice in Wonderland, but in Fantasyland as Dragon Knight with a princess to rescue – and marry.

    S2 would be great.

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  8. yurimylove says:

    I hope the teacher’s medical insurance covers unlimited lens replacement for his glasses.

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  9. Mauron says:

    I’m probably one of the few viewers to leave this series with a het ship. >_> Ships in order of shipping:

    Majime x Yamai, because sometimes the legendary hero wants to be swept off her feet like a legendary elf princess. …The legendary game HyperDeviotion Noire may have leaked into my brain.

    Lily x Loli. because while she was a mighty huntress, Loli was the one who stole her heart. She also had quite the interesting allergy, which leads us to…

    Baka x Wota, because I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Baka is a trans man, but doesn’t realize it yet. Lily’s sensitive allergies do, and Wota will be by the easily distracted idiot’s side when he comes to that conclusion for himself. Another thing to add to Wota’s greatness.

    Hopefully no one thought I was shipping teacher-guy with anyone. He gives me the creeps.


  10. K says:

    This was a nice watch. Not as funny as Dumbbell Girls, to me, but it does have its moments and it does have a certain charm to it. My favourite parts would be any Yamai/Waseda scene and when Lily and Loli went over to Majime’s house. That was such a trying time for Lily’s heart. Incidentally, Episode 9 was my fave.

    When it comes to best girl, my ranking is:

    Kohaku – only because she doesn’t really interact with the core cast (what with her going to a different school and all)

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