YMC #4: Kimi Koi Limit

Genres: yuri, drama, romance, love triangle.

Number of volumes: 1, 9 chapters.

Warning: Includes NSFW material.

It all started with a girl getting shot down after finally mustering up the courage to confess to her crush. After that, she finds love with another girl, but the fact she can’t forget about her first cost her that relationship as well. Of course she coincidentally meets up with her first love again. This is the setting of our story.

Now for those who are expecting a brawl of bloody proportions for the hand of one helpless girl, you’ll be disappointed. this manga is more about coming to terms with your true feelings. All throughout the manga we see the 3 girls go through changes in their emotions. Struggling to find the truth while breaking through a barrier of denial or late blooming and using persistence and acceptance as the weapons of choice. All the while our protagonist (aka the prize) goes through the biggest character development of all, evolving from a helpless puppy who can’t do anything for herself into someone who wants to fight for both herself and the winner. Who won this battle, you ask? Let’s just say the end results will have you talking as both competitors put up a good fight, one more than the other. I did say fists weren’t traded…maybe instead of a war it was a more of an emotional struggle with reality and what’s in your heart.

You know, most of the NSFW manga I’ve read focus mainly on the upper part of your body and I’m personally fine with that. I don’t really think much about the sacred gates…maybe that’s because the ONLY gates I wish to enter (Besides the Golden Gates of Heaven) are my future beloved’s. Heh, 24 years old and I still haven’t found love. Last time I was in a relationship it was rushed. Both of us made mistakes and I didn’t have enough time to fall in love with her heart, only her body….ahem. Don’t mind me, just talking to myself again.

In conclusion: Yes, it’s dramatic and angsty but it’s also heartwarming and interesting if you stick around till the end. I guarantee the payoff will be a most interesting one. It certainly made my jaw drop. Honestly, I bet people who complain about yuri on TV being slow wouldn’t mind if the stories were handled like how this manga did.

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15 Responses to YMC #4: Kimi Koi Limit

  1. SnippetTee says:

    So you finally blogged Kimi Koi. That Sono-Hiroko sex scene is really memorable of all the NSFW moments of this manga especially that part when Sono climaxed and screamed for Satoko’s name–ftw! But, I still prefer the part when Satoko was all shy when she’s going to have her first-time. She’s so lovely, I’m such a sucker seeing those girls and characters. She looks so experienced and tough then all of a sudden… she’s still a virgin.

    But anyway, I just noticed that the angst of this manga what actually made the story funny. I don’t know if it’s just me but that’s how I find the whole thing.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Yup. I figured it’s finally time to post yuri manga reviews. As for which love scene was the best, of course it’s the last one with Sato-chan. It’s pretty epic and hilarious seeing an always calm, cool and collective hottie being a noob for the very first time in ages, having the usually weak Sono in control for once was a historic sight to behold. Gloriousness right there Snippy.

      The angst was funny? Hmm…you may be right. I still consider Octave’s drama/angst moments as the best I’ve read in yuri manga but that’s just me. KKL’s drama did its job well at the very least.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Here’s the thing with Yukino. She’s somewhat similar to both “Hachi” Nana and Sono. All 3 of them were, in their own way, lost lambs who each found their purpose. For example: Hachi’s quest for love got her screwed up so many times that she HAD to eventually find an answer and of course, the answer came in the form of a child.
      Some would say Sono was lucky because Sato-chan FINALLY came to her senses…but that came after Sono once again was lucky enough to get Hiroko coming back for more pie, thus triggering Sono’s true inner desires.
      Yukino’s development…is much deeper but still similar to the other two in terms of evolving from a clueless nitwit to a happy woman (I’d like to imagine Rocker Nana an Hachi ended up raising Hachi’s child together instead of Takumi.)


      • SnippetTee says:

        I agree that Yukino’s development is much deeper. She’s more experimental and she’s really confused with the world. More importantly she searches for answers and would like to figure them out by herself. As for Sono, her character portrayal is just straightforward plain childish–no exploration or anything. She’s also a bit of an user financially and emotionally.


    • Overlord-G says:

      Hehe, indeed. Sono’s a stray, a manipulative one, but a stray nevertheless. I repeat, she’s lucky she got two smokin’ hot babes fighting over her. Now that I stop to think about it, unlike Yukino, and to some extent Hachi Nana, Sono’s kind of a bitch.


  2. JC says:

    Let’s see… I have been delaying this one, because it upsets me a lot. I could finish this manga the first time thanks to payapaya’s edited extras, lol.
    Sono’s just a retard, Hiroko’s an idiot and Satomi is fuckin’ sexy but what the hell does she see in the retard and why the hell fight over her with the idiot? (Not that she really “fights” but whatever).
    There’s one panel in which we get to see Hiroko’s denying to provide info about Sono to Sato, i was like… WTF?! Are you claiming the child’s custody? Sono’s really a bitch. She took advantage over her two lovers, acting spoiled and weak with Hiroko, and over-working herself with Sato. On top of that, seriously, to become homeless… twice! That Sono sure is something else, not in a good way!
    Overal, *cough* the sex scenes are hot as hell. Gosh, did it hurt when Sono screams Sato’s name… heavy! I hate to admit that this IS a great manga. After all, it did make me feel a lot, and everytime i reread it, it makes me go all fired up. Sono is… well, I’ve been there. So maybe that’s why she upsets me so much. She reminds me a little to me.


  3. MamaOhOhOhDidn'tMeanToMakeYouCry says:

    Personally, altough Satoko and Hiroko had a lot of potential of being interesting characters, all three ended up being annoying. First of all, Sono is extremely unlikeable. She was a whiny child from beginning to end. The lazy moron went from being homeless to being helped the whole time. If it weren’t for Satoko, I bet she wouldn’t have thought of working at the burger joint…Hiroko is also dumb for not dumping her earlier, and Satoko is dumb for “suddenly” realizing her feelings toward the end. I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t admire the characters. The story had a lot of potential, and the art style was great, but it was all a waste.


  4. Zackery Danh says:

    Honestly, I did not like this story, nor did I hate it, but I definitely don’t think this a a good enough story to be the fourth best manga, especially with all the other series placed lower. My issue is more or less with the end couple, we never really get a solid reason as to why the two mains get together or why they are in love with each other, as a result, it just felt forced and I was rooting for Hiroko the entire time, which made me even more upset when we don’t really know what happens to her. I also didn’t really like Sono, I feel she didn’t really seem that appealing of a character for me, being too back and forth and not being able to move on from Satoko made her really hard to like for me, especially with how obviously much that Hiroko put up with her. Satoko, once again, was forced. It was kinda idiotic how she just realized her feelings towards the end (I may be a bit biased, since I was rooting for Hiroko), but if they had just developed it longer, it wouldn’t have seen so out of nowhere and forced. Not only that, she rejected her twice, she had no right to go after her, yes, I know she didn’t know how to respond, but the fact that she did it not once, but twice, means that either Sono needs to move on, or that Satoko lost her chance.

    The only character I really like is Hiroko, not only because you can see how she cares for Sono, which while it was told in flashback in a single chapter, happened over time, and how just downright interesting she is. She wasn’t just this random pretty, nice girl, she had personality, she had character, and she actually did something interesting when she brought Satoko to that bar, and I could see why she was doing that, just prevent Sono from getting more hurt. She did something that was morally questionable, but understandable, that’s interesting. Honestly, my friend once said that you can’t do a love triangle wrong (that’s not correct, I got many examples), but the main problem with this one is they got rid of an already good couple to create a couple that frankly, wasn’t that much better, if at all. When you have a couple already in existance, if there’s nothing wrong with the couple, then it is hard to see them break up, yet this series broke that rule and broke them up anyways, even though they weren’t a bad couple. Now I have seen stories do that right, but their are pretty fucked up, so I’m trying not to count those.

    Honestly, I agree with others, this story had tons of potential, but ended up way too rushed, most uninteresting characters, and honestly kinda rage inducing at times. I couldn’t tell if I wanted Hiroko to get her, or if she deserved someone better, which she does, and when a story does that, you know there are issues.


    • OG-Man says:

      I don’t recall having put it in any of my top 10 manga lists, neither the first or new one.

      Most sided with Hiroko and thought Sono sucked. As far as Satoko went, I dunno how most felt about her.


      • Zackery Danh says:

        Sorry, but on the manga corner, it’s in fourth, so I assumed you put it there. My bad. I didn’t put this in my rant, I didn’t dislike her, the only issue with her for me is… well… she’s a plot device. Perfect character, happens to develop feelings at the end, happens to find her under the bridge, etc, etc, just a plot device.


      • OG-Man says:

        Those are review numbers, not rankings in a top 100 or something like that.

        It’s cool.


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