YMC #42: Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni! Volume 1

Thanks to Shiroganenosuiren constantly praising this manga I eventually gave it a shot and read the first volume in one go. How did it fare? Let’s take a look at the first volume of “Don’t become an Otaku, Shinozaki!”

Expect several Oreimo season 1 references because the manga is similar…the exploration of otaku culture part not the “other” stuff.

Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni! Cover

Genres: Comedy, School Life, Yuri

Themes: Otaku

Number of chapters: 7 + 1 extra. Ongoing

Plot Summary: Akina Shinozaki is an attractive girl who was part of a sexy posse in middle school. However, the posse was disbanded, each going to different high schools. Akina’s loneliness doesn’t last long as she meets a cute girl named Kaede. Unfortunately for her, Kaede is a Precure (Prepure in the manga) otaku and Akina has a very negative image of otakus and the otaku culture. Determined to “save” Kaede and getting her out of otakudom, Akina begrudgingly enters the otaku world in order to get closer to Kaede and hopefully get her out of it.

“Dramatic” Plot Summary: Akina is a sexy high school girl who meets and slowly starts falling for a cute girl named Kaede, who happens to be “held captive in hell”. Determined to “save” Kaede, Akina ventures into the darkest depths of “hell” to “rescue” Kaede and then travel to Iono-sama’s kingdom in the hopes of making many lesbian daughters together.

As my fellow nation member so eloquently explained, Shinozaki-san takes the best parts of Ore no Imouto, mainly the exploration and inside look at the otaku culture and removes the silly het rom-com stuff, replacing it with the superior yuri fantasizing. Like Oreimo, Shinozaki-san takes a comedic, yet plausible look at both the good and bad side of otakudom without using stereotypes. The otakus in the manga, besides our three leading ladies, are humorous and harmless. One of the manga’s main points is that Japanese otakus, like any other hardcore fandom, are all fanboys and fangirls at heart with their own opinions and ways of expressing their love for fictional characters and the like. Otakus (As far as I know) are NOT demonic rapists or pedophiles who will prey on the innocent. The manga also has female otakus who are just as dedicated to “eating” and “breathing” 2D bishounen and stuff. Yes, I still do not get what the appeal is behind seeing little girls wearing revealing outfits (Utsutsu is an exception) but I do not judge people who do, not anymore. I used to but now I leave them be do their own thing.

The story mainly follows our “tsundere-ish” heroine Akina’s descent into “madness” ala Kyosuke. In order to get closer to her beloved Kaede, she engages in whatever activity she sees Kaede doing such as secretly marathoning Prepure or playing video games. She initially does not get what the big deal is with enjoying anime, manga and video games but she is slowly sucked in by all of them. Of course because Akina’s a proud girl she refuses to admit enjoying this stuff in front of anyone other than Kaede and her other otaku pal, the calm and blunt Micchy.

In short, Akina is “descending the deepest parts of the Netherworld” for the sake of true love.

Kaede's preferenceThe yuri, as mentioned above, comes in the form as Akina’s yuri fantasies born from her fascination with Kaede’s cuteness as it slowly becomes lust and then…you know. I also find it amusing the manga making minor hints about the eternal yuri vs yaoi “Which is better” debate. I do not take sides but my personal preference should be obvious.

Overall, this manga is a most enjoyable read so far. The girls are all awesome, even Akina’s old sexy girls posse who get their own chapter. The male otaku were not as bad as I initially thought. Chubby Onii-chan has my respect. If any of my readers had no initial interest in Oreimo but would be fine with something similar that also has yuri in it, give this one a go. It doesn’t go as deep (as of yet) but it has a similar depiction of the otaku culture.

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19 Responses to YMC #42: Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni! Volume 1

  1. buhahahahaaha i cant stand it


  2. Lucas Magnus says:

    Glad to see you liked it.


  3. I just read it yesterday and I loved, especially the Akina’s yuri fantasies 😀


  4. Hourin says:

    Really like it especially her expression, Thanks for the info.
    Here’s hoping they release it West.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Increased sales means more yuri manga imports and quicker English translations and more people can enjoy it…legally, or something like that.


      • yurimylove says:

        Normally I wait for western licensed yuri manga before I purchase them like I did with First Love Sisters, Girl Friends, and Cherry Blossoms Pink, but this time I can’t wait and placed order for the first 2 volumes with a Japanese importer bookstore (Kinokuniya). Of course I’ll still be reading it at dynasty scans since I can’t read Japanese ^_^;


  5. Vampire(G)Girl says:

    Why is anything good illegal!!!!!!!!!!!WHY!!!!! ToT


  6. yurimylove says:

    *sigh* you already know me OG-Man, anything otaku related is good for me. I even like all the straight otaku-centric animes like Genshiken, Welcome to the N.H.K., Comic Party, Watamote. Now having otaku and yuri together would be like heaven for me XD I’ll be reading this very soon.


  7. Rincewind says:

    I discovered this manga a while ago while browsing in dynasty. Was VERY pleasantly surprised.

    Love the faces and expresions. Very funny and cute.
    And of course I love seeing Akina being more and more blatant about how her like Kaede. Her yuri fantasies are more and more obvious, and she’s embracing them now. Yayifications!!

    I have high hopes in this one!!!

    PD: By the way, after seeing them playing the totally-not-Monster Hunter I want to play Monster Hunter!! I need to get a 3DS or something…


    • Overlord-G says:

      I have high expectations for volume 2 and can see it getting Akina and Kaede closer together in a well written way.

      I don’t own a 3DS either. I will probably get one someday but I’m not interested in Monster Hunter myself.


  8. JC says:

    last chapter update was DEADLY-HEAVENLY AWESOME ;///; i love this kind of manga, it makes me go fangirling like crazy! I’m waiting for updates while biting my nails and getting bald due to anxiety (?)
    *cough* Onto the manga, at first i thought Akina’s friends would be some jerk girls with no tolerance, you know some overly-girly jerks but i was pleasently surprised and now this manga has my seal of approval. Is quickly getting into my favorites… i’m just waiting for some more yuri action, if i get it, this one will be on my all time favorites… oh, how i wish it’ll be like that! Go-go! Akina!


  9. yurimylove says:

    I have just finished the latest release chapter 12, and wow what a GRRRRREAT manga!! It’s a super sweet love story, and the humor is right up my alley too. Excellent recommendation dood! Oh and I found that I’m just like “that guy”, yeah her otaku brother, except for the peeking at pantsu part of course… as I haven’t collected any Precure figures yet ^_^;

    Joking aside, I really love Akina and how dedicated she is to “save Kaede’s social life” and “lead her to the right path”. Riding bicycle all night for an anime DVD, until she passes out in the morning? Ahhhh the things we do for love ❤ Kaede is such a sweet cutie, I can see why Akina falls hard for her. I like all their friends too, but Konatsu gets special mention here — she's a genki girl and an avid groper! I can’t ask for more from a side character. And get this, she’s willing to “strip for the greater good”! What a patriot xD

    All in all this has been one of the most enjoying manga reading experience for me. I say this is definitely a 10/10 score in my book.


  10. nancy says:

    I ended up reading the whole thing… I wanna go to the capital’s city otaku store now… Yes i do. :3


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