Yuri Intensity Level Explanation

So a nation member out there dared question my judgment on yuri content.

UPDATE: Overheat subcategory introduced for the sake of consistency and specification.

There are three intensity levels of yuri content in the Yuri Anime List: Low, Medium and High. These levels refer to the QUALITY of the yuri content, not the QUANTITY. Let’s use three examples to better explain my point. Basically it’s not about how MUCH yuri there is on the show but WHAT the girls do together.


black-rock-shooter-tv-pvBlack Rock Shooter: The OVA and TV show. Were there hints of the girls being sexually or romantically interested in one another? Yes. Was there any kissing on the lips or sexual contact? Not exactly. I will admit that I made a mistake with BRS TV so I will set that back to low. Point is LOW refers to shows where there is yuri (subtext or canon) but there is little to no intimate contact shown between the girls/women.


Thumbs up for Sakura TrickNow here’s the level that probably caused the most confusion amongst readers, especially in regards to Sakura Trick. Were there signs the girls were sexually or romantically interested in one another? Yes. Was there any kissing on the lips or sexual contact. Yes and no. As viewers who saw the show know there was at least one make-out session in almost every episode. HOWEVER, despite Sakura Trick’s record breaking amount of yuri kisses in an anime, there were NO signs of the girls ever going beyond that. Meaning that by the end of the show there were no signs whatsoever of the girls having had sex yet.

Lots of kissing on the lips or other body partsthe private partssexual intercourse = medium intensity.

Kissing, licking and nibbling on any body part that is not the breasts or the lower region is still in the medium level.


KuttsukiboshiNormally this would be perceived as a content rating signifying either a hentai or sometimes a show with maximum nudity, nearing hentai level. But as I explained in the Medium section, there have to be signs of sexual intercourse either on or off-screen. Besides Kuttsukiboshi other examples include Seikon no Quaser, Kampfer (Specifically the OVAs), Ikkitousen, Kannazuki no Miko, Strawberry Panic, Simoun and Gokujyo to name a few. Were all of these on-screen? Not all of them but the signs were all there for each show.


Basically when the amount of yuri, either medium or high, occurs multiple times throughout the show. The intensity doesn’t change but because it happens so often on select shows this new subcategory was introduced.

The NibuDeko FeudAny other questions?


yuru-yuri-4-sukumizu-bikini-beach-anime-125Somebody out there actually dared say that A SHOW CALLED YURU


is not a yuri show.,please do not make crappy jokes like that ever again whoever brought this up.

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27 Responses to Yuri Intensity Level Explanation

  1. cirno9fan says:

    Kinda rigid in my opinion. It’d be best to just add a “Overheating” or something like that category so that there’s a good balance between the low, medium, and high. Though I do think Sakura Trick ended up medium, since by the end there really weren’t any actual “couples”, outside two of the supporting main characters.


  2. Cheshire Cat says:

    Oh, Yuru- twin sister of Yuri =]]. I will go with Medium level, though.


  3. Thanks to you g-man i will never be confused anymore about the intensity level of a series.

    PD: I love that pic of Ayano and Toshino Kyoko 😀


  4. Timea says:

    “Basically when the amount of yuri, either medium or high, occurs multiple times throughout the show.” About Sakura trick, which you deemed medium: “there was at least one make-out session in almost every episode” So why isn’t it Overheat?


  5. scebswo9m4qj says:

    I do have to point out that they DO imply that multiple characters are having intercourse in Strawberry Panic, before, during and after. I recall them showing some character in bad naked after supposedly having sex, heck near the end of the series two of the main character have sex in a horse shed. (they show them naked and kissing, they diffidently just had sex)


    • Overlord-G says:

      In case you have not checked the list yet or fully read this post, Strawberry Panic’s yuri content intensity level is high.


  6. OJCK says:

    Levels need more decimals if ya ask Blues. Medium is Regular I take it from yr view.


  7. Cyan says:

    I never really got confused with how you grade these, but the new ‘overheat’ is a bit confussing… I understand Sono Hanabira is hentai and high level, Yuru Yuri on a medium, wouldn’t they also be overheat since there’s high recurrence?

    BTW, I wanted to watch Sekai Seifuku so I checked your review it’s written as your 209th review, when I went to check again the next day I forgot to bookmark it so I went to your G-views on your 209th view is Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.

    Sekai Seifuku – http://yurination.wordpress.com/2014/04/05/209th-g-view-sekai-seifuku-boryaku-no-zvezda/

    Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha – http://yurination.wordpress.com/2014/04/20/209th-g-view-inari-konkon-koi-iroha/

    If that was a mistake in count, hope it helped you organize your list.


    • Overlord-G says:

      In Yuru Yuri the kissing does happen as frequently. Chitose and Chizuru’s yuri vision scenes do not count. In the Hanabira OVA they only make love a couple of times.

      Thanks for the heads up. Inari’s #214 now.


  8. Valence says:

    I think ST should still be under High. I don’t think the ultimate end point for yuri anime is sex. I mean, surely it doesn’t need to be sexual to make something yuri. And the kiss scenes in ST were pretty intense, I wouldn’t show that to children. True that the yuri wasn’t sexual infatuation (at least on the screen) but surely it’s high intensity.


    • Overlord-G says:

      First of all I’m surprised you stopped by after all these years. Welcome.

      Second, who would show their children anything PG-13 rated before they are old enough to fully understand the difference between right and wrong? For parents/guardians who have, hope it all worked out for the best.

      Third, again quality over quantity.
      Many kissing scenes were had but the girls have yet to go beyond that on-screen or show any signs of having done so.

      Besides that’s what the newly introduced (or suggested) “overheat” subcategory is for, to warn newcomers that “Yes, there’s a lot of intimacy between girls on shows marked as overheat”


  9. yurimylove says:

    yuri Low, Medium or High — it’s all good. Of course i prefer high ones, like most nation members I’m sure, but we’ve gone thru this too many times, it’s not up to us to dictate.

    So my motto has always been — ANY yuri is good yuri


    • Overlord-G says:

      It is to help newcomers prepare themselves for how much yuri there will be and how much skin other than the lips will the girls crave from one another. But yeah, we’re both on the same page when it comes to ANY yuri.


  10. Chelsea says:

    Hey cool blog you have here! Thanks for posting this up, it really helped me figure out ones that I’m looking for in regards to yuri anime. I’m hoping to find other ones that are similar to Strawberry Panic because it’s one of those rare animes that made me feel all fluttery and pink inside. If you can recommend me something like that, that’d be great.


    • Overlord-G says:

      That’s a tough one as SP is one of a kind really. There are several manga that tried to emulate it and Maria-sama ga Miteru tried to put its own spin on the sempai-kouhai dynamic but there will never be another show like SP as far as I’m concerned. Whether that’s good or bad depends on who you ask.


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