YMC #11: Candy

Let’s see, there’s Candy Boy (and it’s spin-off), Candy Candy and now we’re going to take a look at the aptly named, Candy. To tell this one apart from another shoujo manga also titled Candy, this Candy was written by Suzuki Yufuko.

Note: Candy Boy, Candy Candy and Candy are all different manga.

Candy covers for chapters 1 and 2

Before we begin, I’d like to address the unfortunate suspension of a wonderful yuri manga called “Prism” due to copyright laws. I, along with many nation members who were enthralled by its realistic look at a lesbian relationship, hope that the manga will be resumed soon. In the meantime, if you have yet to read Candy, I do hope it will compensate for the loss.

Number of volumes: 2 (10 chapters+1 extra)

Genres: School life, first love, yuri, confession, drama.

Long story short, Candy is the story of a popular and intelligent senior, Chiaki Bessho, who confesses her love to a skilled, but not very bright, junior archer, Kanon Miyamoto, who in part, is initially confused by the matter but eventually accepts and they become a couple. That’s where the sweet and addicting game of first love begins.

You see, what makes this plot interesting is its focus on a believable first love story, even more so than First Love Sisters. It’s believable in the sense that our junior protagonist experiences love for the very first time. She knows what love is but doesn’t know what it feels like to be in love until after meeting her senior girlfriend. Believe me, the events that both girls go through, especially the junior, are incredibly realistic, or at least believable.


The title Candy refers to both the sweetness of its taste, the passionate sensation with every bite or second the sweet is in the mouth, and the temptation and addictiveness of the candy, the good and bad behind said addiction. Teenage romance is kinda like candy in a way.

Like any yuri manga that explores realistic lesbian romance, it includes outside obstacles and personal conflicts our heroines must face and overcome in order to maintain their relationship. While familiar, it’s the way they are handled that makes or breaks the story. Candy does not disappoint.

My one main gripe (Kinda petty but it sticks out like a sore thumb), appears near the climax when a new character is introduced out of left field. Seriously, what was her purpose? could the writers really not think of a better way of reaching the final resolution to the story? In short, this character’s incredibly pointless and it felt like the writers only added her for the sake of an antagonistic figure. Nothing else.

Other than the complaint I mentioned and some others that will be noticeable but not game breaking, Candy was an excellent read. I highly recommend it to yuri readers who are looking for a combination of both light and serious yuri, where neither one takes over the other.


P.S.: while Ichijou is not my favorite “supportive best friend of a lesbian” character in lesbian media, she’s still a hoot.

P.P.S: The senior is adorable.

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13 Responses to YMC #11: Candy

  1. shewolfvonbielefeld says:

    Ooohhh., so the Candy manga is here now too… It is one of my favorites…
    I follow though it since the first chapter and became addicted in it. Too bad it’s only ten chapters long but has a very promising ending.
    I quite agree in the antagonist, she appeared out of nowhere and her motives are too shallow. It’s climax is a little similar to Blue Friend by Eban Fumi.
    I really recommend that one, it’s really dramatic and suspenseful. :3


  2. VioletDaz says:

    This manga is sweet as the title says
    I love it 😀


  3. Foxy Lady Ayame says:

    This was lovely~ Prism can’t be compansated, but this is a good yuri, as expected from sth featured in Tsubomi. It’s more along the lines of Green. I especially liked the ending, yet just like you, I felt that the last chapters leading towards the end were a bit bizarre and the whole thing was kinda rushed.


    • Overlord-G says:

      I pay less attention to anime and manga companies than I do to gaming companies. Anyway, I’ll take your word for it that Tsubomi writes good manga. The ending was fine, it was the climax that was weird.


  4. JC says:

    Ichijou is just hilarious, and her boyfriend was really something else. I believe the manga would have been better if the “antagonist” didn’t even exist and instead, they add up some angst to the characters… maybe?
    I liked the way it portrays the shyness and clumsiness of real first love. And it’s true, when you get a girlfriend and you have a childhood friend it’s kind of awkward to introduce them properly, hahaha. Also Kanan rocking that first kiss, priceless!


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