YMC #5: Itoshi wo Tome

Genre: Yuri, romance, drama, historical, comedy.

Number of volumes: 1, 8 chapters + 1 extra.

Warning: Includes NSFW material.

Plot summary: A tale of love set in the feudal times! A tale of a tomboy daughter of a high ranking official and her love with her special other, who she was sworn to take care of and protect. Tachibana-hime and her precious Sakura must persevere through the harsh lifestyle of nobility, and many challenges await them that could forcefully tear them apart… will Tachibana’s undying love for Sakura be enough to protect her?

Now, let me explain something. As many of my more loyal followers know, aside from harem anime, I am very lenient and easygoing with everything I watch or read. I’ll tell you in all honesty whether something is good or sucks. It isn’t because it fails to tell an epic story, it isn’t because the quality is subpar, it isn’t because of historical inaccuracy, it isn’t because of cheese, it’s because It’s fun, relaxing and easy to follow. That’s how I felt reading Itoshi wo Tome.

Now, was the manga everything I described up above? Yes it was. It isn’t an epic tale of souls and swords eternally foretold, it isn’t a life changing manuscript, it isn’t Madoka Magica yuri quality, it’s a straightforward love story between two girls who will do whatever it takes to be together. They’ll defy all known laws written in the time period this story takes place in to be together forever, even the emperor himself. The lines these girls exchange with one another are fairy tale quality/Disney-esque or what today’s society deems as cheesy/corny/lame. You know what? It was sweet and adorable. I don’t care how passe some deem it, I was invested and smiled as I continued reading how much they loved one another. As weird as it may seem, they somewhat reminded of ChiMeko. Yes, it sounds pathetic comparing these two to arguably one of the greatest yuri couples of all time, but I don’t care.

The point I’m trying to make is, CHILL OUT PEOPLE! You don’t see bonds of eternal love this powerful in this day and age very often and I welcome it. Jeez, does everything have to be modern?

Maybe I feel this way because I’m more lenient/forgiving towards yuri. My heartstrings are pulled when I watch or read something yurirific. I can’t help it. I enjoy watching/reading/playing all yuri media. It’s how I roll.

In conclusion: As archaic or cheesy this kind of love story is in today’s society, I welcome it wholeheartedly. AT LEAST WHEN YOU LOOK AT THESE TWO, YOU CAN BELIEVE THEY LEGITIMATELY LOVE EACH OTHER! Anyway, it’s up to you whether you’ll agree with me or Eric Friedman.

P.S.: Beware of the love scenes in this one. Most of them are steamy but there’s one scene that serves to show how much our heroine is willing to endure for her beloved. It’s not Hardcore H quality thankfully but be careful nevertheless.

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4 Responses to YMC #5: Itoshi wo Tome

  1. SnippetTee says:

    Haha, actually the Disney-esque / cheesy quality is what make this read charming for me. It suits so well with the playfulness of the character in a very fun way. However, that’s not the main reason why I’m enjoying this manga… it’s mainly because I love the funny and sexy NSFW love scenes. So adorable.


  2. JC says:

    Maybe i dreamt about it but i swear i posted a reply here before… what the frig?
    Anyway, i loved this one just for the art. Actually i readed this one before Love Flag Girls, so this one’s the culprit for me falling in love with the artist’ style. Yeah, as a NSFW lover, this one hits hard on the right spots. The ending… i didn’t see that coming at all, but was still enjoyable (AND HOT! DAMMIT! i would have love to be in the emperor’s position… in more than one sense! Hahaha).


    • Overlord-G says:

      I can see lesbian purists being upset at the ending but I cared too much for the main couple to get upset about it.


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