373rd G-View: Akanesasu Shoujo

I do not know how else to start this G-View than by saying “This show surprised me quite a bit”. Find out what I mean as we take a look at Akanesasu Shoujo.

Akanesasu Shoujo.jpg

Alternate Title: The Girl in Twilight (EN)

Genres: Science Fiction

Themes: Mecha Musume, Multiverse, Yuri

Number of Episodes: 12

G-Rating: 8/10 (Personal), 7/10 (Depends on viewer’s patience and overall interest).

Plot Summary: Every clear day at 4:44 pm, Asuka and four of her friends go to the temple tree on top of a hill, tune their radio to a different frequency, and pray to open the door to another world. It hasn’t worked yet, but bubbly Asuka is determined that one day it will, even if some of her friends, like pragmatic Yu and Chloe, don’t necessarily agree. And then one day, it does – the girls find the right frequency and suddenly their prayers land them in a golden twilight world where they are promptly attacked. They only survive because another girl intervenes – one who looks strangely like Asuka herself.

Asuka and YuuMia and Nana

Mia and Chloe

The five Radio Club leads: Asuka, Yu, Nana, Mia and Chloe.

There are two important details readers need to know before giving this show a go.

1: The pacing. The show has a slow start. The premiere does its job of giving viewers an idea on what to expect but for some it may not be interesting enough. Episode 2 does not help much either. Personally I did not get fully invested in the show until Episode 4 when the second character arc started, though Episode 3 was not bad. I consider Episodes 2 and 3, the first character arc the weakest. It does not mean the episodes suck, rather I personally consider it the weakest of the five arcs. The show has a mostly consistent narrative structure. What I mean is each arc starts with an episode that sets up what is going on, the personal dilemma one of the girls must face and the rules of the world they ventured into along with whatever connection it has to the central girl of the arc. The second part of character arcs has the team prepare for the upcoming battle, the central character finding the answers she is looking for and then having pretty cool climaxes. More on those later.

2: This will be a necessary spoiler. Nothing major but it will help explain what kind of show this is. Without going into great detail this is a show about the Multiverse. What is the Multiverse? Western comic book (including TV shows and movies) fans (Marvel and DC especially) may have an idea. Put simply it is short for “Multiple Universe”. The gist of it is seeing multiple versions of the same person whose differences range from small to vastly yet they still share common traits. Of course the rules change depending on the writer/s but the fundamentals remain similar.

Asuka and Poo Poo Asuka

Asuka and Asuka from another Fragment.

Let us say you are from Universe A. In this universe you successfully graduated from college and went on to have a nice life. But what if you dropped out of college and were not able to find a stable life? That is where the “You” from Universe B comes in. Then there is the “You” from Universe C who did graduate from college but never got married. These are all examples but basically every single life making decision creates a different branching universe. In Multiverse stories the protagonists visit other universes (“Fragments” in this series) and potentially interact with different versions of themselves. It is through these interactions along with other personal circumstances that help our heroines develop. Decisions revolving around simple things like companionship to the more complicated like love and loss. Also time travel and the Multiverse have different rules when it comes to interactions.

As long as viewers take these two paragraphs into consideration they will be able to watch the show with little trouble. Again it depends on level of interest.

Twilight warrior

Super armor.

When it comes to the action scenes they are all quite good with them getting better and better with each fight against the forces of Twilight. Think of the Twilight as a yellow cloud thing that consumes everything in its path, like a living shadow of doom. Thing is the battles are all CG. Like the pacing the CG starts off a bit rough but with each battle it gets progressively better and smoother. The same can be said for the overall animation. With each arc it shows improvement all the way to the finale where the animators show off what they can really do. The character art is solid and more importantly the ladies are quite fetching. The show takes advantage of this at certain points but does not go overboard with the sexiness. The soundtrack is nothing extraordinary but I openly admit to loving the OP. It is one of my favorites of the Fall 2018 season. The ED is nice too.

OGs and T Asuka photo

The six most prominent characters though in actuality it is seven.

Next up let us briefly go over the leading ladies.

First up is the leader of the Radio Club, Asuka (black hair). She starts off as a happy go lucky genki who enjoys making friends and dragging everyone on crazy adventures. However, her being the leading lady there is much more to her.

Second is Nana (gold-ish hair). She starts off as the lamest member but fortunately is the focus of the first character arc, meaning she becomes much better as the show goes on. She is the fashion expert of the group but surprisingly the one with the most social knowledge.

Third is Mia (silver hair). The youngest, cutest and tallest. My favorite of the five. Her arc is also my favorite.

Fourth is Chloe (aqua blue hair). She is the quiet one with the simplest character arc…on the surface. It is a familiar arc but one people need to experience themselves to better understand why it is a big deal for some.

Fifth is Yu (dark brown hair). She is the strict and uptight one who gets dragged along on adventures by Asuka. She shares a similarity with Asuka in that her character arc is has multiple layers.

Lastly there is the second Asuka. She is the opposite of her cheerful genki self, a serious no-nonsense (at first) badass kind of edgy babe with solid abs. Deep down though she is still an Asuka.

Mystery girl

As for the seventh girl…weeeeeeeelllll. Let me put it this way. Girl #7 is a game changer. It made me wonder “Would I have enjoyed this show as much as I did without Girl #7’s presence and influence? Probably not.” She does not get as much screen time as the other six but when she does it is often a wonderful experience. As some readers may have guessed Girl #7’s introduction is when the yuri kicked in. Trust me when I say there is much more to the yuri on this show than just Girl #7’s awesomeness.

Before we wrap things up let us briefly talk about the ending. It is one of those “Lure/Bait” shows. What do I mean? Usually it is “Manga Lure/Bait” meaning “Read the manga to find out what happens next”. In the case of this show it is a “Game Lure/Bait”, meaning “Check out the mobile game to learn more. That is kind of a bummer…BUT, thing is the main story told in the anime does wrap up. Although there remain some unanswered questions the main plot is resolved, though some of said questions have enough hints for viewers to piece together what may have happened. Not all questions but I personally was able to answer some of them. Think of it as it being the end of one big adventure and the start of others.

Overall Akanesasu Shoujo is my pick for “Surprise anime of Fall 2018” and is also “one of the overlooked gems of the year”. It is an enjoyable show provided viewers have enough patience and interest. The main journey is an interesting one complete with cool surprises and twists, the cast intentionally have some cracks that get filled over time and they all become fun, the action is pretty cool so long as viewers can tolerate the CG that gets better over time and the main event definitely delivers. While the ending is a “Game lure/bait” the main story does have a conclusion. I cannot guarantee many will like the show but do encourage the open-minded and patient to give it a try.

Update: Sad news. The aforementioned game closed after only three months, leaving the fate of the anime in question.

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53 Responses to 373rd G-View: Akanesasu Shoujo

  1. cirno9fan says:

    I know it was a bait for the game, but I still hope that a second season will result!
    Depending on how well Zombieland closes out (not been too keen on the MC’s arc…) I may give this show the “Surprise of the season” award for Fall. The only thing holding it back is how much I was initially hyped for it. Whereas Zombieland was something I had no clue what I was getting into.

    But still, very fun show, and very glad I got past episode 2~
    But man was it difficult to make it past there….

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  2. Jack Cactus says:

    I’m a sucker for multi-dimensional travelling so upon checking out this show, I was hooked to binge 7 episodes in a row and now it’s finished, it was a thrill ride to be honest

    What I like about the transformations is that they were not deliberately and overly sexualized like other shows that also feature transformations. They look good and some are straight up amazing like Seriouska’s and Mia’s.

    The character dynamic I also enjoyed with Asuka being the somewhat annoying genki girl, Mia being the adorable, shy girl with a heart of gold, Yuu being the straight man but has trouble conveying her real emotion (I don’t think Yuu and “straight” go hand-in-hand), Chloe and Nana didn’t strike too much impressions on me although I do resonate with Chloe’s introvertism.

    Now my personal bummer with the show is some loose ends at the end of the show, mostly serve as an excuse for the mobile game (ugh, heresy) but what I DO like but ended too quickly is the psychological aspect of the show, mainly in the final episode when Asuka came with smol Asuka into a Twilight Limbo where the visuals came into overdrive and I loved it SO MUCH.

    But for all of its misgivings, Seriouska did bring me back to the show from time to time and later, AsuYuu, can we all agree that they are a real thing in the end? Because u know, Asuka is desperately trying attend Yuu’s college and what not.

    Initialy I’d give it a 7 but Seriouska and AsuYuu made me bump it to 7.5

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    • Liddo-kun says:

      this show somehow reminded me of the old tv show Sliders. Agreed with you on the transformations, they’re not the usual cute and sometimes sexy styles we see in magical girl shows. This is more like female kamen rider transformations with the armour they wear. Well, have to leave the show open ended because they are promoting a game.

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      • OG-Man says:

        Didn’t say much about the super armor myself but yes they are pretty cool.

        That’s what “source bait/lure” shows do. It is what it is.


    • OG-Man says:

      Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

      Most of the super armors were pretty cool. As fun and silly as Chloe’s was at first glance I quickly grew to respect it.

      The group dynamic of the main quintet was pretty good. Well, the term for someone like Yu is “straight man” of a comedy duo. The important thing is knowing what the term means.

      Would have liked more questions being answered, yes. The finale was definitely a visual spectacle.

      That’s what “source bait/lure” shows do. It is what it is.

      Only those in denial would doubt AsuYu’s couple status.

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  3. MarkS00N says:

    My Sale Pitch for this series, which double as my review for this series is like this:

    Do you like action?
    Do you like yuri?
    Do you like FUN!!?
    Akanesasu Shoujo is the anime for you!

    Do you like Kamen Rider?
    Have ever wished for Female Kamen Rider that don’t just appear to die, only appear in a movie, or basically being useless?
    Akanesasu Shoujo is the perfect anime for you!

    Do you want a series that respect the girl desire and choice?
    Do you want a series that explore many human aspect, from freedom, to community obligation, to friendship, to love, to guilt, and many more?
    Watch Akanesasu Shoujo!

    This is my Anime of the Season. Only beaten by Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight for Anime of the Year (and mostly due to production quality issue, which Revue Starlight exist in a league of its own). For an anime that I thought going to be mediocre in the beginning, it jump and cross my ever increasing appreciation for it.
    Its imagination, Its passion, Its commitment, and most importantly Its Yuri are beyond what I expected to get. And while I did have low expectation in the beginning, after episode 5 this anime is my top priority in Fall, and by episode 11 my excitement for it can only be rivaled by Revue Starlight (to put in to perspective, I watched the first episode of Revue Starlight 11 times before episode 2 shows up).
    I love this series so much. For me, this series is 11/10.

    If you haven’t watch Akanesasu Shoujo | The Girls in Twilight, watch it NOW!

    “Fun” fact, the first anime magazine I read (this is before I have access to DVD or internet to watch anime) contain review of I”s. I wished to read that manga, because I like the character design, but by the time I can read it, I no longer wanted to because it wasn’t yuri (as I already in “yuri only” mode). The character designer for Akanesasu Shoujo is done by the same artist as I”s, so to certain extend my wish to finally enjoy character designed by him, finally comes true.

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  4. Red says:

    I really don’t understand why this show isn’t getting any attention from the fanbase at large. The animation quality dips at times but it’s really solid otherwise (and some of the fight scenes still look great).

    One thing that stood out to me with this show that I really looked is that these five felt more like a real group of friends that would realistically hang out with each other than most groups in anime do. Even though you could argue it’s because they all ended up in the same club, I never felt like that was the real reason they stayed together.

    And the world hopping is really well done. Plenty of anime (too many, honestly) do “other worlds,” but it’s almost always just one or they talk about infinite worlds without ever really exploring them much. Here we had multiple worlds each get a good amount of focus. It gave the show a really original feel to it, even though I know the idea isn’t new.

    And, of course, yuri. It was hinted at/implied for a while, but I honestly didn’t expect to get a real love confession. That was a treat. A good reminder that ships can set sail.

    It did unfortunately leave some questions unanswered, the big one (for me, anyway) being Sexy Yu and her story. It gets some hints but really no more than that. I know this probably isn’t getting a second season, but I’d like to get one to answer this and shed more light on Kyo’s disappearance and whereabouts.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Liddo-kun says:

      glad to see you noticed that too. One of the well written parts of the story is how they really felt like a group of friends. Can feel the tension when Yu and Chikuwasuka had an argument. My only complaint is we did not get to visit Sexy Yu fragment to know her story.

      Liked by 3 people

    • OG-Man says:

      It’s definitely one of the few anime that explored multiple universes/dimensions instead of mention it or only bring up one of many. Twas well done I’d say.

      The group dynamic among the main quintet was nice and believable.

      Surprise lesbian love confessions are always welcome.

      Yeah. It’s a shame we didn’t get to visit Yu-Two’s fragment and learn a bit more about her than the hints we got, which were admittedly to form theories at least.

      I imagine Kyo’s whereabouts is something they’ll explore in the game.

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  5. ineedyuri says:

    What I watched: Akanesasu Shoujo
    What I expected: Low effort anime
    What I got: PERSONA!

    Honestly love this show.
    Asuka might be my favourite character of the season.
    But all of the characters are fun to watch.

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  6. Mauron says:

    I was hooked on this show from episode 1. I love the interdimensional travel themes, and I would have been happy if it was just anime Sliders.

    When some people were disappointed by the horror world introduced in episode 2, I was delighted by the concept. Sure, it’s a horrible terrifying world, but not all worlds are nice, and that was exactly what I wanted from anime Sliders.

    When episode 4 rolled around, and we got Sexy Yu’s introduction, the show went from maybe a 10/10 to an easy 12/10. At that point I thought Sexy Yu would have to carry the show’s yuri, but I was still happy.

    Then as the show progressed farther it looked like Glasses Yu would hold a similar torch for Chikawaska as Sexy Yu, and some of her other friends might be interested too, and the show went to a 14/10.

    When we got Glasses Yu’s big moment, I was shocked and delighted. The show went all the way up to an 18/10.

    In the final episode, Glasses Yu lost her glasses, but talked about moving in with Chikawasuka, so the show ended on a 19/10 instead of a 20/10.

    Yes, I realize my rating scale makes no sense.

    This is potentially Anime of the Season for me, but gay Vampires and Spies still have an episode to go, and all three are quite amazing. Zombies as a whole didn’t make the top of the top, but Saki and Lily are quite excellent and worth 5 or 10 points alone.

    Speaking of, how on earth do you embed images in the comments here?

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    • Liddo-kun says:

      they did “slide” into several worlds. Glad to see someone who also watched Sliders here. Anyway, most of the fragments they slided into have some levels of disturbing things going on. forced marriage, staged gunfights to the death, artifical intelligence that mind control people — they had to fight through all of that. And it was an amazing journey. Did not expect glasses Yu to eventually confess… I guess she’s just waiting to become Eroyuu at some point, because they are the same person.

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      • Mauron says:

        Sliders was quite great. I’m going to have to get the rest of the DVDs and rewatch it soon.

        I suppose the forced straight marriage was just extra scary to me. 😛

        I don’t think Glasses Yu will quite become Sexy Yu… at least not publicly.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Haven’t seen Sliders but it sounds like a lot of fun.

      As Liddo-kun said all the fragments had some darkness in them, whether it was through the Clutters’ influence or it was already like that. Probably a mix of both.

      Yu-Two was a game changer.

      OG’s Yu’s big moment was one of the best of 2018.

      She’s channeling her inner Yu-Two while preparing to attend college with her girlfriend. It was so cute. That and when she told the others she had faith Asuka would return. SO GOOD!

      Fall 2018 was a great season in an already incredible year for the Nation.

      Not sure. Maybe copy/paste links?

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      • Mauron says:

        If you like interdimensional travel, I highly recommend it.

        Clearly that world just left an impression on me.

        Glasses Yu became quite the source of yuri. Probably moment of the year for me, unless something escapes me at the moment.

        It was quite great in many regards.

        I’ve tried that, it just autolinks. Ah, I think I found it!

        Liked by 2 people

      • Mauron says:

        No, but I think I’m close.


  7. Liddo-kun says:

    From a very mediocre start, as in really bad first 3 episodes. This show has impressed me by the end. One of the best I’ve watched in 2018.

    Liked by 2 people

    • OG-Man says:

      I don’t count the premiere as mediocre myself. Not really. Anyway the second (and to an extent the third episode) I get, though looking back episode 2 was MEANT to be a bad scenario though you showed in one of your replies here being aware of that. But yes, show was great from 4 and onward.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Liddo-kun says:

        I don’t even remember what happened in episode 2. All I know is all that happened before the Mia arc was badly written (own opinion). And by bad,,, I mean badly written, not bad scenario. Anyway, the show still delivered and I’m glad to have not dropped this episode 3.


    • OG-Man says:

      Okie dokie.


  8. LuzeriP says:

    For me it’s 10/10, I love the show. I have no problem with episode 2. But I remember yelling “snap out of it, girl you’re only 17!” … Good times. Asuka crashed the wedding was precious. All the girls are attractive. Sexy Yu is my best girl. I might check out the game to find out more about her. And of course, the best moment was Yu confession and the kiss. I’m glad it didn’t stop there with Asuka decided to go to the same university as Yu. Imagine how much “study” they’ll having. The project is pushing the game now but there is a chance for second season. It depends on how the game goes. Anyway, it’s a great show to watch for yuri action lovers.

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  9. yurimylove says:

    yes a fun series for sure. Of all the fragments, I like the cowboy western setting the most. For one I haven’t seen much anime using that setting, and also I just think that story arc is really fun. As you may have guessed I like the genki Asuka the most, but I also found that grumpy gunslinger Asuka in the western fragment oddly sexy too.

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  10. Nick says:

    Surprising show indeed. I think it was too slow a start for most and they kinda backed out. That or they just weren’t feeling it. I almost did but decided to stick with it and I was pleasantly surprised I gotta say.

    I too liked the western fragment a lot, thought that was really cool with the whole cowboy gun slinging vibe and all. Was neat.

    Sexy Yu was probably my favorite out of them all, although each girl did have her moments here and there. They all were good and likeable, just Sexy Yu a bit more so for me. Also her swimsuit was great.

    Loved the confession and kiss. Surprising to see but I’m glad they actually had that. I wish more shows had that… Also nice to see them sticking together in uni too. An S2 with them older would be great to see.

    Not the cleanest ending for this show, but as it’s all for a game I can accept it a bit more so. Still wouldn’t mind another season though, I’d be back for that for sure.

    All in all this show was one that rewarded those who stuck with it and I’m glad I did. Final tally for me is a 3.5/5 (or about a 7.5)

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    • Liddo-kun says:

      it’s a little sad we did not get to visit EroYuu fragment. Would be interesting to know how she became that way.

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      • mati says:

        she is pretty unresolved at this point. someone speculated that she might have lost her asuka, and i think that was strongly supported by her last line in ep 11. and since seriousuka lost her yu i think they’d actually be a great ship, especially thanks to that flirty/tsundere dynamic. we got a hint of it once or twice i think.

        sadly i doubt there’ll be a 2nd season or a global release for the game unless the japanese version does crazy well, like happened with bang dream.

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    • OG-Man says:

      Patience paid off, yes.

      Such a cool fragment, except the messed up judicial system before our heroines set things right..

      Sexy Yu’s my #2 with Mia at #1.

      Lesbian love confessions are always welcome, especially when they’re reciprocated like on this show.

      Hopefully we’ll get one.


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  11. Slifer the sky dragon says:

    Loli Asuka tuvo mala suerte, la alejaron de Yu por eso perdio la esperanza y no tuvo el apoyo de una Yu como la tuvo Ssuka prota, porque por lo visto en ka serie la Yu amaban a cualquier Asuka, Ero Yu ama a las Asuka, Yu prota le confeso su amor + beso a Asuka fue mutuo, en ese aspecto Asuka prota tuvo suerte.

    Me gustaria una segunda temporada para que expliquen cosas que quedaron sin explicacion y saber si revivio SerioAsuka

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    • OG-Man says:

      Asi es. Ella no tuvo un Yu para apoyarla.

      Mayoria de las Yus amaban la Asuka de su mundo/universo. Todo menos las del mundo de matrimonios arreglados pero eso no importa.

      Como dije en el episodio 11, yo quise que una Yu y una Asuka se enamoraran y cumplieron mi deseo.

      El final dio un pista que seguramente “SeriAsuka” se revivio.


  12. rachiba says:

    As many of you have, I also had no expectations of this series. Its start was clumsy (Although Nana’s bow I found it funny * banana intensifies *). I liked the narrative evolution and the characters, who were able to get away from the “one-dimensional” type characters and give us a deeper focus on them. The Yuri of the series saw it coming from the 4 episode when Cowboy Asuka told her “I believe you, honey” (Translated from Spanish subtitles) and the Yuu was surprised, lol.

    Questions without answers? Yes, there are, although I do not think they have affected the main plot. At least, I hope for a sequel, outside the “bait” with the video game.

    One of the best series I’ve seen in the last 4 years xd.


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    • OG-Man says:

      Ah yes. You do have a point. The show started getting yuri vibes when Wild West Asuka hit on Wild West Yu.

      Many of us would like to see a continuation. Hopefully the game does well enough to warrant a sequel anime.

      Liked by 2 people

  13. Personally, I loved the hell out of the show (maybe a bit less episode 2), as I’m a big fan of multiverse stuff and exploring alternate worlds/possibilities.

    Yu x Asuka towards the end was AMAZING! I desire to see more, though what we got was already indeed more than enough.

    Personally, despite episode 2, I’d say maybe a 8.9-9.3/10 or so. Not always perfect, but always enjoyable and such. Some other anime are scoring higher, so not quite AotY, but not that far from AotS for me.

    And I would very much indeed watch a season 2 if we got one, though if the game hasn’t been doing well, less likely…a shame, really, as I might’ve starter playing if it hadn’t already shut down, it seems? Though not sure where that information is from, as at least the game’s apparent official site still shows updates for the game for 20/12, aka 2 days ago…

    That animation in the last two episodes though. Both fight animation, and the mind-bending animation in ep12. Wow, that’s all I can say.

    Last few episodes might be my personal favourite, though the Wild West fragment certainly comes 2nd. And I think I liked OG Yu & Asuka the most out of all of them.

    Liked by 2 people

    • yurimylove says:

      if you like “mind-bending animation”, try Evangelion final episode 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      It was really good and as someone above said one of the best anime about multiple universes and alternate worlds.

      It’s personally the biggest surprise of the season. Even more than Zombieland Saga, which was also really good but you already know that.

      Hopefully the issues with the game and the merch sales are treated separately. I know that’s wishful thinking but who knows? S2 might happen one day.

      The big battle in episode 11 was fantastic and the psychological stuff in 12 was definitely something else…

      OG Asuka and Yu as your top two are great choices.

      Liked by 2 people

  14. OtakuGamerGirlT says:

    I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to stick with this show the full ride, but I’m really glad I did because it turned out to be really fun and yurirific. It actually got rather interesting in the later episodes too. I’d really like to see a season 2, but even of we dont, I dont think it was such a bad ending I’d be devastated. Good stuff overall. Yuu was my fav.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. FantasyGirlKanna says:

    I really liked this one especially when I saw that they’re doing different realities of the MCs from different worlds. And fave character is Yu…all of them 😀
    I just find it sad that they haven’t really found Kyo-chan. I almost stopped watching it when Seriousuka and her world disappeared but I’m glad I continued it, Ep.11 was the best :D.

    I really loved this show 🙂


  16. Veela says:

    Um the game is working, japanese version at least. Another game that I play in original language (along with magia record and starlight) and it’s decent (starlight and magia record are waaay better). I liked the anime and I hope for a 2nd season


  17. Giack31 says:

    Great anime. I really liked that Asuka wasn’t just a stereotypical genki character but there was a lot more to her (especially in the final episode). I loved Yu’s confession and the fact that it seems to be reciprocated.
    I have mixed feelings about the final episode.
    On one hand you have the first part which is very trippy and cool. You get to see so much more of Asuka’s character. It was really interesting that one of the reason that Loli Asuka decided to lose her emotion is because Yuu wasn’t there for her (furthering the ship even more, also would have really like to see what actually happened to her in Loli Asuka’s world). I was very surprised that they didn’t find Kyo but I think it was actually for the better because it helped the two Asuka’s to move on.
    On the other end you have the rest of the episode which was basically there to fill time and only add more questions. in there we had:
    Yu removing her glasses without any sort of explanation. Taking away a character’s glasses is a grave sin.
    What was basically the introduction of a new character. In the final episode. Why?
    An insinuation that Seriouska might still be alive?
    Asuka gets another cassette. An obvious tease for a season season that will probably never come.

    It’s a good anime even though I would have like more answers especially regarding Sexy Yu

    Liked by 1 person

    • OG-Man says:

      Of course she reciprocated. She heard her confession before the Twilight bubble closed.

      Other versions of the megane girl were seen here and there playing minor but noticeable roles so the OG version of her joining the Radio Club wasn’t really outta nowhere.

      We all want to see more. Whether we will is anyone’s guess.


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