Yuri Quickie: Hangyakusei Million Arthur

As was mentioned several times by yours truly and others 20-Gay-Teen was an incredible year for yuri fans with many shows from various genres to choose from. There was one show however, that flew under my radar. A trusted ally touted about it but I did not make much of it. Then another showed up and some more people started asking/recommending it. So here we are checking it out…as a Yuri Quickie. I will explain why as we take a look at Hangyakusei Million Arthur.

Hangyakusei Million Arthur.jpg

Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Yuri.

Number of episodes: 24 (1st season 10, 2nd season 13+OVA)

Arthurs vs dragon.jpg

Not all battles are against giant foes. Most are regular people wielding special weapons.

The anime is based on the hit series Million Arthur. Set in a fictional “Britain”  the story is about a group of six mighty warriors sent from the future back to the past to find and the million Arthurs and destroy their “Excaliburs”, swords pulled out of stones that transform into weapons based on wielders’ greatest desires. The reason they must seek and destroy the Excaliburs is that they are a threat to the future.

So what is the show like as a whole? Well. I will post the cover image of another show so viewers will get a better idea of its tone.

Mikagura School Suite Poster

Yup. Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku. Like MGK, Million Arthur is an action-comedy that favors the latter, resulting in many funny moments while also delivering some simple yet still cool action scenes most of the time when our heroes confront the rogue Arthurs. Another similarity is not all episodes being action packed and humorous. Some have drama and heart. I do not mean Cerebus Syndrome level of drama. Not at all. Just the kind that gives viewers the fuzzies. Third similarity is both shows having a wacky yet very capable when the need arises cast. Heck there is even one, Rurou, I care as little about as a certain underrated lesbian icon’s relative yet he too has his moments (Episode 7). Each of the Hero Arthurs are accompanied by an Support Fairy, meaning the main cast consists of 12 characters. Worry not as we are about to get to the reason this is not a regular G-View. Each of the heroes get their time in the spotlight due to them splitting up in teams, giving the central team their time to shine and viewers understanding them better. As the show progresses the main plot thickens (of course). There are also cameos by more popular/famous Arthurs in the franchise like Thief Arthur and Utahime, the latter having a strong influence on the unlikeliest of our heroes.

Million Arthur 4 Komas.jpg

The “WTF 4Komas”.

Going back to the comedy each episode after the ED features some of what I like to call “WTF 4Komas” because every time I watch them I ask myself “WTF did I just watch?”. This is not a knock against the show at all. I like how nonsensical are.

Well. That is the gist of what to expect. A fun show with its serious moments every now and then.

Alright. It is time for the main reason you are all reading this.

Dancho trying to seduce Renkin.jpg

Dancho the prodigy.

Dancho. The star pupil of a certain overlooked lesbian icon.

Eruna's current goal

Dancho’s master.

I could pretty much copy/paste my thoughts on the iconic Eruna Ichinomiya and it would fit Dancho Arthur just as well. Put simply Dancho is a sexy, fun loving, energetic, charismatic (though like her master it does not always have the desired effect on her friends and love interests), dependable and of course perverted lesbian protagonist who is proud of who she is and tries to seduce her female teammates at every given opportunity. That or ogle at their cuteness/sexiness in various clever ways. Eruna taught Dancho all her best techniques and how to be a badass dependable protagonist who always tries being there for her friends and crushes when able. While she is Eruna’s greatest student Dancho stands out in her own way.

Dancho introducing herself to the team.jpg

Dancho introducing herself.

-Dancho loves to cosplay and often tries to get a fun reaction from everyone…with the expected results.

-She knows men mainly speak the language of “Look at dem tig ol’ bitties and dat ass bro!”, using it to her advantage.

-She is has a meatier body than her master who is a sexy beast herself.

-She was described as being more assertive than Eruna but I think they are equally capable in their seductive techniques and are equally hungry for cute girls.

The one nitpick is that due to the other heroes getting a chance to shine on more than one occasion our glorious leader does not always get to share the spotlight, which is a bummer but not a deal breaker as the other cast members (except Rurou. I am sure a certain someone respects him.) are equally as fun to watch.

So yes. I agree this show, while not over yet (The 2nd season is ongoing as of this writing), is a hidden gem of 2018. Give it a watch and catch up if interested. Support Dancho! She needs more love.

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10 Responses to Yuri Quickie: Hangyakusei Million Arthur

  1. LuzeP says:

    I should’ve watched sooner. I liked this show. I’ve heard about it last year but I was so overwhelmed with other 20 gay-teen and all and didn’t bother. When second season started a friend recommending it again. Thank God, I have a lot of spare times to watch previous anime. Compare to Eruna I prefer Dancho for reasons you mentioned. I haven’t ship her with anyone yet, I enjoyed her being super gay. Maybe with Yamaneko or Nuckelavee, let’s see how’s season 2 going.
    By the way, that WTF 4komas has the same creator with Ai Mai Mii series. One of my favorite short anime. Just as crazy and you’d go “WTF am I watching”. Too bad season 2 doesn’t have one of those anymore.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Giack31 says:

    I checked it out after you and other in the comments mentioned it. It’s pretty fun. Episode 5 and 6 were obviously the highlights. I loved the look of the Arthur from episode 5 and the other students shipping the two fairies together. Episode 6 was absolutely crazy and I loved it for it, when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier it did.
    Have you seen the OP for season 2? There is something VERY interesting in it.
    Just finished watching episode 3 of s2 and it was quite something. A lot of Dancho being pervy self in it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Little Viktoria says:

      So true. I loved s2e3… But shame on you Renkin-chan, don’t stop Dancho when she’s right on the verge of a yuri conquest of legendary magnitude.

      I want to watch the swimsuit episode again now ^^

      Liked by 1 person

  3. cirno9fan says:

    I never expected to enjoy the show as much as I have so far!

    When I first heard of it, I actually was interested, as what I played of the game was pretty fun, but then I just sort of filed it into “mobage adaptation with multiple MCs, will go with the male arthur” territory. Because of how often that has happened….fortunately SQuenix was awesome, and gave us Dancho as the MC, completely going against what every other publisher ever did/does. And she is amazing~

    Dunno if I ship her with Knucklavee or Renkin more….It’s a hard choice!

    Thief is from season 2 of the game. Dancho and co are s3. Thief being more popular is probably just because she’s been around longer. And I think the second series is what boosted MA into popularity.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Little Viktoria says:

    I support Dancho world dominance. I’m enjoying season 2 very much, the yuri definitely is building up even more ^^

    I think it’s delightful and refreshing that they made no attempt to explain where those support fairies came from and what they are.

    And I ship our saviour Dancho with Nuckelavee, Yamaneko and Yamaneko’s cutie Coupy. Yuri foursome yay ^^ Renkin can grow up a bit first so that she’s not so uptight…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Maybe I’ll give the first season a watch too…watching a fair few shows this season, but maybe I can find the time at some point to catch up…

    (I know I loved the hell out of Mikagura Gakuen, at least, and if this is indeed similar…)

    Liked by 1 person

  6. yurimylove says:

    I noticed you started covering s2. It is a good idea to finish s1 first before i start on s2?


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