YMC #28: Love Vibes

This next (sort of) yuri manga left me scratching my head for a bit, mostly because I was trying to figure out what it was primarily about. This is Love Vibes.

Love Vibes


Genres: Drama, romance, yuri

Number of Volumes: 1. 7 chapters.

Plot Summary: Shouji has a girlfriend but is seeing Mako on the side. Unable to continue pretending she feels less for him than she does, she breaks it off with him. Shortly before that happens, Mako is hit on by Mika, who tells Mako that she’s interested in both men and women. Mika wants to pursue a relationship with Mako, but is Mako’s relationship with Shouji really over?

Let me see if I can figure this one out. We got out main protagonist, Mako, who was attracted to Shouji because of his debonaire charms and she initially doesn’t care that he already has someone else. Later she meets Mika, who slowly guides Mako to ” see the light”, as I like to describe women being attracted to other women. Shouji’s role as a classic jerk is made clear and the rest of the story is about Mako figuring out what she really wants in a relationship. As for Mika, she wants Mako really bad.

There’s obviously more to it, such as, accepting your new desires after “seeing the light”, dealing with quarrels, standing up for yourself and looking forward. There are some minor parts about homophobia and support for Mako’s choice but they don’t play that big of a role. Some of the people Mako and Mika meet when they’re not together are weird. It is as they say, childhood epxeriences have a great influence on what kind of person you become when growing up.

My best guess is that the main message was that some people have difficulty figuring out what they really want when falling in love. they think they’ve figured it out but when things happen, they begind questioning themselves and their choices.That’s the best I can come up with.

Overall, this manga was neither bad or great. I can’t even say it was okay. This manga…exists. Perhaps the readers who are interested or the readers who have already picked it up can come to a more solid conclusion than I did.

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6 Responses to YMC #28: Love Vibes

  1. Foxy Lady Ayame says:

    Erika Sakurazawa’s stories are a bit cynical, no? And always so messed up. Me doesn’t like much.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I am STILL trying to figure out what the point was of this manga’s plot. My conclusion was merely a guess. I know little about Erica’s stories since I didn’t check any of her other work after this one.


      • Foxy Lady Ayame says:

        I haven’t read much either. Perhaps I shouldn’t judge from just 2-3 titles. But even just looking at the discriptions the situations are always complicated but in an unsatisfying way.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Indeed. The instant I read our protagonist, Mako, hooked up with a guy who was cheating on his girlfriend with Mako, and then all the weird stuff happened I told myself…”our heroine doods and peeps…”. Mika-chan, while not being a saint herself, was the least pitiful of the cast…I think. And don’t get me started on that woman with the doll fetish. Holy cow, she was a puzzle in and of itself.


  2. JC says:

    ”who slowly guides Mako to “see the light”, as I like to describe women being attracted to other women.” i really like the way you think 😛
    All i can remember from this manga is exactly THAT FETISH GIRL, weird as heck isn’t she? It makes me giggle now but the first time i read this, i was like WHAT THE HOLY FRUK?! And the over enthusiastic boy, hahaha… now it all came to my mind. The manga gave me that weird feeling from when one’s confused about loving (or not) someone, maybe that was the point? Liked the “no need to categorize myself” part, though it was short.


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